Vintage Love Stories

by Tanya Eby (Editor)

VIntage Love Stories

I have always liked short stories, but it’s been a while since I have read any, and I definitely have never listened to any! So I started this audiobook with an open mind but unsure what to expect.

And let me tell you, I was totally blown away. If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you might know that I have a list of things I feel strongly about.

#1 Beware the accents! I really dislike listening to narrators who have to try hard to fake an accent.

#2 No bullshit! I have no patience for reading about ridiculous issues being thrown at the protagonists. I prefer a shorter story over one that is padded with unnecessary problems or pointless sex scenes.

#3 Diversity rocks because the world is diverse! Best case scenario, stereotypes are boring, worst case, they are insulting.

It seems the authors and editors of the Vintage Love Stories agree with me on all points. Honestly, the longer I listened the more excited I got, finding my personal checklist so thoroughly… well… checked. The narrators are fantastic. We have several narrators with accents and they were all an immense pleasure to listen to. The first story was a particular treat for me because it was a very sweet wlw coming of age story, narrated by Becca Balanger, written by Kathryn Burns.

The stories all have differing lengths, but they are all to the point, honest and realistic. I also appreciated the foreword that stated how Blunder Woman Productions cares about the audiobook experience and even released the audiobook before the printed and e-book versions. As an audiobook blogger I care about audiobooks, so things like this really do matter to me! I like it when audiobooks aren’t just an afterthought.

“Vintage” means the stories all take in place in different times and the one set in the 1980’s stood out for me because I’m over 30, so… walkman, anyone? This was also the sexiest story by the way 😀

The only story I actually didn’t like so much was “The Painted World”, set in 1959. It wasn’t the story itself but that it raised the topic of lobotomy. It’s a thing of absolute horror and I believe we should be aware of the fact it happened not all that far in the past. The status of women and mental health care have come a long way in the last 50 years (the last lobotomy was performed in 1967). But it goes to show how very recently atrocities like this were still considered normal. I’m a mood reader so I just wasn’t all that happy listening to this darker story at that point.

Other than that I don’t want to go further into each story because many of them have sweet surprises, especially for those who care about diversity in their romance. The authors and narrators are all fantastic and it’s easy to tell that this anthology was put together with a lot of care.

I wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful emotional collection of romantic short stories! I will most certainly listen to them individually again, too.

Publisher’s Summary

A collection of sweet, tender, poetic, beautiful, heart-wrenching, sensual love stories.

These stories share a common theme of love, set in a time period before cell phones and social media.

“Second Best”, by B. L. Aldrich, performed by Hillary Huber. 1944. The South. Can a heartbroken young woman learn to love again?

“Didn’t It Rain”, by Kathryn Burns, performed by Becca Balanger. 1964. Manchester. A teenager realizes her love for music…and for a girl.

“The Painted World”, by Cassandra Campbell, performed by Erin Bennett. It’s 1959, New York and Tennessee. Will a young woman choose the life she’s meant to live or the life for which she longs?

“Adele”, by Tony Healey, performed by Carol Monda. A couple who’s been married for decades. A secret shared. And a love that shows the beauty in supporting a partner when they share their authentic self.

“Purple Roses”, by Christina Thompson, performed by Xe Sands. A quiet farmhouse. A lifetime love, lost. A message sent from beyond that restores faith, hope, and blessings for a new love.

“She Screams”, by Jacob Strunk, performed by J. Rodney Turner. 1940s. A smoky bar. Jazz. Where love and lust seduces like a song.

“Can’t Get Used to Losing You”, by K. E. White, performed by Mark Turetsky and Tara Sands. It’s the 1980s. First love. Young love. But is it a forever love?

“To Love Is to Burn”, by Amanda R. Woomer, performed by Laura Jennings. 1871, Peshtigo, Wisconsin. A deadly wildfire and the love that rises from the ashes.

These stories will make you swoon and laugh, cause tears and sighs. The world needs more love, and Vintage Love Stories is excited to share it.

I want to thank Blunder Woman Productions. They’ve provided this audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. And while I do believe that it’s human to look more kindly on things that we’ve gotten for less money than they’re worth, my dislike of over-the-top dishonest gushing reviews is so strong, that I am convinced this review is still 100% honest and would be the same, had I bought this audiobook myself.


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30 thoughts on “Vintage Love Stories

  1. I am definitely biased towards e-books. I love this review and I definitely love the vintage feeling in stories.

    P.S And welcome and thanks for participating in the Blogger’s Comment Junction hosted in my blog. Hope you will have fun visiting lots of new blogs and making new friends soon.

  2. I’ve never given audio books much of a chance because they sound like way too much of a commitment. Perhaps short stories would be a better fit.

    1. Hmm… I’ve never felt they were a commitment. I think I can see where you’re coming from though, but since there’s so much more time – for me- for listening I never had to put them away as much as I had to with books. And if you choose the right narrators they can really pull you in. For me it’s usually more than the printed version can.

  3. I’m not big on audio books but keep saying one day I’ll give it another shot. Perhaps with an audio book like this one – short stories to keep my short attention span in check! LOL and love your disclaimer, it cracked me up.

    1. Haha, well, I’ve seen so many 5 star reviews for products on amazon with a gushing review followed by “this product was given to me for free in exchange for a review”. While everybody who bought it said it was total crap. So I felt I should add more ^^

  4. I’ve never had luck with audiobooks but maybe I would with short stories… Your excellent review has me reconsidering

  5. I don’t think think I’ve ever listened to an audio book, but your point above in reply to wee1one is spot on I’ve never thought about it this way, may have to get my hands on some audio books!

  6. I’m not normally an audiobook listener, but I love the idea of starting with short stories, and I’m a big fan of short story collections anyway! Think I might search this one out.

    1. For moms and dads they’re really a great way to still get around to reading! I actually often use a little bluetooth earpiece and listen while doing laundry and so on.
      Give this one a try, it was literally lovely 🙂

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