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Audiobook Recommendations December 2022 (background image showing white headphones on a red and white table with Christmas decoration)

Audiobook Recommendations December 2022

Where did the year go? How is it December already? Time flies when you have good audiobooks! In my Audiobook Recommendations for December, I get to tell you about four of my most anticipated books of the year that have just (finally) been released. And I’m so thrilled that they all exceeded my expectations! There …

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The Best Audiobooks on Scribd (background image showing an open book, the pages forming a heart, and a standing book in the back with headphones)

18 of the Best Audiobooks on Scribd

For audiobook fans, Scribd is a fantastic subscription with tons of listening each month for a flat fee. Let’s check out some of the best audiobooks on Scribd that you don’t want to miss! Scribd is an (almost) unlimited subscription and I recommend it both to people who are new to audiobooks, as well as …

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Audiobook Recommendations October 2022 (Background shows white earbuds, a stack of white and orange books, and white pumpkins)

Audiobook Recommendations October 2022

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and all I want to do is cuddle up with a blanket, a hot cup of tea, and a great audiobook. Whether you are like me or need something to listen to while being out and about (or both), I’m sure my audiobook recommendations for October will …

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Monster Romance Audiobooks

10 of the Best Monster Romance Audiobooks

Did you watch Beauty and the Beast as a child and were strangely disappointed when Beast turned into some boring prince? Then these Monster Romance books are perfect for adult you! No one changes into a human here. But human protagonists get all the joy of finding the monstrously amazing love of their life! From …

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