Why Audiobooks matter: Let’s talk about Inclusion and History

A few numbers

Today I want to take you on a little tour through the history of audiobooks to show you why they matter. Currently in 2018, 18% of US consumers listen to audiobooks, compared to 74% readers overall, 67% print readers and 26% e-book readers (1).

There are two defining factors in the audio success story: The first is technological development. Prior to the LP we already had radio plays. But a talking book that you could consume on your own schedule was an impossible thing. The cheaper and more convenient technology has become, the more popularity audiobooks could gain. [... read more]

New audiobooks in KU and new deals #6

New audiobook releases November 2018

Week 45, 2018

I’m so excited about this one! One of my absolute favourite authors has a new duet. She didn’t have a lot of audiobooks before so I’m really happy this has been released. And not just that, it’s also “read for free” in Kindle Unlimited with a super cheap Whispersync upgrade.

Check out my reviews of other L.H. Cosway books here on Lovely Audiobooks, and find all her books on Amazon**. [... read more]

Mini Reviews: Follow Even the Witch

Lovely Audiobooks Mini Reviews

Today’s mini reviews have absolutely no theme. They are all over the place because I’ve picked up books all over the place. I again have been listening much faster than I could review so here’s another round of mini reviews.

[... read more]