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26 of the Best MM Romance Books on Audible

Below, you’ll find my 26 favorite MM Romance books, and many of my fellow listeners agree with me that these are among the best MM Romance audiobooks out there!

I absolutely love M/M. For a long time, this was a part of the Romance genre I refused to touch. As a bisexual woman, I really wanted to see Lesbian Romance get more attention. And it somehow felt like these two were in competition for M/F readers and listeners.

However, after accepting an M/M review copy in 2018 that simply sounded too intriguing to decline, I found out that M/M gives me the same kind of escapism from M/F that Lesbian and Queer Romance offer. I love listening to stories in which both partners are on truly equal footing and it’s relaxing for me not to stumble out of the blue over internalized sexism, which still happens too often in M/F Romance.

And there are simply some amazing authors of MM Romance books out there that I would not want to miss out on any more!

So, without further proclamations and explanations, I give you a whole bunch of absolutely beautiful MM Romance books – some scorchingly hot ones, some sweet ones, some super funny ones, and some angsty ones. Two guys for every mood!

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Adult MM Romance Books

Boyfriend Material

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall: The Best MM Romance books on Audible

written by Alexis Hall
narrated by Joe Jameson

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Boyfriend Material was one of my favorite books of 2020 and is the book I have most often recommended ever since. In my opinion, this is one of the best gay Romance novels out there and the narration by Joe Jameson is fantastic! Both during my first and second time listening to it, Luc, Oliver, and their fantastic group of friends and co-workers have managed to make me laugh out loud countless times. If you are in need of an absolutely adorable Romantic Comedy, this witty, hilarious, and simply wonderful Fake Relationship M/M Romance is the perfect choice and will certainly make you very happy indeed!

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Work For It

written by Talia Hibbert
narrated by Shane East and Chance Thoreau

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Work For it is a steamy M/M Romance between a small town hermit and a tourist from London who seems to have it all. Griffin is very isolated and yet he doesn’t seem to be willing to leave his hometown. Then Olu arrives and the two clash! Olu brings out the passionate side of stoic Griffin. While Griffin makes Olu question his own form of self-inflicted isolation. This is an insanely passionate, complex, and deep love story! The audiobook is narrated by Shane East and Chance Thoreau and it is great to hear this dual point of view story narrated by two different voice actors.



written by J.R. Gray
narrated by Joel Leslie and John Solo

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Quell is probably straight and most definitely a movie star… and dealing with depression. When he wants to bring his favorite book to the screen, gay costar Hale becomes his rock. Unscripted is an extremely emotional Friends to Lovers story and narrators Joel Leslie and John Solo perfectly bring to life the thoughts, feelings, and insecurities of Quell and Hale. This is such a beautiful book and it was one of my favorite audiobooks of 2020!

Finding Joy

Finding Joy by Adriana Herrera: The Best MM Romance books on Audible

written by Adriana Herrera
narrated by Braeden Sinclair

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Desta travels to Ethiopia for a work assignment where he meets Elias. Together, they explore the country, their past, their future, and their growing feelings for one another. Adriana Herrera is one of my favorite LGBTQ Romance authors and the story in Finding Joy is just as beautiful as the book cover! Braeden Sinclair was new to me and did a wonderful narration.


Booklover by J.E. Birk: Romance Books about Books

written by J.E. Birk
narrated by Cooper North and Tim Paige

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I simply love books about books! And Booklover does its title justice. A Romance-book-obsessed soon-to-be-librarian who is also a farmer meets a bookstore employee who organizes a Romance book club. It’s so wonderful! This audiobook is hot, captivating, romantic, and a little bit suspenseful.

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Playing The Palace

Playing the Palace by Paul Rudnick

written by Paul Rudnick
narrated by Michael Urie

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The openly gay Crown Prince of England, Edgar, falls for one Carter Ogden, an event planner from New Jersey. The Palace isn’t pleased and Carter doesn’t exactly take to a life in the royal spotlight with all its rules and regulations. Playing The Palace is a sweet and fun Gay Romantic Comedy that I can wholeheartedly recommend!

