What to do when you struggle with audiobooks…

How to listen to audiobooks when you struggle with the format

How to find your perfect first audiobook!

“I want to listen to audiobooks, but my mind keeps wandering…”

If you ended up here, you are likely aware of most or all of the benefits of audiobooks but struggle with the format because your mind keeps wandering.

First off, let me tell you that you’re not the only one! I admit it was a bit of a surprise for me, how regularly people tell me that they have trouble getting into audiobooks. But I can relate to the issue of keeping focussed when listening. [... read more]

RecomMondaytion: Birthday Suit by Lauren Blakely

My weekly Romance Audiobook Recommendation

Welcome back to the RecomMondaytion!

Birthday Suit by Lauren Blakely

It’s January 14th, a day marked in the calendar of many a romance fan! It’s the release day of Birthday Suit. [... read more]