25 of the Best LGBT Romance Books on Audible

June is both audiobook month and Pride month and the perfect time to add more of these amazing LGBT Romance books to your Audible library!

Below I want to share with you wonderfully happy queer books that end with Happily Ever Afters. While some of these protagonists have to deal with racism, transphobia, and homophobia, overall, these are hopeful stories and they all show queer people winning, being successful, and finding love!

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Chef’s Kiss

Chef's Kiss by TJ Alexander (illustrated cover showing a blonde white nonbinary person and a brownhaired white woman, both wearing aprons)

TJ Alexander (Author), Em Grosland (Narrator)

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Simone works for a cookbook publisher. But the business isn’t exactly going well and the company wants to expand its presence online. One of the new hires is nonbinary Ray. Ray is a total sunshine, and grumpy Simone simply can’t with all that good mood and the attractiveness of Ray and everything!

Chef’s Kiss is such a captivating slow-burn Romance! It’s entirely from Simone’s point of view. And to be very honest, Simone is not exactly the most lovable of heroines initially. But it was so romantic to see her and Ray make their way to one another! I absolutely adored Ray and it’s so great that they get to be such a happy character. I haven’t seen such a cheerful nonbinary love interest like Ray before. And the narration was wonderful. I love Em Grosland’s voice!

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A Lady for a Duke

A Lady for A Duke by Alexis Hall (photo cover showing a white man and woman in historical costumes)

Alexis Hall (Author), Kay Eluvian (Narrator)

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In the past, Viola was a soldier who everyone believed fell in Waterloo. She used this situation to transition and finally live as a woman. Her sister-in-law takes her on as a companion. But when her best friend, who Viola believed would be better off assuming her dead, continues to struggle badly, even two years later, she gives in and visits him.

A Lady for a Duke is a sprawling, enthralling Historical Romance with a wonderful cast of characters and a very lovable hero and heroine. Kay Eluvian is an amazing narrator who truly understands how to bring the characters to life! I hope I will hear much more from her in the future.


Incandescent by Christina Lee (photo cover showing a white man and a Black man kissing)

Christina Lee (Author), Nick J. Russo (Narrator)

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Incandescent is the beautiful love story between two bisexual men who meet in a grief group after losing their wives. This is a warm, emotional slow burn that’s not really angsty but just really, really sweet and honest. The two men are very much in touch with their feelings and very reflected on where they stand and what they are ready for.

The audiobook is read by Nick J. Russo who really brought out all the emotions. I loved every second of this wonderful M/M Romance!

Check out many more of my favorite M/M Romance books on Audible!

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The Not Quite Series

The Not Quite Series by Kaye Draper (cover image showing an androgynous white person with long black hair and a sword)

Kaye Draper (Author, Narrator)

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Not Quite is a bit more Urban Fantasy than all-out Romance, but Sam simply had to be on here! Sam is intersex and throughout the Not Quite series, a polyamorous relationship develops. Sam has shifter blood and hunts monsters. But navigating this world, especially as someone who is not quite human, not quite shifter, not quite man, and not quite woman, is difficult and dangerous.

I had an absolute blast with the Not Quite series by Kaye Draper. It’s a fast-paced, steamy, very cool Urban Fantasy with lovable character. I simply adored Sam! The author reads the audiobooks and did a fantastic job.

The Love Study

The Love Study by Kris Ripper: Queer Romantic Comedy

Kris Ripper (Author), Pete Cross (Narrator)

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The Love Study is such a feel-good, laugh-out-loud funny Romance book! This adorable queer Romantic Comedy is about a relationship-averse gay guy who can’t even commit to a job after having left his ex-boyfriend at the altar. And now he’s becoming the new project of nonbinary YouTuber Sidney who gives relationship advice to queer people.

This is such a sweet love story and the perfect feel-good Romance about figuring out yourself so you are ready to love again! Pete Cross has such perfect comedic timing in the audiobook narration and did a wonderful job with the different voices.

Love & Other Disasters

Love and Other Disasters audiobook

Anita Kelly (Author), Lindsey Dorcus (Narrator)

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Dahlia and London meet on the set of a cooking show where they are both contestants. This is not the best environment to give attraction room to grow, given that they have to deal with the pressure of being on national television and the competition itself with the worry of one or the other leaving early. On top of that, both have to deal with messy situations in their normal lives.

Dahlia and London are so utterly lovable together. Love & Other Disasters is such a tender, beautiful F/NB Romance! And Lindsey Dorcus did a wonderful narration of this must-listen queer audiobook.

