Your favorite Author just added these Audiobooks to the Romance Package

What Whitney G., R.S. Grey, Tijan, Sara Ney, and K.A. Linde just added to the Audible Romance Package

Whitney G, R.S. Grey, Tijan, Sara Ney, K.A. Linde

Some of our favorite Romance authors just added a whole bunch of books to the Audible Romance Package.

These are audiobooks from their backlist catalog. But some only came out a few months ago. You might even have them on your TBR (to be read) list. [... read more]

Mini Reviews: Unreasonable Christmas

Lovely Audiobooks mini reviews

… or: A bag of mixed feelings

Today’s mini reviews are presented to you by:

The Feeling of kind of enjoying a book but not really loving it and you can kind of pinpoint what you didn’t like but it was also kind of good and you don’t regret having read it but it’s also just not your favourite…. you know?!
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