Enemies to Lovers: The Unhoneymooners

Enemies to Lovers, fake relationship, and Maui? Yep, The Unhoneymooners had everything I love! But it wasn’t quite as charming as it could have been…

The Unhoneymooners was my first ever book by Christina Lauren. I was intrigued after reading reviews mentioning Olive’s Mexican family (and, of course, the tropes and Maui).

So, when I saw the audiobook for free on Scribd, I went for it.


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The Unhoneymooners

written by Christina Lauren, narrated by Cynthia Farrell and Deacon Lee

The Unhoneymooners is getting quite the hype currently. And I have to say, as an avid indie reader, I don’t really understand it. Don’t get me wrong, this is a fun rom-com. But it isn’t better than R.S. Grey’s or Lauren Rowe’s romantic comedies. And I recently finished Not My Type by Tara Sivec which had me burst out laughing so many times.

In the beginning, this audiobook gave me that cozy giddy feeling of a good rom-com. But I didn’t have any laughing out loud moments. And when I was done, I felt like something went wrong for me.

I think the main reason why this book didn’t win me over more were the many manipulations. Olive’s and Ethan’s lives were very much impacted by what other people did to them on purpose. And Olive is treated in a very nasty way by the two people she loves the most. This is probably what kept my warm and fuzzy feelings at bay.

There was simply too much ugliness for my taste.

And just for the record, it’s definitely over-the-top ugliness. This isn’t a realistic mix of good and bad things. But unrealistically amazing and absolutely awful things! And the betrayal really bothered me.


The audiobook is narrated by Cynthia Farrell and Deacon Lee. These two voice actors were new to me but I really enjoyed their narration. Cynthia Farrell pulled me in with her energetic narration style. Deacon Lee only did very few chapters but I loved his voice.


If you can get your hands on this audiobook, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with it. But I don’t see it as a must-read (unlike, for example, Lauren Rowe’s Ball Peen Hammer which is a road trip Enemies to Lovers).

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This is a closed-door Romance (meaning, no explicit sex scenes).

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9 thoughts on “Enemies to Lovers: The Unhoneymooners”

    1. Haha, well, if you already have it, give it a go! Most people loved it. And maybe I have lowered your expectations enough that you’ll have a great time with it! 😉

  1. I had the exact same feeling about this book! The way they treat Olive when she’s trying to tell them the truth made me so angry.

    1. Right? It was such a betrayal. When things were all sorted out at the end of The Unhoneymooners, it just didn’t save it for me. I don’t forgive easily 😀

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