Chasing Petalouthes: Interview with author Effie Kammenou

The Gift Saga

Welcome back to part 3 in my “The Gift Saga” special!

I’m very pleased to share an interview with the wonderful Effie Kammenou with you today. I’ve introduced the first two parts of this great series in the last two weeks (Evanthia’s Gift and Waiting for Aegina). Today is the grand finale with part 3: Chasing Petalouthes. And we’ll get more personal with the author, Effie Kammenou. [... read more]

Match me if You Can – Interview with Tiffany Williams

Review: Match Me If You Can, No Match For Love 7 by Lindzee Armstrong, narrated by Tiffany Williams.This is a sweet Sports Romance. With Narrator Interview!

Review: Match Me If You Can (No Match For Love 7)

by Lindzee Armstrong
narrated by Tiffany Williams

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Number 7? Yes, but don’t worry, it’s a stand-alone! The story initially made me think of the Calloway Sisters series, since the heroine Tamera struggled with unfortunate internet fame and countered it by taking part in a reality show.

This story is really adorable with lots of previous heartache and bad experiences. The two protagonists were absolutely likable. And I appreciated how Lindzee Armstrong created parallels between their experiences. What really stood out were the inner monologues in which the characters could truly relate to each other. How they act towards one another becomes understandable and meaningful. I could really appreciate how the storyline was constructed. [... read more]