The Audiobook Challenge 2024

Welcome to the Lovely Audiobooks audiobook challenge 2024! This reading challenge is for every interested listener, whether you’re new to audiobooks or listen every day.

The challenge is very flexible, and you can play it however you like. So, no matter your listening habits, if you think it’d be fun to explore the world of audiobooks, go for it!

The goal is to shake up your usual listening habits and to show you all the different flavors of audiobooks, like different narration styles and genres.

Twenty-five prompts will introduce you to all aspects of the audiobook world!

Audiobook Challenge 2024 (background image shows rose gold headphones on a stack of white paperback books)

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What is the Audiobook Challenge?

The point of a reading challenge is, first and foremost, fun, but also to read a bit differently than you usually do. Unlike the Audible challenge or GoodReads challenge, this audiobook challenge isn’t only about numbers!

The prompts cover different narration styles and forms of audiobooks, as well as many book genres, to help you explore the many facets of audiobooks.

What can you do with the Prompts?

If you want to start listening to audiobooks or have the reading goal to listen more, you can use the prompts as an inspiration to pick audiobooks.

You can also combine prompts and work your way through the list like that (e.g., a Thriller read by a new-to-you narrator who has a British accent would cover three prompts).

What if I already listen to a lot of Audiobooks?

Perfect! Then you can do the challenge like a marathon and go through the entire list of prompts in one go, maybe even in as little as a month! It’s a fantastic way to get rid of a reading slump and mix up your listening habits.

What if I’m only getting started with Audiobooks?

Excellent, good plan! The audiobook challenge will help you to find out which genres and narration styles you like best.

You might also want to check out my beginner’s guide How to Listen to Audiobooks!

How to keep this Challenge affordable

Audiobooks are expensive, but there are many ways to make them more affordable. The best way to do this is with a library card that gives you access to Hoopla, Libby, or another digital library app that lets you borrow audiobooks.

But not everyone has access to a library, or maybe 5 – 10 borrows in Hoopla are too little for you. Fortunately, there are alternatives!

You can borrow an unlimited number of audiobooks with a Kindle Unlimited or Audible subscription.

All audiobooks in the Audible Plus catalog are free to download and don’t cost an Audible credit. Kindle Unlimited includes many “Read and Listen for free”.

I also recommend Everand, an audiobook subscription that was previously known as Scribd. For a flat monthly fee, you can listen to a lot of books here.

Read more in my comparison of the best audiobook apps and my guide to finding the best audiobook service based on how many audiobooks you listen to in a month!

Audiobooks Printable

Grab the audiobook challenge prompts as a printable so you can easily mark which ones you’ve already done! You can also note down the title of the book you listened to on each line.

Audiobook Challenge 2024

Audiobook Challenge 2024 Prompts

Narration Styles

Explore different audiobook productions and narration styles and find your favorite!

1 One narrator: Pick a book narrated by only one person.

2 Dual narration: Pick a book narrated by two people who each take turns reading a whole chapter.

3 Duet narration: A book narrated by two people who each read the same characters in every chapter.

4 Full-Cast / Multi-Cast or Radio Play: A book with at least three narrators voicing different characters.

5 A new-to-you Narrator

6 A book narrated by the Author themself

7 A famous Narrator: Pick a book narrated by an actor or someone who is famous for something other than audiobooks.

8 Narration with a British Accent

9 Narration with an Accent different from Yours

10 Audiobook-only or audiobook-first: A book that’s only available as audiobook or was first released in the audio version. Audible Originals are a good place to find something for this prompt!

11 An Audiobook Podcast: This could be a narrated, scripted, or story podcast, or you can choose a podcast about audiobooks.

Book Genres

12 Women’s or Literary Fiction

13 Science Fiction

14 Romance

15 Urban / Paranormal Fantasy

16 Thriller or Mystery

17 High Fantasy

18 Historical Fiction

19 Middle Grade

20 A short story audiobook

21 Poetry

22 A Classic

23 Nonfiction

24 A Memoir or Biography

25 LGBTQ+ Fiction

For inspiration on which books to listen to, check out these lists:

The Best Audiobooks of 2023
The Best Romance Audiobooks of all Time
The Best Audiobooks on Hoopla
The Best Audiobooks on Everand

Have fun and happy listening! 💕

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