22 Problems only true Audiobook Fans understand…

Being a true audiobook addict isn’t always easy. We are so misunderstood! All we really want is some peace and quiet to listen to our newest Audible book. We’re even happy to do chores! And yet, other people expect us to interact with them… And take off the headphones!

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Audible is Life!

You don’t know what’s on the radio these days, but you do know Audible’s top 10!

You curse Audible every day for not integrating with Goodreads.

Between your Kindle Unlimited and Audible Escape subscriptions and all the Whispersync deals you bought, you never know what to do with your Audible credits!

You have 200 unfinished audiobooks in your library… And download something new from Audible Escape.

Thank you, Cyndi from Audiobook Addicts!!

Other Bookworms will never understand your Plight!

That one year, you didn’t do well on your Goodreads challenge and only made it to 300 books instead of your usual 400.

You don’t understand why other bookworms lament a lack of reading time. You listen all day! … And night!

When you drive around that one bend, you always have to remember that heartbreaking scene you listened to 6 months ago at exactly that spot…

Of course, you have a book boyfriend.. but you don’t know how to spell his name!

The Headphone Struggles Are Real!

Sometimes you feel your earphones, even though you aren’t wearing any…

And sometimes you don’t feel your headphones… even though you are wearing them!!

You search for your earphones for 15 minutes, only to find them in your pants pocket!

This is something that happened to me recently. I couldn’t find my Bluetooth earpiece and had the great idea to turn on really loud music. Worked like a charm, I could hear something. But I couldn’t actually pinpoint the location. It seemed to constantly change direction! Seemingly always behind me…
I felt pretty stupid but asked my husband for help. And, oh well… He found them in my pants pocket.
It was not my best moment.

You aren’t anti-social because you Listen to Audiobooks… maybe…

Your partner knows not to disturb you when your headphones are on… If they know what’s good for them!

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You rather do housework than watch TV. Audiobook time!!

You ask people to talk faster because you always listen at 2.0x.

Your biggest fear is a Bluetooth malfunction at work while listening to your new steamy Romance!

You’re late for your meeting because you stayed in the car 5 minutes longer to finish the chapter.

Someone says audiobooks aren’t real reading… So you google how to make a body disappear.

The first thing you install on your new phone is the Audible app!

You need to pop to the store, it’ll only take 5 minutes. But first, you spend 30 minutes choosing a new audiobook!

But audiobooks also make you a happier and healthier person!

You do sports only to get more uninterrupted book time!

Your nighttime routine is: Brush teeth, set a bookmark, turn on sleep timer.

When you leave the house, you always remember to grab your wallet, your phone, and your earphones… Oh, haha, they’re still in your ears!

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  1. All are true, but the Goodreads one speaks to me! I wish those two were on speaking terms already!

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