Duet Narration: What it is and how to find it!

The most common audiobook narration types are single narrators and dual narration – with two narrators reading an entire chapter each. Duet narration audiobooks are rare but very popular, especially among Romance readers! Read on to find out what exactly duet narration is and how you can find this type of audiobook…

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What is Duet Narration?

In duet narration, both narrators always read the same characters, similar to how it is done in full-cast productions or radio plays.

In F/M Romance, that usually means one voice actor narrates all the male-sounding characters in all chapters, and another voice actor reads all the female-sounding characters. Internal dialogue or story narration would depend on whose point of view it is.

Here is a table that explains how exactly each voice actor reads in dual vs. duet narration audiobooks with a male and female main character:

Heroine’s Point of View in Duet NarrationHeroine’s Point of View in Dual Narration
Female-sounding narrator:
Reads the story and all female-sounding characters
Female-sounding narrator:
Reads the entire chapter and all dialogue
Male-sounding narrator:
Reads all male-sounding characters’ dialogue
Male-sounding narrator:
Hero’s Point of View in Duet NarrationHero’s Point of View in Dual Narration
Male-sounding narrator:
Reads the story and all male-sounding characters
Male-sounding narrator:
Reads the entire chapter and all dialogue
Female-sounding narrator:
Reads all female-sounding characters’ dialogue
Female-sounding narrator:
Audiobook duet narration vs dual narration (the above table as a graphic)

Many audiobook fans love this narration form because all characters sound exactly the same throughout the book. Unfortunately, Audible doesn’t provide an option to search specifically for duet narration.

While you can search for “full cast” on Audible and find a lot of books, this does not work for duet narration.

The best way to find these audiobooks is to know which narrators usually read in this style.

Duet Narration Couples

Some voice actors often narrate together in duet. This is usually due to them being able to use the same recording booth or having a prepared set-up to record together.

Here are the most well-known duet narration couples:

You can click on each pair to browse through their Audible books on Amazon.

And here are a few popular Romance audiobooks read by these narrators:


Great Duet Narration Productions

Sometimes, audiobook publishers and self-published authors specifically produce a certain book in duet narration. If you haven’t listened to a duet narration audiobook yet, you should definitely give one of these a try. I think you will love them!

Will M. Watt

Most of Will. M. Watt’s audiobook productions are in duet. The Harris Brothers series** by Amy Daws together with Charlotte Cole and Piper Goodeve is entirely produced in duet and a wonderful series of Romantic Comedies.

But he also works with other narrators in duet.


Girl On the Edge Series

The very popular and very amazing Romance narrators Maxine Mitchell and Joe Arden have recorded CD Reiss’ Girl on the Edge series in duet narration. The series is now available as one single audiobook** which our wallets greatly appreciate.


From Lukov with Love

Teddy Hamilton and Callie Dalton, two of my favorite narrators, came together to record Mariana Zapata’s From Lukov with Love**. And it’s not only a beautiful duet, but it’s also one of the best Enemies to Lovers slow-burn Romances. Definitely a must-listen!

Mariana Zapata has produced several of her audiobooks in duet!


There Is Also a Dog

Kaley Loring’s fun Winter Rom-Com There Is Also a Dog** is read by popular Romance narrators Erin Mallon and Connor Crais in duet. I found this a very fun novella with an outstanding narration!


The Baby Proposition

Kim Loraine has several books in duet narration including the wonderful The Baby Proposition** with Stella Hunter and J.F. Harding narrating in duet.


Full-Cast Romance Audiobooks

As a little bonus, here are a few fantastic full-cast Romance audiobooks that have the two main characters read in duet narration!!

Lauren Blakely

Lauren Blakely loves us audiobook fans and has produced several of her books with a full cast! Not only are the main characters read in duet narration, but side characters have their own voice actors here, too!


Audible Originals

Audible knows what we want and like so they have produced Romance audiobooks with duet and multi-cast as well. The three audiobooks below are all included in Audible Plus.



GraphicAudio produces audio plays with a full cast of narrators and sound effects. They also have paranormal Romance series. I wholeheartedly recommend the fantastic Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews**!


More Full Cast Romance Audiobooks

Kristen Ashley produced her Fantasy Romance series The Rising** with a full cast of narrators. Amy Daws had a multi-cast for Payback**, a spin-off to her Harris Brothers series that is entirely produced in duet narration. Alyssa Turner has a polyamorous Romance with a multi-cast audiobook, Make Me**. And Racheline Maltese produced A Queen from the North**, a sci-fi Romance, with a full cast of voice actors.


If you are looking for more multi-cast audiobooks from other genres, pop by my list of the best audiobooks to find some great titles with full-cast productions!

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  1. Also Honey Scarlett & Leeroy Will: The Audiobook Lovers and Marie Rose & Chris Chamberlain:Duet Narration Duo are hot up and comers in the world of romance!

  2. You mention Lauren Blakely down at the very end but don’t give us any details about her books (are they duet or full cast? What efforts has she been making?)

    1. Lauren Blakely is a big name in the world of Romance audiobooks and she has released several audiobooks with a full cast narration. Especially “A Guy Walks into My Bar” and “Birthday Suit” got a lot of attention and I think it really motivated more narrators to do duet style or multi-cast audiobooks.

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