How to get Audible Escape outside the USA

Audible Escape from the UK, Canada, Australia...

Binge on Audiobooks in the UK, Australia, and anywhere else

You have probably heard about Audible’s amazing subscription for unlimited listening! But it’s only offered on, so in this post, I want to show you how to sign up to Audible Escape from the UK, Canada, or anywhere else in the world.

I don’t remember anymore how I found the Audible Romance Package (now called Audible Escape). [... read more]

The Romance Package is now Audible Escape

The Romance Package is now Audible Escape: Unlimited Audiobooks Subscription

What you need to know as a new or old subscriber

Audible gave their audiobook subscription a new name, a new look, and some fun new features. The Audible Romance Package becomes Audible Escape!

First, the really good news, the name change comes with a cheaper monthly price. The Romance Package used to be $14.95 a month. Now, it’s only $12.95. And the first month is free**. [... read more]

Audible deals: Get your audiobooks cheaper!

A link list for all recurring sales and deals on

What’s better than audiobooks? Getting the audiobooks you want cheaper with Audible deals, of course!

So, if you’re a frugal audiobook listener like me, let me walk you through the many ways we can get Audible’s awesome audiobooks for a reduced price. [... read more]

5 Things You didn’t know about Audiobooks!

Where they come from and why they’re better than movies…

In the last 10 months as an audiobook blogger, I’ve come across some quite interesting little facts about audiobooks. And I bet you didn’t know all of these yet either!

Whether you want to know more about becoming an audiobook narrator yourself, or just want some solid facts to tell the audiobook-haters around you, these 5 things are really useful to know for every audiobook fan. [... read more]

Library Audiobooks: Overdrive vs Hoopla

A Guest Post from Christine @ The Uncorked Librarian

You probably know that Lovely Audiobooks is all about the cheap and free audiobooks. And while Kindle Unlimited and the Audible Romance Package offer a whole lot of choice, they mostly have self-published books.

So, what to do when you crave some of the popular traditionally published books? You go to your library! Or their website, because… it is 2019, after all. [... read more]