Audiobook Recommendations March 2023 (background image shows peach colored headphones and flowers on a blue background)

Audiobook Recommendations March 2023

March is here! I’m looking forward to warmer and longer days – and more audiobooks, always! The audiobook recommendations I have for you this month are so good. These are some of the best audiobooks of 2023! And I’m so excited to share them with you. Sorry, Bro Taleen Voskuni (Author), Christine Mirzayan (Narrator) Get …

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New Audiobooks in Audible Plus Winter 2022/23

New Audiobooks in Audible Plus in Winter 2022/23

Audible adds new audiobooks to the Plus catalog all the time and as an Audible subscriber, you can listen to all of these audiobooks for free without having to spend an Audible credit! Check out these new Romance, Science Fiction, Horror, Nonfiction, and Thriller Audible books as well as beautiful Christmas audiobooks! What is Audible …

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Audiobook Recommendations December 2022 (background image showing white headphones on a red and white table with Christmas decoration)

Audiobook Recommendations December 2022

Where did the year go? How is it December already? Time flies when you have good audiobooks! In my Audiobook Recommendations for December, I get to tell you about four of my most anticipated books of the year that have just (finally) been released. And I’m so thrilled that they all exceeded my expectations! There …

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audiobook recommendations March 2022 with book review link-up

Audiobook Recommendations March 2022

This month, I’m sending my audiobook recommendations into a very different world than just 4 weeks ago. It’s scary and the temptation to wait and doom scroll Twitter is huge. But to some extent, for most of us, daily life has to continue. Kids and furballs demand to be fed. There’s only so long you …

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