6 Romance Audiobooks with Disability and Chronic Illness representation

"We're all fragile"

Binge-Listen to these Audiobooks about Romance and Disability

If you follow me on Twitter, you might know about this passion project of mine: Chronic illness and disability in Romance. That’s why this audiobook list is a work in progress. I first posted 3 audiobooks in November 2018, and now in May, it has grown to 6.

Chronic illness, the physical kind to be specific, is a very important topic to me. And the lack of representation in Romance pains me. [... read more]

New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News #32

Week 20, 2019

A new week, a new “New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News”! 😀

It’s been one of those weird weeks that are at the same time super long and super short. My husband was gone all week for a work-thing so I missed my usual alone-times. I cannot put in words how much respect I have for single parents. You’re heroes! [... read more]

3 Free Tools for Great Book Blog Ideas

Helpful SEO Tools for Book Bloggers - book blog ideas, headlines, and keyword search

Search Engine Optimization for Book Blogs

This post is part 2 in my SEO series. Check out part 1 to read about DA and Yoast and why you want to optimize your blog for Google.

While part 1 was mostly interesting for self-hosted bloggers or those with a paid WordPress.com plan, this part is for everyone. We’ll take a look at the connection between blog posts and search engine traffic. [... read more]

RecomMondaytion: Rockstar by Lauren Rowe

The Morgan Brothers book 5

The last Morgan brother found his happily ever after. And I’m feeling a little melancholic.

The Morgans are magic. They’re the kind of family I’ve always loved reading about or watching on screen. They’re warm, sweet, supportive, and on top of that, really funny! [... read more]

25 New Audiobooks in the Audible Romance Package

25 New Audiobooks in the Audible Romance Package in April 2019

All new Releases and the best Backlist Additions in April 2019

The Romance Package has been a busy, busy place this spring. The other week, I already shared with you the awesome books Whitney G, R.S. Grey, Tijan, Sara Ney, and K.A. Linde added to it recently.

Today, we’ll check out all the fantastic new releases you can listen to with your subscription. And we’ll look at a few more great backlist additions. [... read more]