7 Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks

7 Reasons why I love Audiobooks

Audiobooks have so many benefits! Do you know them all?

I bought my first audiobook in August 2014 when Neil Gaiman posted that the BBC full cast production of Neverwhere was available on Audible.com.

Listening to it totally blew my mind! [... read more]

New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News #14

Lovely Audiobooks Friday series: New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News!

Week 2, 2019

Hello lovely listeners! Are you back in the groove of work and non-holiday-life?

I have to say, I do still feel relaxed and motivated. But it sure takes some self-care and careful decision making to keep it that way. Which is a bit stressful in itself… [... read more]

7 of the Most Anticipated Romance Audiobooks of 2019

Lovely Audiobooks' list of 7 of the most anticipated Romance Audiobooks of 2019

New Releases we’re waiting for in 2019

This will be a good year for romance readers! We can look forward to a lot of fantastic new romance audiobooks in 2019.

Audiobook readers are patient readers. At times there are months between the release of an ebook and its accompanying audiobook. [... read more]

RecomMondaytion: Sin & Magic – Demigods of San Francisco 2

My weekly Romance Audiobook Recommendation

Welcome back to the RecomMondaytion, the first of 2019!

Every Monday I tell you about a new release that I’m really excited about.Β  Since these aren’t usually deals, they aren’t yet introduced in the Friday posts.
[... read more]

My Favorite Audiobooks with Demons in Them

Lovely Audiobooks recommendations and mini-reviews of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance series with demons.

Mini reviews: 4 Audiobook Series with demons

Werewolves and vampires are probably the most popular fantastic creatures.

But personally, I’ve always found demons more interesting. I hope this doesn’t say anything about me πŸ˜› [... read more]