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audiobook recommendations and book review linky May 2021

Audiobook Recommendations May 2021

My listening in the last month was unusually structured which means I have a big number of absolutely amazing audiobook recommendations for you for May 2021! I’m so excited to share these. This month, it’s pretty much exclusively Romance audiobook recommendations, but I have everything from Historical to Fantasy, and fitting every mood from somber …

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15 Romance Books about Books on Audible

15 Beautiful Romance Books about Books

What’s even better than books? Books about books, of course! I love the meta level in books. Stories about book boyfriends, authors, Romance readers, librarians… It’s so much fun to have the love for books in common with the main characters of a story! And that’s why the following Romance books about books are among …

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My favorite British Romance Audiobooks

My Favorite British Romance Audiobooks

Sometimes, you turn around and notice… that many of your favorite audiobooks are British Romance novels, written by British Romance authors, narrated with a British accent, and are simply… all around British! The following three authors are among my absolute favorites and I have listened to most of their backlists. But these three novels stood …

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Books about Disability - Romance Books with Disabled Characters

15 Romance Books about Disability that aren’t like Me Before You

Romance books about Disability have a special place in my heart. But first things first, Me Before You is not a Romance novel! So, what are we looking for in Romance books with disabled characters? Well, most importantly, everybody lives! … and gets a Happily Ever After! Because people with disabilities and chronic illness find …

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10 of the Best Romance Audiobooks of 2020

The Best Romance Audiobooks 2020: My Top 10

What makes an audiobook one of the best Romance audiobooks 2020? For me, a really good Romance audiobook transports a world of emotions. You meet characters who feel like real people and you accompany them while they find love, friendship, and fulfillment. The story and the narrators lift each other up and turn the audiobook …

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