The Best New Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks in March 2024

Are you ready for the best Kindle Unlimited audiobooks in March 2024?! I have for you a list of brand-new Kindle Unlimited Read and Listen for Free books that have been instant hits with readers and listeners alike!

The books below are recently published, and I was amazed to see that most of them already have thousands of positive ratings and reviews, placing them comfortably among the best Kindle Unlimited audiobooks you can get.

And even though these are bestselling books, Kindle Unlimited subscribers can listen to the Audible versions without any extra cost and without having to spend an Audible credit.

You can simply borrow them like any Kindle Unlimited ebook. The audiobook will be added to your Audible library automatically.

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**The marked links and book covers on this page are affiliate links. If you use them to purchase something, I earn a fee at no additional cost for you. Disclosure**

If you don’t have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can grab a 30 day trial for free**. And just to repeat it, all of the following audiobooks are included in the monthly fee (and in the free trial) of a Kindle Unlimited US membership.

I can assure you that you do not need an Audible subscription or give Audible any payment information!

Just follow the links to any of the books I have picked for you below, and tap on “Read and Listen for Free” on the book’s Amazon page. Then you log into the Audible app with your Amazon login information, and you will see your new Kindle Unlimited audiobooks right there, ready to download and enjoy!

Romance: New in Kindle Unlimited Listen for Free

Hypnotized by Love

Sariah Wilson (Author), Stevi Incremona (Narrator)

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

Hypnotist Savannah finds herself helping her high school nemesis, Mason, who broke her heart. Mason, now a struggling writer, plans to write an exposé on Savannah but ends up being a willing participant in her hypnosis session.

Unexpectedly, Mason emerges from hypnosis with a sunny disposition and a tendency to say yes to everything. Savannah tries to keep him safe, but discovers a Mason she never knew. Caught in a dilemma, Savannah wonders if she can keep him still long enough to snap out of it without falling in love.

Nothing But It All

Adriana Locke (Author), Amy Hall (Narrator), Ryan Duncan (Narrator)

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

Lauren faces the cracks in her twenty-year marriage with Jack. As divorce becomes inevitable, their two teenagers, Michael and Maddie, conspire with their grandfather to bring the family together for a vacation in Story Brook, Ohio.

Amidst the scenic lakeside cabin and bittersweet memories, Lauren and Jack navigate fourteen days that could be life-changing, filled with hope, heartbreak, and the unexpected possibility of falling in love all over again.

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Thriller and Mystery: The Best Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks in March

The Stranger in Her House

John Marrs (Author), Elizabeth Knowelden (Narrator), Soneela Nankani (Narrator), Steve West (Narrator)

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

Paul infiltrates Gwen’s life, he’s a stranger claiming to be sent by a charity for vulnerable people. While Paul asserts he’s there to help, Connie, Gwen’s daughter, becomes suspicious.

As Paul becomes increasingly involved in Gwen’s life, Connie fears he’s trying to push her out. Connie is desperate to unmask Paul, as questions are arising about reality, trust, and the potential risks of unraveling family ties.

A photo of two women standing with their backs turned toward one another

What Is Mine: A Thriller

Lyn Liao Butler (Author), Nancy Wu (Narrator)

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

Hope Chen’s life becomes entangled with that of another woman full of secrets. Hope, raising her nephew Luca with her husband, faces a harrowing situation when Luca disappears. The other woman, desperate to safeguard her marriage, executes twisted plans.

Their paths collide in a high-stakes battle, leaving a young boy caught in the crossfire. The story unfolds with unexpected twists, exploring themes of love, revenge, and the complexities of their perilous journey.

Don’t Forget Me: A Thriller

Rea Frey (Author), Rachel L. Jacobs (Narrator)

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

In “An Unlikely Murder,” Ruby seeks a fresh start, but her plans unravel when her troubled daughter and husband, Tom, go missing. As Ruby turns to her neighbors and a murder club to cope, a body surfaces in the nearby lake, presumed to be Tom’s.

However, Ruby, determined to uncover the truth, discovers secrets in her neighbors’ lives and her own. The mystery deepens as she questions why she doesn’t recognize the body, leading her on a journey to unravel her past and clear her name.

Hurt Mountain

Angela Crook (Author), Susan Dalian (Narrator)

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

An estranged mother and father, Olivia and Brandon, join forces to uncover the truth about their missing daughter. When patrolman Brandon discovers a broken-down car with a young girl in a bloodied nightgown and the brutalized body of a teenage boy in the back seat, memories of their own tragedy resurface.

Olivia, now a doctor, tends to the traumatized Jane Doe, and as Brandon investigates a series of disappearances across the country, they hope to finally find the truth about their missing daughter, Carly. The journey into the past raises questions about grief, guilt, and obsession, but it might also offer healing for the fractured family.

A photo of a woman in shadows, sitting on a sofa in front of a brightly lit red-tinted window

A Friend in the Dark

Samantha M. Bailey (Author), Alex Picard (Narrator), Libby McKnight (Narrator)

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

Eden’s life is falling apart after her husband blindsides her with divorce, and her daughter becomes distant. Seeking an escape, Eden impulsively reconnects with her college crush, Justin Ward, through a friend request. A night twenty-three years ago changed her life, and now she wonders about a do-over with Justin.

As she engages in an online relationship with Justin, awakening desires she thought were long gone, things take a dark turn. Justin seems to know too much about her and her family, raising questions about his true identity and the events of that fateful night two decades ago. Eden is forced to confront the truth and fight for her family’s safety.

