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Why I can’t get over the ending of The Bride Test

Spoilers ahead!

This isn’t really a review of The Bride Test by Helen Hoang. Most of you have already read it by now and these are my thoughts on one specific thing that still bothers me.

Now, just like The Kiss Quotient, this book is inherently poetic which sets it apart from most other Contemporary Romance and makes it all the more beautiful to read. Esme is a wonderfully strong heroine who you just have to root for. I found myself cheering her on.

But it is a Contemporary Romance and with that come certain expectations…


That ending though…

I just can’t get over the ending. It bothered me a bit how the two major conflicts – her daughter and the search for her father – are resolved in a rush. But that’s really a minor issue.

My romance reader heart can’t deal with how Khai still has a secret from Esme when the story ends.

I suppose the question is whether he really kept something from her that’s important. But frankly, I feel his job is a big part of who he is. It shapes his daily life. I can understand that it’s something that he thinks doesn’t have any meaning. Yet he actually seems to be very passionate about his job. So why would he be dishonest about his position in the company? It chafes that Esme doesn’t know something so fundamental about him. And I didn’t understand why this wasn’t resolved.

Sure, her not finding out how rich and successful he is before they get married is cute and romantic. It’s just one more piece in the beautiful and complex puzzle that proves that this arranged marriage is even more so a marriage of love. Esme doesn’t have any hidden agenda, any additional reasons why she would need this marriage. And Khai doesn’t have any other reason to marry her but for love.

Yet, there’s also no reason to end the story with him having a secret from her. And I hope this is at least picked up again in some way in part 3 of The Kiss Quotient series.

What are your thoughts on this? Did the ending of The Bride Test bother you, too? Or did you feel this omission didn’t matter?

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19 thoughts on “Why I can’t get over the ending of The Bride Test”

    1. Right? There were all these hints over and over. And in the end, we as readers are told that he is stupid rich (the will). But Esme isn’t!

  1. I haven’t listened to this one, but that would totally bug me too! I think that sort of ‘cinderella’ effect of not knowing someone’s circumstances is only really romantic until you reach a certain age. Then reality crashes in and it just feels…dishonest?

    1. It really wasn’t a big deal or a central thing to the story. Esme knew he earned decent money and that he’s doing some form of accounting. But when the story ended with his inner monologue of how he had changed his will and she’d be just fine if something happened to him, but without her knowing how rich he actually is, I was like “wait, what just happened??” The hints during the story implied that he actually owned the company, while she thought he was just some little worker bee.

    1. Haha, I think most people didn’t really care about it and/or didn’t notice. I suppose it bothers me so much because I really like the idea of two people being completely honest with each other.

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