What to Do While Listening to Audiobooks

Are you wondering what to do while listening to audiobooks? I’ve got you covered! There are so many productive things you can make better with audiobooks, and so many fun things that will be even more relaxing and enjoyable with a good story in your ears!

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What to do while Listening to Audiobooks? Productive Things!


Every step of doing laundry gets so extremely much better with a good audiobook! Sorting dirty laundry by color or temperature (I know this is not a thing everyone does, but with two kids, I’m all over the sorting), hanging it all up (oh boy, what a drag without an audiobook), and then the folding (an even bigger drag!). And I can never decide if putting it all away is gratifying because the laundry is done (for now), or my least favorite step because I really just wanted to be done after the folding…

Talking of putting it all away, groceries sure get a lot more fun with audiobooks! I need a surprising amount of focus to buy the right things, but unpacking all the bags at home and disinfecting the items (if you are so inclined) is prime audiobook listening time!

There really isn’t any chore that doesn’t get more enjoyable with audiobooks!

Learn Something New

Audiobooks might not always be perfect when you need to stay focused while working from home but they can be a great addition to your professional growth! Because productive things to do while listening to audiobooks don’t always have to be unrelated to the book. You can make your listening extra productive by choosing a nonfiction title that teaches you something new in your field of work. Or you can learn more about history, politics, business, or even a new language. Podcasts are also great for this, but often, audiobooks are more on point.

Just imagine how insanely productive you could be, doing chores, while listening to a book that teaches you how to build your own business or even publish your own book? Definitely a boss move!

What to do while Listening to Audiobooks? Fun Things!


Let’s start this list with puzzles! I’m a sucker for anything puzzle and they’re one of the most fun things to do during quarantine. Jigsaw, crosswords, sudoku… There are some great phone apps for the latter two. But it’s so nice to sit down with a real jigsaw puzzle and an audiobook. This is definitely my go-to when I’m thinking about what to do while listening to audiobooks!

This is also something you can do together with your little ones and the whole family. You can even listen to an audiobook together while doing a puzzle!

Bake something… and learn to do it really well!

There are two options for this one:

Either, you find a really ambitious project like a fancily decorated, multi-layered cake that will keep you busy for hours.

Or you find a fairly simple recipe and keep practicing it so that you can always bake it quickly and easily in the future.

Personally, I’m very partial to option two. I love baking, but it’s gotta be quick and easy with things I always have at home. So I can whip something up right away when I crave sweets! I’m also a big fan of making desserts that are “healthier” than what you’d buy. For example, I use whole grain flour mixed with almond or rice flour and add less sugar. I know this sounds a bit like it’s taking the fun out of it. But honestly, after throwing a box of chocolate chips into my cookies or muffins, no one has ever complained to me that they tasted too boring or “too healthy” 😀

I have my own recipes now which I’ve adjusted for my optimal health to taste ratio, haha. But a website that really helped me in the beginning was Chocolate Covered Katie. She does exactly this, baking and cooking all the tasty stuff, but giving it a little healthy twist!

Going for a Walk

One of the wonderful things about audiobooks is that they don’t require you to stay at home on your butt like reading an ebook or print book does. Throw your phone into a bag, put those headphones in, and go for a stroll! I love to get some fresh air while listening to a wonderful story. You can go out into nature and find a place to be by yourself. Or you can go to a park and do some people watching. You could even take your audiobook into a nice coffee shop and enjoy a drink before walking on.

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Phone Games

Phone games are my secret favorite on this list of what to do while listening to audiobooks. I end every day by lying down with my earphones and a nice phone game. This is the ultimate relaxation for me!

I love hidden object games or simple puzzle games like nonogram. The Angry Bird family of apps has also entertained me for many an hour. And then there’s the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp which is absolutely adorable!


Coloring is so relaxing and one of the best things to do while listening to audiobooks! Yeah, coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. There are a lot of rather… “adult” coloring books out there, haha. And, fortunately, we also live in a time when you don’t even have to go out to buy a coloring book anymore. You can download and print something nice, or even use a phone app like Happy Color!


Wait, is this a chore or is this a fun thing? That’s probably different for everyone. I admit, for me, it’s more of a chore. But it certainly gets a lot better with an audiobook!

My partner loves working out, so he has a blast going for a run or lifting weights while listening to his stories.

Crafts ‘n’ Stuff!

Okay, I’m sure you’re not at all like me and you have been making your own decorations for years already! Or maybe you are just like me, and between work, kids and chores, you thought DIY projects look really nice on Pinterest but it’s just not you, haha.

Crafts are one of the most fun things you can do while listening to audiobooks, alone or with kids! And if you aren’t that creative yourself, there are a lot of great walk-throughs online that don’t even require any special materials.

Just audiobook and chill!

A list of ideas what to do while listening to audiobooks wouldn’t be complete without the option to just relax on the furniture of your choice! Be it your rocking chair and enjoying the view in your garden (I’m picturing this in my head and am so jealous of you right now), hanging out on your balcony and enjoying a few rays of sunshine, looking out of your living room window, or closing your eyes. Take a moment for yourself, immerse yourself in the world of your audiobook story, and just be! 🙂

What do you recommend to others wondering what to do while listening to audiobooks?

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