New audiobooks in KU and new deals #6

New audiobook releases November 2018

Week 45, 2018

I’m so excited about this one! One of my absolute favourite authors has a new duet. She didn’t have a lot of audiobooks before so I’m really happy this has been released. And not just that, it’s also “read for free” in Kindle Unlimited with a super cheap Whispersync upgrade.

Check out my reviews of other L.H. Cosway books here on Lovely Audiobooks, and find all her books on Amazon**. [... read more]

New audiobooks in KU and new deals #5

Kindle Unlimited MC romance

Week 44, 2018

This week we’ve got two great new “Read and Listen for Free” releases and a very hunky MC Romance series in a super cheap Whispersync deal.

Sadly, there are no new Romance Package additions. You can visit this Audible site to check what’s been added recently-ish: New in the Romance Package.
If you don’t have a subscription yet, get your free Romance Package test month**. Or check my guide on how to sign up to it first. While there might not be any very new additions, there are still over 10.000 audiobooks in the package. That’s a whole lot of listening πŸ˜€ [... read more]

New audiobooks in KU and new deals #4

New Romance audiobook deals in October 2018

Week 43, 2018

This week we’ve got a big bunch of new “Read and Listen for Free” releases, yay! I’m also very pleased that we are slowly getting more diverse Romance audiobooks.

Based on a poll we had in our Facebook group Romance Audiobook Binge, I’ll now also add a section with audiobook deals under $10. Some have an e-book in Kindle Unlimited, some are a good deal if you buy the e-book with the Whispersync upgrade. [... read more]