21 New And Free Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited

New free audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited in February 2019

“Listen for Free” Audiobooks released in February 2019

If you are a regular Lovely Audiobooks reader, you already know how awesome Kindle Unlimited is for audiobooks.

It’s a great way for avid listeners to find new and free audiobooks and check out stories from unknown authors and many different genres. [... read more]

New free Romance Audiobooks in January 2019

Repeat by Kylie Scott - free in the Audible Romance Package

The Romance Package and KU LIsten for Free in January

If you have an unlimited audiobooks subscription, it can be difficult to keep track of all the new romance audiobook releases you can listen to for free – especially when you’re using your smartphone most of the time.

Audible likes to show us the same recommendations over and over, even if we already listened to them or are just not interested. [... read more]

New free Romance Audiobooks in December 2018

December deals and Releases

If you are a frequent visitor of Lovely Audiobooks, you probably know my Friday feature already.

Every Friday, I post a wrap-up of that week’s blog posts, together with a list of fresh audiobook deals and new free romance audiobooks: New Audiobooks, new Deals and new News. [... read more]

Where to find Free Audiobook Review Copies

Lovely Audiobooks book blogger resource: Where to find free audiobook review copies

Free Audiobooks in exchange for honest reviews
– A Resource for Book Reviewers and Book Bloggers

If you’re a starting book blogger or regularly read reviews, you have probably seen this line around a lot: “I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review”.

Requesting review copies is no cheap hack to get free audiobooks! [... read more]

The Best Free Romance Audiobooks of 2018

The Best Free Romance Audiobooks of 2018 - these are the most popular audiobooks released this year. All of them are either in the Audible Romance Package or Kindle Unlimited Listen for Free. So you can listen to all of these audiobooks in your free test month! Click to see the audio book list and save the pin for later :-) #booklist #bestof2018 #romance

The Year’s End Best-Of-Edition of “New Audiobooks, New Deals and New News”

Week 52, 2018

It’s the last Friday of 2018. So let’s take a look at the great new audiobooks that came out this year and were added to our binge-tastic Unlimited Audiobook programs: The Audible Romance Package and Kindle Unlimited Listen For Free.

But first….
[... read more]