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Hello there! My name is Eline, and I’m crazy about audiobooks. It’s ridiculous how much they’ve changed my daily life. I’ve always been an avid reader, but taking the step and trying out audiobooks was a real game changer for me.

I have so much reading time again! Not to mention how much more fun I have while doing chores. I’m so passionate about them that I’ve dedicated an entire blog to all things audiobooks!

Here on my book blog, you can find recommendations for my favorite Romance books and audiobooks from a variety of genres. And I share a lot of useful tips and tricks to get cheap or even free audiobooks while supporting the fantastic narrators and authors who create them for us.

I’ll help you find the best audiobook service that fits your taste and listening habits! And with my monthly book lists, you’ll always get the most out of your subscription.

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The Best Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks - New in May 2024 (collage with audiobook covers)

The Best Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks: New Releases in May 2024

Kindle Unlimited is a fantastic subscription for audiobook fans, and new titles are added all the time. Let’s take a look at the best Kindle Unlimited audiobooks that are new in May 2024! Most of the following books have thousands of positive ratings and reviews on Amazon, which puts them into the category of the […]

new audiobooks - recommendations for may

New Audiobooks: Recommendations for May 2024

May 2024 brings with it many excellent new audiobooks. Check out my recommendations below to find new releases that I’m sure are really worth your Audible credit or Hoopla borrow 😉 This month, I have a nice mix for you of Contemporary Romance, Young Adult, and Fantasy! Just for the Summer A new Abby Jimenez […]

Collage of 6 of the best audiobooks 2024: A Love Song for Ricki WIlde, Out on A Limb, The Emperor and the Endless Palace, Bride, Wander in the Dark, A Sweet Sting of Salt)

Don’t miss out on these! 9 of the Best Audiobooks of 2024 (… so far)

2024 is shaping up to be an excellent year for audiobook fans! Spring has only just sprung and so many good books have already landed in our earbuds and headphones. Find below my personal list of the best audiobooks of 2024 so far, ranging from Romance and Fantasy to Mystery. Happy listening! A Sweet Sting […]

Audio Book Lists

Free Road Trip Audiobooks

The Best Free Audiobooks for Road Trips in 2023

If you’re looking for a way to keep yourself entertained on your next drive, look no further! I’ve got a great selection for you of free audiobooks for road trips that will keep you hooked for the entire journey. Whether you’re looking for funny fiction or an engaging drama, you’ll find something for every mood […]

14 of the Best Sci Fi Audiobooks

12 of the Best Sci Fi Audiobooks – The Soft and Cozy Edition

If you are an avid Science Fiction fan, I know you are always on the lookout for more of the best Sci Fi audiobooks to listen to! Below, I have for you some popular Must-Listens that really deserve the hype as well as hidden gems that I’m sure you will love. I’ve always been partial […]

The best short audiobooks that don't cost a credit

The 25 Best Short Audiobooks that don’t cost an Audible Credit!

Short audiobooks are amazing to get you out of your reading slump or to stay entertained during a drive! But it hurts to spend an entire Audible credit on a 3-hour audiobook instead of, say, a 13 hour one. That’s why I want to share with you some fantastic novellas that are included in your […]

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The Best Enemies to Lovers Books on Audible (background image showing white earbuds, pink flowers, a cup of coffe, and papers)

30 Amazing Enemies to Lovers Books on Audible

Enemies to Lovers books are simply everyone’s favorite kind of Romance novels! They explore a whole range of emotions and give you this feeling that “true love conquers all”. There’s just something about this fantasy that the person who keeps challenging you is secretly head over heels in love with you! Below you’ll find my […]

Fake Relationship Books on Audible

14 Fake Relationship Books that are Real Good!

Fake Relationship books are simply where it’s at in Romancelandia! This is hands-down my favorite trope. That moment when a connection of convenience turns into real feelings is the most romantic thing to me! Somehow, fake relationships make for great love stories. Have you ever had a hot stranger come up and pose as your […]

Laugh-out-loud funny Romance Books on Audible

14 Funny Romance Books on Audible to make You Laugh out Loud!

These days, a cartoon cover is enough for a book to be labeled “Romantic Comedy”. But what I have for you are actual Romantic Comedies, REALLY funny Romance books that will make you laugh out loud, I promise! These 14 titles are my favorite laugh-out-loud funny Romance books on Audible and the perfect escape to […]

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