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Spooky Audiobooks: Halloween Books that won’t creep you out!

Are you looking for Halloween books that aren’t terrifying? No worries if you aren’t into Horror. There are plenty of great spooky audiobooks that are light and fun and just creepy enough to get you in the mood for pumpkins, witches, and candy corn.

Whether you enjoy cute audio ghost stories or chilling Urban Fantasy, I hope I can introduce you to a few spooky audiobooks that get you in the right mood for Halloween, even if you aren’t a fan of Horror.

Spooky Audio Ghost Stories


The Peyton Clark series

written by H.P. Mallory
narrated by Kate Rudd

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Urban Fantasy: A haunted house in New Orleans!

Peyton moves into an Antebellum-era house in New Orleans and finds out that she shares it with a ghost, Drake. The story is fantastically narrated by Kate Rudd!

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Elliott Evans was here - Audible audiobook by Aaron Varble

The Unnatural Vice

written by K.J. Charles
narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies

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Historical MM Romance: Will Ghost keep them apart?

Just because ghosts don’t actually exist in this Historical Mystery Romance, doesn’t mean they can’t screw things up! Or maybe the “Seer of London” does that all by himself…

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The Veil Diaries

written by B.L. Brunnemer
narrated by Kris Koscheski and Carla Mercer-Meyer

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YA Paranormal Reverse Harem: She can see dead people!

At her new school, Alexis runs into 5 hot guys. And she can see and touch dead people! This is a slow-burn friends-to-lovers Reverse Harem.

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Halloween Books with Witches


The First Witch duet

written by Meg Xuemei X
Book 1 narrated by Kate Marcin
Book 2 narrated by Victoria Mei

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Fantasy Romance: Captured by a Warrior!

This is a hot, fast-paced story about a witch whose touch is deadly, and a prince who abducts her to find his soul mate. He is unaware that there’s a specific reason why he lusts after the witch though: She is actually his mate!


The Wickedest Witch

written by Eve Langlais
narrated by Abby Craden and Charles Carr

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Paranormal Romance: Witchy Services

If you’re looking for the best spooky audiobooks that aren’t terrifying, just work your way through Eve Langlais’ books**! She has tons of hot and funny Paranormal Romance audiobooks. The Wickedest Witch has a snarky witch working a job with a cranky shifter. Be prepared for that banter!


Witching Savannah series

written by J.D. Horn
narrated by Shannon McManus

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Urban Fantasy: Magical Families in Savannah!

Mercy is the only young woman without any magic in her powerful magical family and she’s trying to hold everything together after a big family tragedy. This is an epic, captivating story with a huge twist that I didn’t see coming!


The Scarlett Bernard series

written by Melissa F. Olson
narrated by Amy McFadden

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Urban Fantasy: The Anti-Witch Crime Scene Cleaner!

Scarlett is a null, basically an anti-witch. There can’t be any magic inside her aura. She uses her ability for her job as a (supernatural) crime scene cleaner. I loved Amy McFadden as the narrator for this story! It fit perfectly.


The Harmony Black series

written by Craig Schaefer
narrated by Christina Traister

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Urban Fantasy: A supernatural Black Ops FBI Team!

Harmony Black is a witch and part of an FBI team that solves supernatural cases. These are among the most creepy books on this list! The team fights some pretty nasty things, so be prepared.


The Witch’s Halloween Hero

written by Kristen Painter
narrated by BJ Harrison

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Paranormal Romance: A Spell gone wrong!

Magic threatens to make witch Corette forget the man she loves. Nocturne Falls is always worth a visit when you’re feeling like Halloween books that are light and fun!


The Twenty-Sided Sorceress series

written by Annie Bellet
narrated by Folly Blaine

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Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance: A badass Sorceress in hiding meets her Shifter!

Jade Crow runs a small gaming and comic store in a supernatural town in Idaho. She is also a sorceress, but, shhh, no one is supposed to know that because sorcerers are feared for their heart-eating ways! So she never uses her magic… until she gets entangled in all kinds of adventures.

Spooky Audiobooks with Zombies



written by Kylie Scott
narrated by Elena Wolfe and Ray Chase

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Dystopian Romance: A Menage and Zombies!

After a virus makes society collapse and zombies start roaming the streets, survivors Ali, Daniel, and Finn band together and keep each other company in more than just the platonic way (M/F/M)!


White Trash Zombie series

written by Diana Rowland
narrated by Allison McLemore

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Urban Fantasy: A little bit of Zombiism doesn’t mean you can’t be cool…

After a car crash, Angel wakes up in hospital, only to find out she’s been turned into a zombie. This series is older than iZombie but follows a similar theme of zombies mostly passing as normal humans, as long as they get enough braaaaiiiiiinnnnnsssss.


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