Unlimited Audiobooks: Other genres in the Romance Package #2

Not that romantic… Part 2

Welcome back to my mini series about other genres in the Audible Romance Package!

Check out part 1 to find out more about how amazing Audible’s Unlimited Romance subscription is for every audiobook lover. It’s not only a great deal for hardcore romance fans, but you can find so many other genres among the over 10,000 audiobooks**. In part 1 I told you about Chick Lit, Classics and Horror recommendations. Now we continue with cozy mystery audiobooks, Young Adult and LGBT recommendations.

Cozy Mystery

I’ve recently turned into a bit of a cozy mystery fan and was so happy when I found some in the Romance Package. Audible lists 17 cozy mysteries in the deal. But the ones listed here I found in the category Modern Detectives which has 96 audiobooks in the package deal. It was honestly hard, to just pick 3 to show here. Since I will write mini reviews about the ones I’ve already listened to soon, I have decided to show you 3 new-to-me ones here. That way you can find even more cozy mystery audiobooks 🙂



Of the 506 Teen audiobooks in the Romance Package, most are Young Adult romance. That is to be expected I suppose. But there are also classic YA literature, most notably the Anne of Green Gables series, SF/F and Thrillers.


Gay & Lesbian

In the category Fiction > Gay & Lesbian 541 audiobooks are in the Romance Package. A lot of them are, of course, romance, just like in the Teen category. But you can also find many stories that are primarily crime, mystery or fantasy.


Wicked Days - A cozy mystery in the Audible Romance Package

If you want to know how you can sign up to the Romance Package from the UK, Canada or elsewhere, visit my guide here: How to sign up to the Romance Package from outside the USA

Happy listening!

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