How to Cancel Audible in 2023 (and Why it’s a Great Idea!)

Here on Lovely Audiobooks, I mostly talk about all the upsides of various audiobook subscriptions. Nevertheless, I will now not only tell you how to cancel Audible but also why it might be a great idea to do so!

The Benefits of Canceling an Audible Membership

Well, maybe you just don’t like audiobooks, and this will be the only time you’ll ever visit my blog. Then it’s a given that you should cancel that Audible membership as it will obviously save you a lot of money on something you don’t need. That sure is a benefit.

However, if you do love audiobooks, canceling Audible might still be beneficial for you!

The Secret Benefits to Canceling Audible, image of an ereader, blue headphones and a stack of books

Firstly, during the cancelation process, Audible often offers a significant discount if you agree to continue your membership. You might get a 3 months or 12 months membership for up to 50% less!

Since your membership starts over again and you get billed right away when you do this, Audible doesn’t mind at all when you cancel just to subscribe again.

That being said, you can’t do this all the time. They simply won’t offer you a discounted subscription every 3 months and will just let you go.

Secondly, while Audible overall offers many benefits for its price, it is not the only audiobook subscription in town. And something else might fit you much better!

If Audible Premium Plus is too expensive for you, you could look into buying audiobooks from Chirp or through Amazon Whispersync deals and continue listening to one or two audiobooks a month but get them for less than $10 (compared to an Audible membership that costs you $14.95 on average).

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If you want to cancel Audible because you want to listen to more than one audiobook per month, you could look into Kindle Unlimited, Clubs, or take a closer look at Audible Plus (which is included in a normal Audible membership, but many people aren’t aware of this huge membership benefit).

If you simply had it with Amazon and Audible’s questionable treatment of authors, you can choose to support indie bookstores instead!

LibroFM is an audiobook service with a membership model similar to Audible’s. But you buy your audiobook from an independent bookstore of your choice instead of a big multinational!

Personally, I used to cancel my Audible subscription all the time because I just didn’t need it, as I was listening mostly to free audiobooks or to Audible books I bought cheaper with Whispersync.

Only with the start of Audible Plus did I actually take the step to sign up for a 1-year subscription with a very sweet discount. Each credit cost me only a little more than what I usually spend on a Whispersync audiobook. And I always want to have access to Audible Plus as I have come to enjoy it greatly!

How to Cancel Audible Subscriptions

Now, before we get to the technical part, be aware that you cannot keep your Audible credits once you cancel your membership! Make sure you spend them all before you go through the cancelation process.

But don’t worry, you keep all the Audible books you bought! And, of course, you can join again at any time. You will keep your account and access to your own audiobook library.

Once you cancel, you won’t get any monthly Audible credits anymore, and you will lose access to the Audible Plus catalog until you sign up again.

Any Audible Plus books you borrowed will be removed from your library automatically.

If you are currently on a free trial with Audible, you can also cancel right away and won’t get charged! The audiobook purchase you made with your test month credit will stay in your library.

And as I said before, you can always log into your Audible account, even when you don’t have an active subscription.

You can only cancel Audible in a browser, not in the app!

How to cancel Audible in browser: The link to your account details is in the upper right corner, when you click on 'Hi, your name'
To cancel your Audible subscription, navigate to the upper right corner where it says “Hi” and your name. Click on that link. Now a menu opens up stating your current membership status.
How to cancel Audible in browser: Click on account details
The first link in the menu is Account Details. Once you click on that, you arrive at an overview page.
How to cancel Audible in browser: a link to cancel your subscription is under your membership details

At the bottom of this page, there’s a button saying “Switch membership”, and right next to it is a text link saying “Cancel membership”. Click on that, and Audible will guide you through the rest of the cancelation process.

This looks different depending on whether or not you are eligible for a discounted membership.

If you feel uncomfortable with the cancelation process, you can also contact Audible customer support to have them cancel your membership for you.

And you have the option to pause your Audible membership. That can be a nice alternative if you have Audible credits left over and don’t know what to spend them on.

However, pausing means you will have to remember to cancel Audible before it renews and you get billed again.

Personally, I prefer to spend any left-over credits on pre-orders if there are no titles right at that moment that I want to buy. Your pre-orders will remain active even when you cancel Audible, and the audiobooks will be added to your library once the title is released, even if you aren’t an active subscriber anymore!


How to cancel an Audible free trial?

Log into your Audible account in a browser and go to Account Details. Check out a step-by-step guide with images here!

If I cancel Audible, do I keep my books?

Yes, absolutely! Nothing will happen to your Audible books if you cancel. Any audiobooks that you bought with an Audible credit or with money are yours to keep, even after your subscription runs out. You can listen to them at any time! Audiobooks that you borrowed from the Audible Plus catalog will be removed from your library, though.

What happens when you cancel Audible?

You won’t get billed again, and you can still borrow and listen to Audible Plus books until your membership runs out. All the books that you bought remain in your Audible library, and you can continue listening to them without an active subscription. If you have Audible credits left, you should spend them before you cancel your subscription. Otherwise, they disappear once your membership ends.

If I cancel Audible, do I keep my credits?

No, if you cancel, you lose any left-over credits, but you won’t lose your books!

How to cancel an Audible membership?

Log into your Audible account in a browser and go to Account Details. Check out a step-by-step guide with images here!

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