New audiobooks in KU and new deals #6

New audiobook releases November 2018

Week 45, 2018

I’m so excited about this one! One of my absolute favourite authors has a new duet. She didn’t have a lot of audiobooks before so I’m really happy this has been released. And not just that, it’s also “read for free” in Kindle Unlimited with a super cheap Whispersync upgrade.

Check out my reviews of other L.H. Cosway books here on Lovely Audiobooks, and find all her books on Amazon**. [... read more]

New audiobooks in KU and new deals #5

Kindle Unlimited MC romance

Week 44, 2018

This week we’ve got two great new “Read and Listen for Free” releases and a very hunky MC Romance series in a super cheap Whispersync deal.

Sadly, there are no new Romance Package additions. You can visit this Audible site to check what’s been added recently-ish: New in the Romance Package.
If you don’t have a subscription yet, get your free Romance Package test month**. Or check my guide on how to sign up to it first. While there might not be any very new additions, there are still over 10.000 audiobooks in the package. That’s a whole lot of listening πŸ˜€ [... read more]

New audiobooks in KU and new deals #4

New Romance audiobook deals in October 2018

Week 43, 2018

This week we’ve got a big bunch of new “Read and Listen for Free” releases, yay! I’m also very pleased that we are slowly getting more diverse Romance audiobooks.

Based on a poll we had in our Facebook group Romance Audiobook Binge, I’ll now also add a section with audiobook deals under $10. Some have an e-book in Kindle Unlimited, some are a good deal if you buy the e-book with the Whispersync upgrade. [... read more]

New audiobooks in the Romance Package and KU #3

New audiobooks week 42 2018

Week 42, 2018

Finally! New audiobooks in the Romance Package!! I’m very excited about this week’s additions. Firstly, we have a whole bunch of new additions to the Audible Romance Package. I’ve added 9 to the graphic, but for one of them the entire series and spin-off series were added as well. Two of the audiobooks have also only just been released for the first time this week!
As for Kindle Unlimited, we have two new “read and listen for free” additions and a great Whispersync deal on a series with over 30 hours of playtime!

[... read more]

Kindle Unlimited – New Additions #2

New Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited

Week 41, 2018

This week we have a bunch of cheap Whispersync upgrades! New Kindle Unlimited audiobooks for almost every taste: International, Military, College and lots of suspense. Exactly the right listens when cuddling up with a hot chocolate. Also, isn’t this a hot collection of cover-heroes? And *drumroll* Christian Fox! One of my favorites, in an enemies-to-lovers!

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