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Lovely Audiobooks is my place to tell you about all the audiobooks I liked and some that I didn’t like. I share the little tips and tricks to find deals and save money, so you can binge on cheap or even free Audible audiobooks. And I hope my book lists will help you get the most out of your unlimited audiobook subscription!

My name is Eline, I’m thirty-something, and my day job has very little to do with audiobooks. My free time, however, is all about books! I’ve always been an avid reader. And the day I listened to my first audiobook really changed my life. This sounds super dramatic, doesn’t it? But it’s true. I get to read sooo much more, even after the birth of my daughter I still have so much reading time. That’s because I can combine it with all the less fun tasks of daily life. And those are actually a lot more fun now.

Let’s do a short Q&A:

My first audiobook:

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

My favorite Genres:

Romance and Urban Fantasy

My Favorite Place to listen to an Audiobook:

Cuddled up in bed with my daughter in my arm is very high on the list. But I also love listening while being on the road with our RV.

A great book doesn’t always have an awesome audiobook, and a mediocre book can still become a fantastic audiobook! That’s the magic of narrators.

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Reviewing Audiobooks

Most of the audiobooks I talk about here are in the Audible Romance Package or Kindle Unlimited. And I own quite a lot.

But I also sometimes receive audiobooks for free (ARC’s) in exchange for a review. I will always add a note to the post if that is the case. And while I do believe that it’s only human to look more kindly on things that we’ve gotten for less money than they’re worth, my dislike of over-the-top dishonest gushing reviews is so strong, that I am convinced my ARC reviews – just like all my other reviews – are 100% honest and would be the same, had I bought the audiobook myself.

Where to start

Read my 7 reasons why I love audiobooks.

And find out how you can listen to free or cheap audiobooks of any genre with Kindle Unlimited.

Check back every Friday for my wrap-up of the week’s blog posts and a list of brandnew Romance audiobook deals.