Why Audiobooks matter: Let’s talk about Inclusion and History

A few numbers

Today I want to take you on a little tour through the history of audiobooks to show you why they matter. Currently in 2018, 18% of US consumers listen to audiobooks, compared to 74% readers overall, 67% print readers and 26% e-book readers (1).

There are two defining factors in the audio success story: The first is technological development. Prior to the LP we already had radio plays. But a talking book that you could consume on your own schedule was an impossible thing. The cheaper and more convenient technology has become, the more popularity audiobooks could gain. [... read more]

How to get the Romance Package outside the USA

Lovely Audiobooks guide to the Romance Package for EU listeners

Find out how to binge on Romance Audiobooks as a Brit, Canadian, German and from anywhere else

I don’t remember anymore how I found the Romance Package but you would not believe how I squealed at the prospect of listening to so many Romance audiobooks. You get so much value for your money compared to a Gold membership. Obviously, I love telling my fellow listeners about “bingeing on a budget” and I regularly hear that other audiobook addicts living in the EU or Canada assume they could not get the Romance Package because it is not on Audible .co.uk / .ca and so on. But don’t worry, it’s super easy to subscribe to it no matter where you live. The only obstacle is that you need a credit card (for Audible, not for the guide!!). A Visa debit card works, too.

[... read more]