A Guy Walks Into My Bar

A Guy Walks into my Bar by Lauren Blakely: The best MM Romance audiobooks

written by Lauren Blakely
narrated by Shane East, Joe Arden, and a Full Cast

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A Guy Walks Into My Bar was Lauren Blakely’s first M/M Romance, and audiobook fans are loving it! This very steamy, very emotional love story has an amazing audiobook production – as we have come to expect from Lauren Blakely who always makes an extra effort for audiobook listeners. This story is narrated by a full cast, with Shane East and Joe Arden reading the main characters in duet narration style. Set in London, this is a wonderful escapist Romance!

Stupid Love

Stupid Love: MM Romance books

written by Riley Hart
narrated by Michael Dean

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Elijah asks his frenemy neighbor to help him get the guy of his dreams… The love coaching is one of my most favorite Romance themes and Riley Hart did it in an absolutely beautiful and unexpected way! These two guys have such insane chemistry and you can’t help but hope and wait for them to finally admit their feelings to one another.

The Spiral Down

The Spiral Down

written by Aly Martinez
narrated by Aiden Snow and Teddy Hamilton

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The Spiral Down is a heart-wrenchingly beautiful love story with fantastic bisexual representation. And Aiden Snow and Teddy Hamilton brought the rockstar and the pilot – neither of which consider themself relationship material – to life so perfectly. Without a doubt, this is one of the best MM Romance books on Audible!

When Harry Met Harry

When Harry Met Harry: Free MM Romance audiobook on Audible

written by Sydney Smyth
narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Malcolm Young

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This book delivers what the title promises, an adorable take on When Harry Met Sally! When Harry Met Harry is a sweet closed-door love story about two men who keep running into each other but never quite consider themselves a match…

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The Weight of It All

The Weight of it All by N.R. Walker

written by N.R. Walker
narrated by Joel Leslie

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There is a long list of audiobooks written by N.R. Walker and narrated by Joel Leslie that I could recommend to you (actually, I AM recommending them all to you!). But The Weight of It All is the one I see mentioned most often by fellow MM Romance audiobooks fans! It’s such a cute, emotional, and funny story about a man who gets dumped by his long-term partner and wants to turn his life around…

Sticking To The Script

Sticking to the Script by Stella Weaver

written by Smartypants Romance and Stella Weaver
narrated by Alex Kydd

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If you have read the Knitting in the City series and always wondered what became of Steven and his mystery date… Now you get the answer! But even if you haven’t read any Penny Reid or Smartypants Romance books before, Stella Weaver’s story set in this universe is simply wonderful. Heartwrenching and with great bisexual representation that really hit home, this is a very emotional and very sexy book!

Two Rogues Make a Right

Two Rogues Make a Right by Cat Sebastian

written by Cat Sebastian
narrated by Joel Leslie

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Cat Sebastian is a go-to author for LGBTQ Historical Romance. And her Seducing The Sedgwicks series proves that yet again! Two Rogues Make A Right deals with physical and mental illness, with trying to redeem oneself, and viewing oneself as lovable. This is a truly wonderful love story! Also, there is only one bed…

Fantasy MM Romance Books

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: The Best MM Romance books

written by ‘Nathan Burgoine
narrated by Jerry L. Wheeler

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This wonderful Time Travel short story is heartwrenching and beautiful and a Must-Listen! I enjoyed In Memoriam so very, very much. This is a deeply emotional, thoughtful book about a man who believes his last days have come. And don’t worry (too much), despite the title, this is a real Romance!

Demons Do It Better

written by Louisa Masters
narrated by Joel Leslie

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Demons Do It Better is a super entertaining Urban Fantasy meets Paranormal Romance. The Hidden Species series is ongoing with an overarching storyline, but every book focuses on one couple finding their HEA. The world-building is super fun and different, and the protagonists are absolutely lovable! Demons and a Joel Leslie narration… what more could you ask for?!

The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings

The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings

written by Lily Morton
narrated by Joel Leslie

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This ghost story was so unexpected! The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings is a beautiful and unexpected love story with intrigue, suspense, and one darn creepy house! This one is the perfect book when you want some chills with your heartwarming Romance.

