Is Chirp Audiobooks worth it in 2022?

Chirp audiobooks is a great service for all audiobook listeners who love a bargain, who want to own (not borrow) their books, who don’t enjoy subscriptions with a monthly fee, and who like to spend their money outside of the Amazon sphere.

But let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of using Chirp, what it is exactly, what you can expect, and how it works. And you can grab a special 30% discount Chirp audiobooks promo code to try it out!

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What is Chirp Audiobooks?

Chirp is Bookbub’s audio book deals store that authors and publishers use to offer their titles at a huge discount. Get a 30% discount to try it out!

Are the Chirp audiobooks DRM-free?

No, you can only listen to the audiobooks you bought on Chirp in their own app. The app is free and doesn’t require a subscription!

Can I buy all my audiobooks on Chirp?

That depends. They always have a lot of great audiobook deals in different genres, including New York Times bestsellers and other trending popular audiobooks. So, theoretically, you could use Chirp exclusively. But if you are looking for a specific book, or even author or narrator, it’s unlikely that you will always find something on Chirp that you couldn’t get cheaper in an audiobook store with a credit-based membership (like Audible or LibroFM).

Disclaimer: I received a gift card from Chirp so I could try out their service. I live in the EU and could not have tested Chirp without this offer. It did not influence my opinion in any way. This is an honest review!

Chirp Audiobooks Promo Code

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Chirp Audiobooks Review

Chirp is set up as a simple store without any form of subscription model. You sign up for a free account and when you see a good audiobook on sale, you buy it. Simple and straightforward!

Overall, Chirp’s catalog is considerably smaller than Audible’s, it still has over 200k titles though. Small is relative!

And it’s important to note that not every audiobook you can find on Chirp has a really good deal. Many books I looked up were still $17 (in comparison, an Audible credit has a value of at most $15). The number of really cheap deals, let’s say audiobooks under $8, is limited.

But, according to Chirp, it’s still 450-500 new deals per month. That’s probably more than enough listening for most of us, haha!

And it’s important to note that they are limited time deals. When you see an audiobook you want, you will have to grab it right away, because the offer might be gone a few days later.

Since the deals have an expiration date, you can sign up for email notifications. Whether this is a pro or con depends on you. You might appreciate the email when it’s an audiobook you want. But getting an email every week with deals you aren’t interested in is… well… not always fun.

chirp books website

The Chirp books website is very nice. You can quickly and easily navigate to the current deals (aptly named Deals in the top menu). And you can filter by price and genre.

Like Audible, but unlike many other audiobook services, Chirp offers a return policy. For better or worse, it’s not as convenient as returning a book on Audible.

But if something is wrong with your Chirp audiobook, you can contact customer service up to 7 days after purchase and receive a refund.

Chirp is only available in the US and Canada which is a shame for us international listeners because overall this is a really great service!

Chirp audiobooks filters

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Is Chirp Audiobooks legit?

Yes, Chirp audiobooks is 100% legit! Authors and audiobook producers add their titles to Chirp themselves. They set the price and decide how long the discount will be active.

Chirp is the audiobook branch of Bookbub, a popular promotional tool among authors. This is a trustworthy service and they really deliver exactly what they promise.

Making an account and getting the app is 100% free. You only pay for the audio books you choose to buy. And those are yours to keep! But they are not DRM-free, so you can only access them through the Chirp website or Chirp app.

How to Listen to Chirp Audiobooks: The Chirp App

The iOS and Android app for Chirp audiobooks is very stable and has a nice, intuitive layout. It has your basic functions like sleep timer and narration speed. And in my tests, it was very stable.

You can’t buy audiobooks in the app though. You will always have to use a browser for that.

Mind, that’s something that has to do with the app stores and not with Chirp itself. You can’t buy audiobooks in the Audible app anymore either.

Chirp Audiobooks App: overview of My Library
Chirp Audiobooks App: audiobook player

Chirp Gift Cards

I really want to mention gift cards for Chirp audiobooks** here because they are something special! They are very different from Audible gift cards.

Why? Because with a $15 Audible gift card, you get 1 credit for 1 audiobook. With a $15 Chirp gift card, you can easily get 5, or even 15 audiobooks! I think that makes this a really sweet gift that actually sets Chirp completely apart from the other audiobook services which all offer gift cards only as a way to buy their audiobook credits and can’t be used on sales.

So yeah, what you have here is one of the best gifts for audiobook lovers! I personally as an audio fan find it a whole lot more fun than an audiobook credits gift card.


In my opinion, Chirp is a fantastic service for occasional audiobook listeners since you can get cheap audiobooks without having to commit to a membership. For avid audiobook listeners, it’s a great addition to other audiobook subscriptions.

They have some really, really good deals that are even cheaper than Audible sales!

Personally, I don’t think I could use Chirp audiobooks exclusively. But that’s fine. Since this is such a flexible service without any recurring subscription fees you can simply use it whenever you feel like it and see something you want.

By the way, we share current Chirp deals in my Facebook group. That’s a nice alternative to the Chirp emails!

To sum it up, if you love a good bargain, Chirp is a great audiobook service and it is absolutely worth it to keep an eye on their audiobook deals!

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