5 Reasons Why I Love Audible Escape

… Because Unlimited Audiobooks are only really good if you get Quality!

When I first found this Audible subscription (then called the Audible Romance Package), I instantly fell in love with it. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Like Netflix, but for audiobooks. Truly unlimited listening of awesome Audible books by authors and narrators I loved!

This is an updated article from March 17, 2019.

Audible Escape probably had a big part in me starting this blogging adventure, too. Lovely Audiobooks has focussed a lot on this subscription. And there’s a good reason for that. Actually…. 5 good reasons!

But… there’s always a “but”, isn’t there? I don’t love everything about it yet. There is some room for improvement on Audible’s side. We’ll get to that later.

Audible Escape sign-up screen

1. An Audible Subscription for Affordable Binge-Listening

There is really no similar offer with this much choice of high-quality audiobooks. It’s $6.95 a month if you have an active Audible.com or Kindle Unlimited subscription, and $12.95 a month as a stand-alone. For that, you get access to over 14,000 audiobooks.

Kindle Unlimited is a pretty good alternative, but offers only around 2,000 free audiobooks.

You can also get audiobooks through Library apps. But those aren’t available to everyone, have waiting times for books, and have much more limited choices, especially for fans of indie Romance authors.

Scribd also has limitations and waiting times.

So there’s really nothing that comes close to this deal with regards to price, choice, and quality.

2. So many Genres to choose from!

About 4,000 audiobooks in Audible Escape are Contemporary Romance books. The other 10,000 are not only other Romance genres, like Paranormal or Historical, but also books that solidly belong to another genre entirely, like Cozy Mysteries or Fantasy.

To find all genres you can choose from, simply toggle “^Audible Escape” on the Audible website in the left sidebar.

Audible Escape toggle

3. Bestselling Authors

A lot of popular bestselling authors make backlist books or even newer releases available. Among others, you can find many books from Robyn Carr, Penny Reid, Helen Hoang, Jenny Han, Sylvia Day, and yes, also Jane Austen! Lauren Blakely regularly adds newly released audiobooks, too, which I think is really great.

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But it’s also the perfect place to find new or new-to-me authors. Sometimes I get audiobooks that are not exactly my usual taste. And many times, I’ve been extremely positively surprised and could find new favorites this way.

There has been some discussion about how audiobook creators are paid for their audiobooks in the subscription. And I think it’s good to know as a listener that authors (and in some cases narrators) are paid per listened minute. So, even if you can’t afford to buy all of your favorite authors’ books, you can support them by listening to their Audible Escape audiobooks more than once.

4. Famous Narrators

There are so many amazing narrators to be listened to! Not just famous actors like Richard Armitage (check out his audiobooks**) or Blair Underwood (and his audiobook**), but also the superstars of Romance narration, like Andi Arndt, Sebastian York, and Zachary Webber who have countless audiobooks in the deal. They really know how to bring a story to life and I love having these insanely sexy and wonderful voices in my ear all day.

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5. A real Subscription for unlimited Audiobooks

Audible Escape is a real unlimited audiobooks subscription. You don’t get throttled if you listen to “too many” books because there is no “too many”. While you can only borrow 10 audiobooks at a time – Kindle Unlimited has the same rule – you can listen to those 10 in a day and get another 10 right away. And if you change your mind, you can simply give some of your current 10 back and get other audiobooks instead. It’s entirely hassle-free.

You can listen to as many audiobooks as you like. Really. As many as you want!

But… What I don’t quite love (yet) about my Audible Escape subscription

And now, the one thing that is not yet all lovely.

Audible Escape prides itself in the many new and fancy ways you can use to search for audiobooks. You can browse by trope, steaminess, or character type.

In theory, this is nice. But it is still very tedious to search included book in the app. The suggestions you get are very limited and rarely updated. And it’s difficult to find an audiobook if you didn’t pick it out somewhere else, like Goodreads, and can search for the title.

On the computer, it’s a bit easier. But if you feel like, for example, an enemies-to-lovers Romance and go to that story theme, you will find hundreds of unsorted and unsortable audiobooks.

While Audible is trying new ways for us to browse through 14,000 audiobooks – and the ideas for this are great – there definitely need to be more options to finetune the search results or combine searches (like looking at friends-to-lovers audiobooks and adding the character type “athlete” and the steaminess level “hot damn”).

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Audible Subscription

The bottom line is, that I really love Audible Escape and recommend it all the time. Not only to veteran audiobook fans but also to people who are new to listening to books and might want to have a look around to see which authors, narrators and narration styles they enjoy.

And if I’m not sure what to listen to next, I simply browse through the many amazing recommendations in the Romance Audiobook Binge Facebook group. I have found a lot of new favorites there.

Audible Escape is currently only available from Audible.com, but you can sign up to it from anywhere in the world. Check out my guide on how to get Audible Escape from the UK, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else.

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  1. Awesome post!! Thanks for compiling this list, I hadn’t heard much about the romance package before. Will definitely check it out.

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