The Romantic Agenda

The Romantic Agenda (illustrated cover showing a Black woman in a yellow dress with a big straw hat relaxing by a lake)

Claire Kann (Author), Adrienne Walker (Narrator)

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Joy is asexual and has to deal with many prejudices both from outside and inside the ace community. She loves her best friend, Malcolm, who is also ace but has always had an active dating life – with everyone but Joy. When Joy meets Fox, she finds herself in a bit of a love triangle. She can’t let go of Malcolm but notices how her feelings for Fox keep growing.

The Romantic Agenda is such a wonderful, warm, captivating Rom-Com! Fox is gruff but such a sweetheart. Malcolm, for all his shortcomings, has this deep connection with Joy that I found very moving. And Joy is indeed pure Joy. And then there’s Summer who is also thoroughly likable even when you think she wouldn’t be. Adrienne Walker did a fantastic narration for this amazing book!

Dead Collections

Dead Collections: cover is a more abstract drawing of two white people looking at each other and pressing their hands against each other, they are surrounded by papers

Isaac Fellman (Author), Dani Martineck (Narrator)
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Sol is a trans man and has been a vampire for 5 years, a condition that seriously lowers your life expectancy, what with the sensitivity to sunlight and all. Elsie is a widow who asks Sol to archive her late wife’s work. The take on vampirism resonated very strongly with me and is a fascinating way to think about bodies, identity, illness, and generally how weird and difficult being a person and having a body can be.

Dead Collections by Isaac Fellman is a wonderful, emotional, mesmerizing queer Romance novel! The audiobook is narrated by Dani Martineck. They have a great range of voices and are so pleasant to listen to. One of my favorite narrators!

The Perks of Loving a Wallflower

The Perks of Loving a Wallflower audiobook

Erica Ridley (Author), Moira Quirk (Narrator)

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The Perks of Loving a Wallflower is an incredibly entertaining, beautiful love story. Since this is a Historical Romance, the characters don’t use current terms they identify with. But Philippa seems to be a demisexual lesbian, and Tommy nonbinary and sapphic. Tonny and the rest of the Wynchesters are a crazy family and completely lovable! So is bluestocking Philippa who loves books and doesn’t want anything else really, but her rich parents are set on marrying her to a titled man. Tommy has been crushing on Philippa since she first saw her, and is always in Philippa’s orbit in some disguise or other.

This delightful queer Historical is read by Moira Quirk, one of the best audiobook narrators out there!

You Should See Me in a Crown

Audiobook cover: You Should See Me in a Crown

Leah Johnson (Author), Alaska Jackson (Narrator)

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Liz has big plans for her future! When she hits a financial bump in the road to college, her friends support her in running for Prom Queen – a particularly coveted and esteemed title in the town. But being outed as a lesbian doesn’t make this plan easier for Liz. You can’t help but root for Liz wholeheartedly! She’s such an amazing person! I also loved her group of friends who – for the most part – went to great lengths to help her reach her goal of becoming Prom Queen. The love story between Liz and Mack is wonderfully sweet and, somehow, at the same time, light and profound.

Even if you aren’t usually a Young Adult Fiction reader, if you are looking for great LGBT Romance books, You Should See Me in a Crown is a must! This might well qualify as one of the best LGBT books out there, not only for teens, but also for adults. The audiobook is narrated by Alaska Jackson who was the perfect choice for this story and made the book run in my head like a movie.

Check out more of my favorite Lesbian Romance books on Audible!

Sticking To The Script

Sticking to the Script by Stella Weaver

Smartypants Romance (Author), Stella Weaver (Author), Alex Kydd (Narrator)

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Sticking to the Script is one of my favorite M/M Romance audiobooks and it has wonderful bisexual representation! One of the heroes is a gay man, the other one was actually “the other man” in an M/F Romance book (Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid). So, his sexuality is a big topic here!

This is hands-down my favorite audiobook narrated by Alex Kydd. He did a fantastic job bringing these two men to life! I love this audiobook and have listened to it twice.

Felix Ever After

Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender - the best LGBT Romance books

Kacen Callender (Author), Logan Rozos (Narrator)

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Felix feels like he might have one marginalization too many: He’s Queer, Black, and Trans! He has to experience an ugly situation of his deadname and old photos being shown publicly without his consent. But overall, this book is very positive and cute, focusing on Felix torn between two love interests: his best friend and his enemy, of all people, who he gets to know better anonymously online. This is a love triangle that can make Romance readers’ hearts beat faster!

