New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News #22

Week 10, 2019

Hello my lovely readers!

Let me take a second to go a bit sappy on you and say that it gives me a ton of the feels to see how much you have been sharing my posts lately.

Sometimes, blogging can feel quite isolated. You write all your stuff and throw it out there into the vastness of the internet. And when you actually hear an echo, it’s… absolutely amazing!! <3

So, yeah, thank you! If you have any wishes for posts you’d like to see, or audiobookish things that interest you and you’d like me to research, feel free to send me a message or post it in the Facebook group.

Lovely Audiobooks Friday series: New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News!

The Week on the Blog

After my slump last week I’ve been a busy little blogger bee.

Firstly, the March edition of the book review link-up is active. There are already a bunch of entries, so take a look and browse through some book recommendations.

On Saturday, I posted a list of 21 free audiobooks that were added to Kindle Unlimited in February. The Romance Package version will follow tomorrow!

And if you’re unsure how the whole thing works with audiobooks on Kindle Unlimited, check out the guide with images!

My RecomMondaytion was a review of an audiobook I really, really loved! It was entirely different from what I usually go for in the Romance genre, but I know better now, haha. If you like fairytales, check out my review of Salt Magic Skin Magic!

**The marked book links and covers on this page are Amazon affiliate links. If you use them to purchase something, I receive a small fee at no additional cost for you. Thank you for supporting my blog! **

Here are this week’s audiobook deals (all under $7 without a subscription):

The Chase (Briar U Book 1)
Elle Kennedy (Author), Jacob Morgan (Narrator), CJ Bloom (Narrator)
Cheap ebook + audio deal! **

Defending Morgan: Mountain Mercenaries, Book 3
Susan Stoker (Author), Stella Bloom (Narrator)
Read & Listen for Free with KU! **

Ask Me to Stay
Terri Osburn (Author), Amanda Dolan (Narrator)
Read & Listen for Free with KU! **

Misadventures with a Book Boyfriend: Misadventures, Book 17
Victoria Blue (Author), Jason Clarke (Narrator)
Super cheap ebook + audio deal! **

I Surrender: I Surrender, Book 1
Monica James (Author), Vanessa Edwin (Narrator)
Super cheap ebook + audio deal! **

The Demon Prince
Ann Aguirre (Author), Wilhelmina Grace (Narrator)
Cheap ebook + audio deal! **

And two new, highly anticipated audiobooks with Whispersync deals under $12 (under $8 with KU):

For Fallon: Chicago Syndicate Series, Book 1
Soraya Naomi (Author), Elizabeth Russell (Narrator), Tor Thom (Narrator)
Pick it up on Amazon**

Can’t Text This: Text Series, Book 3
Teagan Hunter (Author), Rudy Sanda (Narrator), Emma Wilder (Narrator)
Pick it up on Amazon**

Happy listening!

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