The Manwhore and The Virgin – Reversed Edition

Romance heroines who like to sleep around

Firstly, let me state how difficult it was to find a title for this blog post.

Somehow, the word “manwhore”, while of course not being super positive, is an entirely different category to “slut”. [... read more]

RecomMondaytion: Overnight Sensation by Sarina Bowen

My weekly Romance Audiobook Recommendation

Welcome back to the RecomMondaytion!

Overnight Sensation by Sarina Bowen

Of course a new release by Sarina Bowen is always something to be excited about. But this one came at a particularly awesome time for me. [... read more]

3 Must-Read Romance Audiobooks with Disabled Protagonists

Audible Romance Package books with disability representation

Welcome to a new round of mini reviews! I’ve been listening to a lot of Romance Package books lately and found I made a good start for a little passion project of mine: Chronic illness and disability in Romance.

Chronic illness, the physical kind to be specific, is a very important topic to me. And the lack of representation in Romance pains me. Right now it’s not much more than a vague idea but I hope to compile a list of Romance novels with audiobooks that feature disabled and chronically ill protagonists. Stories that give readers hope who are at a point in their lives where they might not even be able to hold a book. [... read more]