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The Magpie Lord

The Magpie Lord: Fantasy MM Romance books

written by KJ Charles
narrated by Cornell Collins

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If you’re looking for the perfect balance between intriguing storyline, fascinating characters and world-building, and super hot sexy times, I’m sure you’ll work your way through K.J. Charles’ backlist just like I did. The A Charm of Magpies series is so binge-worthy! This is an utterly captivating magical Fantasy story brought perfectly to life by Cornell Collins.

Salt Magic, Skin Magic

Salt Magic Skin Magic

written by Lee Welch
narrated by Joel Leslie

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Salt Magic, Skin Magic was one of my favorite audiobooks of 2018 and my first ever MM Romance. This is a dark and unexpected fairytale that’s incredibly atmospheric and captivating. On top of that, it is also adorably emotional and scorchingly sexy! And there’s an octopus under the bed…


Strays by A.J. Thomas

written by A.J. Thomas
narrated by Noel Harrison

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If you share my love for Urban Fantasy – especially the kind featuring demons – you’ll love Strays! A hellhound by himself is not a common creature to encounter in Romance, and even less so when paired with the adopted son of a faith healer… who happens to be half-incubus! This isn’t only an intriguing mix, it is also a very captivating story!

How to Howl at the Moon

How to Howl at the Moon

written by Eli Easton
narrated by Matthew Shaw

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How to Howl at the Moon is a super cute Paranormal Romance between a sheriff and the new guy in town. The sheriff tries to “sniff out” (haha, see what I did there?) the new guy by moving into his house in his dog form! This is a great MM Romance when you’re looking for something lighter that still mixes in a bit of suspense.

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New Adult and Young Adult MM Romance Books

Conventionally Yours

Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert

written by Annabeth Albert
narrated by Kirt Graves and Joel Froomkin

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Conventionally Yours is a fun Enemies to Lovers MM Romance set in the world of fandom and tabletop card games. Conrad and Alden are opponents but their only option of getting to a big tournament is to drive there together. You get a road trip with lots of chemistry in this thoughtful, fun love story!

Openly Straight

Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg

written by Bill Konigsberg
narrated by Pete Cross

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Being a teenager is complicated and it can feel uncomfortable and limiting when everybody else thinks they have figured you out. Rafe is the token gay guy in his high school. But when he has the chance for a fresh start at an all-boys boarding school on the other side of the country, he decides to go into the closet and explore himself, his interests, and friendships away from being “the gay guy”. This is a very captivating, different book! However, Openly Straight does not have an HEA (it has a hopeful open ending). But there is a second part, Honestly Ben, that makes this a Romance.

The Extraordinaries

The Extraordinaries by TJ Klune: The best MM Romance books on Audible

written by TJ Klune
narrated by Michael Lesley

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The Extraordinaries was my introduction to all the amazingness that is TJ Klune! This is such an insanely fun Young Adult Romance about fanfiction and superheroes and first love and being different and how everyone isn’t always what they seem to be. Be prepared to laugh out loud and swoon and sit on the edge of your seat!

Red, White & Royal Blue

Red White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston: The best MM Romance books on Audible

written by Casey McQuiston
narrated by Ramon de Ocampo

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Red, White & Royal Blue was incredibly hyped. So… obviously, it took me a while to actually pick it up. No one trusts the hype, right? But it does deserve all the praise it received! This is such a cute Young Adult MM Romance and if you haven’t read it yet, do give it a listen! I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Wicked Lies Boys Tell

Wicked Lies Boys Tell by K Webster

written by K Webster
narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Jacob Morgan

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Wicked Lies Boys Tell is the polar opposite of the previous books in regard to atmosphere. Incredibly angsty, this book is about two childhood friends who came to hate each other. When they meet again, there are a whole lot of feelings, and you can’t help but worry how these two could ever possibly find their Happy Ending… The narration by Teddy Hamilton and Jacob Morgan is absolutely amazing!


Him and Us: Gay Romance Novels

written by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy
narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Jacob Morgan

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The Him and Us duet is one of the most popular MM Romance books on Audible. Narrated by Romance audiobook darlings Teddy Hamilton and Jacob Morgan, this Sports Romance is very hot, very emotional, and very sweet!

Check out these LGBT Romance audiobooks for more M/M and Trans MM Romance books! And take a look at my favorite Lesbian Romance audiobooks as well.

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