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The Monthly Book Blogger Link-Up

Welcome, it’s so great that you’re interested in the monthly book blogger link-up! This is a short guide on what it’s all about and how to join in.

Reviews are the cornerstone of any book blog. Yet, they often don’t get a lot of love, be it through shares, comments, or view numbers. Personally, I enjoy writing reviews the most! And I’m very pleased to be able to give all of your awesome book reviews a platform here on my blog.


What do I get out of joining the linky?

A link-up is an easy way to connect with other bloggers in your niche and grow your blog. The book blogger linky helps you find new-to-you books and blogs, and you’ll receive support for your own blog posts through views, shares, and comments.

How do I join the link-up?

The great thing about link-ups is that it’s an automated tool. You simply click the “Add a link”-button and paste in your book review URL. It’ll be visible to other people right away and readers and other linky participants can see and click your post.

Who is the book blogger link-up for?

Every book review is welcome! Be it reviews about a single book or themed book lists with several short reviews. As long as you’re discussing a book in your post, you’re welcome to add the link, no matter the genre or book format!

Your Review of the Month

You can add a ranting review of a 2-star book or an excited review of a 5-star book you fell in love with. Or a review of a book you find important and want everyone to read. Link the review you enjoyed writing the most or the one you feel turned out best.

Anything goes!

Every book blogger or book-reviewing blogger is welcome to join in. This book blogger link-up is open to all genres and book formats. Anything goes as long as it’s a book review!

Get support for your blog!

If your review has a backlink to the link-up, I will share your review on Twitter (4.5k followers) or Pinterest (300k impressions).

Use #ReviewOTM for retweets!

When you include the hashtag #ReviewotM in ANY of your book review tweets (linked up or not), I will make sure to retweet it.

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Link-Up Rules

A new linky opens on the 1st of each month. It closes when the next link-up is published. You can add 3 reviews per month.

The linky is meant for reviews of the current month, but you can add a review from the previous month as well if you didn’t add it to the link-up before.

Any genre and book format is welcome. You can also add themed book lists if the post includes short reviews for each book.


When you link up a post, the tool will check whether you have included a backlink. Your review needs to have a short sentence at the end (or wherever you like), stating that you added it to the book review link-up. The line has to include a link either to this post you’re reading right now or to that month’s link-up.

More people finding the book blogger link-up means more visitors for everyone!

Help each other grow!

There are no other requirements for joining. But it’s nice and beneficial to everyone if you visit some of the other participating blogs, share the link-up and book reviews, and comment on the posts that interest you.

Now, have fun with the monthly linky!

Find the current link-up here:
Book Review Link-Up

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