The audiobook of Felix Ever After is narrated by Logan Rozos who is so wonderful to listen to and the absolutely perfect cast for Felix. I was honestly tempted to just start the book all over again when it finished. This is one of the best LGBT Romance books out there!

Meet Cute Diary

Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee

Emery Lee (Author), Logan Rozos (Narrator)

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Noah loves Romance! And on his blog, The Meet Cute Diary, he shares meet-cutes and Happily Ever Afters of trans people. When rumors come up that the stories are fiction, he starts a fake relationship with a fan to save the blog. The two guys actually had a real meet-cute! It seems absolutely perfect. But there is someone else…

Meet Cute Diary is an adorable Young Adult love triangle Rom-Com about a gay trans boy, a gay boy, and a nonbinary kid. Logan Rozos really brought this story to life! If you enjoyed Felix Ever After, you will love Emery Lee’s book as well (and vice versa).

Second Chance

Second Chance by Jay Northcote

Jay Northcote (Author), Hamish Long (Narrator)

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Second Chance is a steamy, adult Trans M/M Romance by English author Jay Northcote. It is wonderfully atmospheric, emotional, and sexy!

Nate and his daughter move back to the hometown Nate left before transitioning. It doesn’t take long until he meets Jack again, his former best friend – the gay best friend Nate was in love with as a teenager but who didn’t return the feelings.

The audiobook is narrated by Hamish Long who is a pleasure to listen to and created distinct voices for the two men. I loved this book so very, very much!

Why We Fight

TJ Klune (Author), Sean Crisden (Narrator)

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Corey (or Kori) is bi-gender and helps out at an LGBTQI youth center where Corey meets Jeremy, the director, who used to be Corey’s professor and secret crush. Since this is book 4 in a series, there are many wonderful supporting characters around. But I think it works just fine as a stand-alone or start into the series.

This book also deals with a very painful part of political history (now fortunately history). And for me as a European reader, it filled in some aspects that I did not know before. TJ Klune mixes this up with his delightful sense of humor! The audio version is narrated by the wonderful Sean Crisden.

Sunset Springs

Sunset Springs by Kacen Callender - the best LGBT audiobooks

Kacen Callender (Author), Qamar Yochanan (Narrator)

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Kacen Callender wrote an adorable Audiobook novella for Audible that you should download *right now*! It is included in Audible Plus, so as a member, you can simply borrow it without having to spend an Audible credit.

Charlie left his little conservative hometown before transitioning. After losing his job, he has to return to live with his mom for a while. In her bookstore, he meets a guy he knew from school who is now out as gay and experiencing a lot of homophobia in the little town. The two start to bond and hang out together.

I enjoyed this gentle friends to lovers story very much and loved the narration by Qamar Yochanan! Unlike Felix Ever After by the same author, this is an adult book and a bit more explicit (which is much appreciated, of course)!

Stupid Love

Stupid Love: MM Romance books

Riley Hart (Author), Michael Dean (Narrator)

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Stupid Love is an Enemies to Lovers M/M Romance between two neighbors. Eli describes himself as a feminine guy. He’s looking for the love of his life and believes his best friend might be just the one. His hot, hunky, bisexual neighbor Shaw – whom Eli hates with a passion for his manwh*ring ways – should help him with some love advice and coaching. And we all know how that kind of thing goes in Romance novels!

Stupid Love is stupidly cute and super hot! You can’t help but adore Eli for his honest ways. And he and Shaw have insane chemistry! I love the “love advice” trope and it’s done amazingly well here, paired with the Enemies to Friends to Lovers development as well as a good chunk of online flirting. The audiobook is narrated by Michael Dean who does justice to both Eli and Shaw. Both men sound very different and their chapters are easily distinguishable.

The Love Project

The Love Project by TB Markison and Miranda MacLeod

T.B. Markinson (Author, Publisher), Miranda MacLeod (Author), Lori Prince (Narrator)

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The Love Project is a wonderful addition to your LGBTQ book list because this isn’t only a Women loving Women Romance, one of the heroines also comes to identify as demisexual over the course of the story. The story carefully explores the asexuality spectrum as Hope believes that something is wrong with her and that she is broken because she doesn’t seem to have the same desires or form of attraction as other people.

Hope is an adorable, wonderful character and the match with disillusioned Joni was very interesting because both believe for entirely different reasons that love isn’t for them.

The audiobook is narrated by Lori Prince who has a great range of different voices and is such a pleasure to listen to!


