The Manwhore and The Virgin – Reversed Edition

Romance heroines who like to sleep around

Firstly, let me state how difficult it was to find a title for this blog post.

Somehow, the word “manwhore”, while of course not being super positive, is an entirely different category to “slut”. [... read more]

New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News #25

Lovely Audiobooks Friday series: New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News!

Week 13, 2019

Have you noticed people being on edge lately? I thought it was just me. But whenever I’ve mentioned it online or offline, others said they noticed it too.

Maybe we’re just desperately waiting for Spring to finally settle in, shake off the Winter blues and the old coats. [... read more]

RecomMondaytion: Pain (Curse of the Gods 5)

The RecomMondaytion is my feature for newly released audiobooks that I’m really excited to listen to soon! Today’s audiobook is the last part in one of my favorite Reverse Harem series.

Curse of the Gods was my first RH series and it totally blew me away. It’s funny, sexy and absolutely charming. Willa is an extremely likable main character. Her harem are a bunch of pretty awesome dudes. And the world and magic makes this an amazing Fantasy read. [... read more]