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The Imp Series Audiobook Review

What good’s having a book blog is you don’t use it to celebrate the books you really love even if they are a bit older?! So, today, I’ll tell you more about my very favorite Urban Fantasy series of all time: The Imp series by Debra Dunbar.

Whenever someone asks me about my favorite books, I answer “The Imp Series!!!1” with this kind of excitement, haha. Sometimes I hold back when I am 100% certain the person asking can absolutely not be won over. But give me just the slightest chance, and I’ll tell you how amazing this series is in the hopes you’ll go and buy it and turn into as much of a fan.

So… let me tell you how amazing this series is 😉


The Imp Series

written by Debra Dunbar
narrated by Angela Rysk

The Story

Imagine you’re a weak little demon, low on the food chain, living in the body of an average-looking middle-aged woman on Earth, miraculously managing to stay undetected by angels (who would kill you if they found you) and just going about your life as a landlord. And then you accidentally become the Iblis (Satan, leader of all demons… who don’t give a f* about you though)… And get bound to an angel because you metaphysically gobbled up a part of him…

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Love, Romance, and Adventure

That storyline is basically all the reasons why I love The Imp series so much. It’s unique and funny. But it also has high stakes and suspense. Sam isn’t insanely powerful, she’s just a prankster. Her biggest goal is to *not* do any important things or take any responsibility. However, she grows so much as a person during the series. The character development is honestly phenomenal. It’s very organic, never on the nose.

And her love story is like that, too. There are a lot of laughing-out-loud moments but it’s also super hot, and not particularly mushy. Nevertheless, it is a swoon-worthy love for eternity!

The world-building is absolutely amazing, vast, and thoroughly researched. The story mostly takes place on Earth, but also in Hel (no typo), and Aaru, the home of angels where they can live as beings of spirit. There are many elements from mythology and I learned basically everything I know about demons from these books, haha.

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The Imp World

The side characters are all interesting and complex in their own way. So, it’s awesome to be able to read their (love) stories in the spin-off books.

The main series is finished, which is kind of a good thing, but also kind of a sad thing. But there are a ton of novels and novellas set in the Imp World with more to come. You can find the reading order here on Debra Dunbar’s website: Imp timeline

I’ve also reviewed the audiobooks for the spin-off series Half-Breed about a half-elf/half-demon, grown-up-as-a-human girl.

The Narration

Every now and then, I encounter a perfect audiobook production. Where the story and character fit so well with the narrator casting that they form this new thing that is so much more than the individual ingredients. The Imp series is the perfect example of this. Angela Rysk is the perfect Sam!

She is ridiculously entertaining! With great comedic timing and a fantastic range of easily distinguishable character voices. But I also simply love the way she sounds. Angela Rysk has a very unique, interesting, and pleasant voice. And she thoroughly brings this world to life.


Anyone remotely interested in Fantasy and/or Romance and/or stories with awesome female characters who are badass but don’t take themselves seriously should really give this audiobook series a shot! It’s hilariously funny, extremely captivating, unexpected, and emotional.

All ebooks are included in Kindle Unlimited. But I strongly recommend you get the audiobooks because they are outstanding!

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