At the River (Columbia River)

Kendra Elliot (Author), Teri Schnaubelt (Narrator), Shaun Taylor-Corbett (Narrator)

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

FBI Special Agent Mercy Kilpatrick and Police Chief Truman Daly investigate a murder that brings back the chilling memories of a decades-old case. Twenty years ago, five teenage campers went missing, and now a true-crime podcaster is found murdered in the same location.

The only survivor of the original case, Devin Bonner, suffers from memory loss, and his nightmares return with the recent events. As they follow a trail of fresh blood and face escalating murders, Mercy and Truman must unravel the buried secrets of the past before another victim falls prey to a mysterious and dangerous truth.

The Rule of Threes: A Novella

Jeffery Deaver (Author), Christina Traister (Narrator)

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

Special Agent Constant Marlowe takes on the investigation of an obsessed serial killer in the small town of Clark Valley. But the body count rises and the killer’s sights are set on Constant herself. Filled with twists and suspense, Marlowe faces a deadly game where nothing is as it seems in the eerie plains of the Midwest.

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Fantasy: New in Kindle Unlimited Listen for Free

Illustration of a hand holding a house surrounded by white light (audiobook cover of Boy of Chaotic Making, one of the best Kindle Unlimited audiobooks in March 2024)

Boy of Chaotic Making: Whimbrel House, Book 3

Charlie N. Holmberg (Author), Amanda Leigh Cobb (Narrator), Graham Halstead (Narrator)

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

Merritt Fernsby’s life has changed since inheriting Whimbrel House. Engaged to Hulda Larkin, who introduced him to the uncanny, and protective of his uncle Owein, who is currently inhabiting the body of a mixed-breed terrier, Merritt receives a letter from Queen Alexandrina Victoria expressing interest in Owein. The Queen offers to find a human vessel for Owein, marry him into the royal family, and add the soul-shifter to its lineage.

Despite the seemingly appealing offer, once in London, Merritt and Owein sense something is amiss. Nightmares and premonitions warn of danger, and it becomes clear that someone doesn’t want them in town.

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Fiction: The Best Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks in March

Blank: A Novel

Zibby Owens (Author), Sharon Freedman (Narrator)

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

Facing an impossible deadline and a stalled writing career, Pippa Jones, a forty-ish former literary sensation, comes up with a bold idea to change the book world.

With only five days left to start a new book or repay an advance she’s already spent, Pippa embarks on a journey that takes her from posh Beverly Hills hotels to Malibu mega-mansions and Santa Monica bookstores. Along the way, she discovers more about her career, marriage, family, friends, and herself than she ever could have imagined.

A photo of a Black woman in a green dress, surrounded by illustrations of golden butterflies (audiobook cover of Fallen Grace, one of the best Kindle Unlimited audiobooks in March 2024)

Fallen Grace: Blaze Collection

Sadeqa Johnson (Author), Channie Waites (Narrator)

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

Bubbles Jones, a single mother in segregated Virginia, escapes a brutal sanctuary for “wayward girls” with her newborn. Confronting the hypocritical shame of her pastor father and the betrayal of a lover, Bubbles is accompanied by a woman who offers her shelter and a dream.

Determined not to yield and make a big life in a world that wants to keep her small, Bubbles pushes back on societal prejudice and her own family’s judgment.

Blaze is a collection of short stories about incendiary women across the decades who dare to defy convention. They can be read or listened to in one sitting.

Check them all out here: Blaze Collection**

When the World Goes Quiet: A Novel

Gian Sardar (Author), Jesse Vilinsky (Narrator)

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

In German-occupied Bruges, Belgium, during the final days of World War I, Evelien, an aspiring artist, navigates danger, love, and survival. Promised a prized painting in exchange for safeguarding her employer’s possessions, Evelien is approached by the resistance with a mission to steal a list of names hidden in her employer’s home.

The promised letter from her long-missing husband, Emiel, puts her certainty of his death in question. As Evelien faces heart-wrenching truths and forms a friendship with a struggling soldier, she must navigate the dangers of war and make choices for a life beyond liberation.

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Kindle deals can slightly differ between international Amazon websites. The lists on this blog are based on If you live elsewhere, you might be sent to your local Amazon. Please don’t be disappointed if your marketplace has different prices. Sometimes, a US “Listen for Free” might cost a little elsewhere, while other deals might, in turn, be cheaper on your Amazon. You can only download Kindle audiobooks from your local Amazon website.

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  1. I’ve gotten lots of good ideas from your Newsletter. Thank you. I have a question about a Kindle Unlimited quirk.

    Orphan X by Gregg Hurwitz is now in Kindle Unlimited with the audiobook symbol. I’d like to listen to the audiobook, but because I already own the Kindle version of this book, I’m unable to download the Kindle Unlimited audiobook version.
    To listen to this book I’d need to pay $7.49 for Whispersync for voice. Is there any way around this? I’m thinking I might need to permanently remove the Kindle ebook from my Kindle books, then download the KU version. Thanks.

    1. I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying my newsletter!! 🙂

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      I did just notice though that this audiobook is also available on Scribd. Maybe you can borrow it there if you have a Scribd subscription.

    2. When this happened to me I contacted Amazon. Like you thought, I deleted the book and then checked it out on KU. Since I bought the book for free I was happy to follow Amazon’s instructions.

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