The Baller

by Vi Keeland

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The Baller by Vi Keeland
Brody, cocky player, prone to dropping his pants at the most shocking moments.

Delilah, sports reporter, gives as good as she gets.

I found this audiobook through the Audible Romance package story theme search, a handy little tool that lets you sort the audiobooks contained in the deal based on their storyline.

My mind was set on an “enemies to lovers” book and initially, The Baller didn’t disappoint. Witty banter and some funny and slightly mean pranks. But much quicker than I expected Brody and Delilah had worked out their issues and got together: Because The Baller is not just a story about “will they or won’t they?”. Delilah and Brody both have a past and I felt that the publisher’s summary gave off the wrong impression. The Baller is not a rom-com and it’s not an “enemies to lovers” story. It’s so easy to overlook but it is indeed about Brody’s and Delilah’s journey as a couple.

Maybe it’s a Vi Keeland thing, this is only my second book of hers. The story is somewhat complex compared to many other romance novels and it threw me for a loop several times, not going where I expected it to go. I found it a big plus that it never goes all in with the uber-drama. The protagonists stay comparatively level-headed and mature.

Mackenzie Cartwright’s voice adds a deeply emotional level, in all directions πŸ˜‰ The lows felt lower and she sure delivered on the sex scenes! Talking of which, The Baller is really super hot. Brody has one seriously dirty mouth on him and Sean Crisden gave all of that back with complete naturalness. Both narrators did a great job of portraying different voices and pulling me into the story, even though I was a bit disappointed that the storyline veered so far off what I had expected. Despite my doubts somewhere around the middle of the book I felt nicely entertained when I finished it.

What bothered me a bit.... (Spoiler)

What bothered me was that somewhere around the middle we all of a sudden have a third point of view introduced, Brody’s ex-girlfriend. She is also narrated by Mackenzie Cartwright. I didn’t feel that it was really necessary to break convention by telling this girl’s story from her own point of view instead of through a dialogue with one of the other characters. I actually had to go back 30 seconds because the new name at the start of the chapter hadn’t properly registered and I got very confused. I did, however, wonder whether the ending would maybe not be what we’d expect (Delilah and Brody having their HEA). And I suppose that’s a good thing πŸ˜‰




4 out of 5 stars
Brody knows how to use that tongue of his! Such a dirty talker πŸ˜‰



Audiobook > Book
I still have some lingering doubts about the actual storyline but with Mackenzie Cartwright and Sean Crisden narrating it is very solid entertainment!


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