Femme by Marshal Thornton

Marshall Thornton (Author), Joel Leslie (Narrator)

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Femme is a hidden gem that deserves much more attention! This M/M Romance book has two out and proud gay protagonists – who are complete opposites. Lionel is flamboyant and the type of man that everyone identifies as gay right away. And he is happy with that. Dog is an athlete and usually passes as straight if he chooses to. And he, too, is happy with that. Neither thinks very highly of the other but after a drunken one night stand, things change.

The audiobook is narrated by Joel Leslie. Need I say more?!! You are in for a treat with this wonderful Rom-Com!

American Sweethearts

American Sweethearts by Adriana Herrera - the best LGBT Romance books

Adriana Herrera (Author), Sean Crisden (Narrator)

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Adriana Herrera is one of my favorite authors of queer Romance books! When I pick up one of her stories, I always know I will have a great time. American Sweethearts is a second chance, enemies to lovers M/F Romance with a bisexual hero. This story is very steamy with lots of drama, angst, and insane chemistry between the protagonists.

The audiobook version is narrated by Sean Crisden who has a beautiful voice and is a skilled voice actor who will most certainly captivate you! He is one of my favorites and always does a fantastic job with Adriana Herrera’s books.

Take a Hint, Dani Brown

Take a Hint Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert - the best LGBT Romance books

Talia Hibbert (Author), Ione Butler (Narrator)

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Dani doesn’t believe in love. That’s how things fell apart with her ex-girlfriend. And that’s why things have to stay in the friendzone with Zafir! For the sake of Zafir’s charity, the two decide to pose as a couple for social media though. And since it is going so well with the fake relationship, why not add a friends with benefits arrangement on top of that? Totally safe, no one will fall in love here! Sure…

Talia Hibbert is an absolute genius and I have devoured all of her books. Take a Hint Dani Brown is book 2 in the fantastic Brown Sisters series that I can wholeheartedly recommend. But it also works as a stand-alone or start into the series (it will be the latter, for sure).

Ione Butler narrates the audiobook and it is so, so good!! If you have seen this book around everywhere, there is a good reason for the hype, honestly. It cannot be hyped enough!

The Intimacy Experiment

The Intimacy Experiment by Rosie Danan

Rosie Danan (Author), Alex McKenna (Narrator), Kaleo Griffith (Narrator)

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Naomi is bi and considers herself a very sexual person. She became famous with “adult movies” and is now using this platform to educate people on relationships and intimacy. When she is looking for a place to host workshops she meets Ethan, a rabbi who wants to make his synagogue more attractive to young people.

The Intimacy Experiment is a beautiful, gentle story about the meaning of intimacy and how to build a healthy relationship. I adored both Naomi and Ethan as people and as a couple!

The audiobook is narrated by Alex McKenna and Kaleo Griffith who are absolutely wonderful to listen to!

Once Ghosted, Twice Shy

Once Ghosted Twice Shy by Alyssa Cole - the best LGBT Romance books

Alyssa Cole (Author), Karen Chilton (Narrator)

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Set in Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals universe, this novella is the love story between Likotsi and Fabiola who meet through a dating app and hit it off right away… Only for their affair to dwindle out miserably. As the title suggests, this is a second chance Romance. Likotsi doesn’t quite know how to forgive Fabiola for ghosting her. And it’s a very emotional journey to see these two women – who match so perfectly – come together again.

The audiobook for Once Ghosted, Twice Shy is narrated by the amazing Karen Chilton who reads many of Alyssa Cole’s audiobooks. These two are a perfect match as well: Karen Chilton brings these great women to life!

Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake

Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall: The best audiobooks in June 2021

Alexis Hall (Author), Fiona Hardingham (Narrator)

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Rosaline is a young, single, bisexual mom who is a really good baker. And that would really be all of it if there weren’t all those expectations! How her parents think she should be, how she thinks she should be, how the guy she is dating thinks she should be…

Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake is at the same time a super fun Romantic Comedy that will make you laugh out loud as well as a deep exploration of elitism and class prejudice.

The audiobook is narrated by Fiona Hardingham who is now my new voice crush! Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake was also for me one of the best Romance audiobooks of 2021!



N. G. Peltier (Author), Chrystal Bethell (Narrator)

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Keiran is the bisexual book boyfriend of your dreams! But not of Cherisse’s… The two can’t stand each other. And being forced to work together for her sister’s and his best friend’s wedding spells disaster.

Sweethand is a wonderful slow-burn Enemies to Lovers Romance set in Trinidad. I loved the flow of this story and how the basis for their animosity was so realistic and understandable. Narrator Chrystal Bethell does an accent that made me absolutely addicted to this audiobook! Also, isn’t this book cover absolutely stunning?!

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