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You love audiobooks and are looking for some inspiration on what to listen to next? You just finished this fantastic e-book but aren’t sure whether buying the audiobook is worth it? Then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Eline and each week I’ll present you with a new audiobook review. My preferred genres are contemporary romance and paranormal romance, but I also throw some (Urban) Fantasy into the mix. If you are like me and have an insatiable audiobook habit, check out my little guide here on how to get your next fix without going broke. There are a lot of great blogs out there with book reviews, not to mention goodreads.com, so I try to focus on the audiobook and aspects specific to that. A great book does not necessarily bring a great audiobook, and a mediocre book can still have a fantastic audiobook 🙂


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Sometimes I receive audiobooks for free (ARC’s) in exchange for a review. I will always add a note to the review if that is the case. And while I do believe that it’s only human to look more kindly on things that we’ve gotten for less money than they’re worth, my dislike of over-the-top dishonest gushing reviews is so strong, that I am convinced my ARC reviews – just like all my other reviews – are 100% honest and would be the same, had I bought the audiobook myself.


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