Holiday Hop: A fictional creature to replace Rudolph

Maybe you remember that I joined the Bookish Blog Hops in October, too. This time around it’s a wonderful way to add a bit of Christmas spirit to my lil blog again 🙂 


A fictional creature to replace Rudolph and meet on the roof

A fictional creature to replace Rudolph and meet on the roof…

Here’s my thought process to answer this question: Since the creature is likely supposed to pull a heavy sleigh through the air it has to be able to fly and it can’t be tiny and weak. Rudolph is also famous for his nose, so it’s gotta have a prominent nose.

Who fits all of those requirements? Falkor from the Neverending Story! That story was one of my favourites as a child and he’s the absolutely most lovable flying creature EVER <3

Falkor - Neverending Story



… and what does everybody else say?


Jo Linsdell from

I’m a huge Percy Jackson fan and so I’m going to go with Blackjack. Blackjack is a pure black Pegasus who is introduced to us in The Sea of Monsters (book 2) when Percy saves him from the Kronos’ army ship where he is being held prisoner by Luke.

Blackjack would make a perfect replacement for Rudolph as he is loyal and brave. He’s strong too and would do everything he could to help out Father Christmas. Plus, he’s a Pegasus… that would be super cool to see. Adds ride a flying horse to Christmas wish list…

Jo Linsdell



Brandy Potter from

See I didn’t even think of the animals Jo. I went with who I’d be willing to face my fear of heights and sit on the roof for. But, to replace Rudolph, they’d have to fly so that leave Vampires. Now I like the books about the sparkly ones because they show a creative twist on a mythology, but none of them are really tempting. Not a big fan of The Southern Vampire series. That leaves Ann Rice. Lestat is only yummy when Stuart Townsend plays him. Otherwise Lestat is an egocentric brat really. So I went with Marius De Romanus.

For those who aren’t familiar with Marius, here is a brief history. Marius was born in 30 BC to a Celtic slave and a member of a ruling Roman family. He was turned when he was about 40 by a druid who discovered and turned Armand. He took care of “Those who Must Be Kept” Akasha and her husband Enkil the original vampires. Marius is very wise and optimistic. He is also one of the oldest living vampires.The history he has seen would be enough to keep me on that roof!


Renee Guill from

Another tough one, so many different ways to answer this. lol

And such great answers so far. Well if we are going with the ones who can fly let’s see….

Oh here’s one..hehe….Iron Man(hey it’s a comic book)..and he has a shiny red suit, that’s Christmassy(is that word?).lol

He can also keep the sled safe & sound when it lands on the roof. 😉


Sarah Nowicki from

This holiday hop is so much fun and this was one question that I didn’t have to think too hard about.  My choice is Aiden Merrick from the Dragon’s Gift: The Huntress Series by Linsey Hall.

In paranormal romance, I do cross paths with a motley crew of mythical creatures, but Aiden popped into my mind immediately.  In this series, Aiden is our devastatingly handsome hero and the most powerful shifter in the world. As the Origin shifter, he has the power to shift into any animal but prefers one in particular, the mighty and magical Griffin.  Aiden is wealthy, loyal, and giving. He would be the perfect sexy beast to guide Santa’s sleigh.



Laura Morningstar Loving Life Everyday

Oooh a tricky one as I would be quite excited to meet Rudolph! However a fictional character to replace him and who I would like to meet would be Aslan, from The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis. There are so many wonderful fantasy books nowadays for children and Y.A. but I always like to make sure I read some of the classics such as this series to my kids. Plus I’m a Leo and so have always adored Lions.


Thanks everyone for taking part in my stop of the Holiday Hop! :-)If you want to hop with us next time, join the Facebook group: Bookish Blog Hops



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18 thoughts on “Holiday Hop: A fictional creature to replace Rudolph

  1. OH- what nice answers I totally haven thought of. Now I can only picture a sleight lead by vampire transformed in bats for whatever reasons aahaha just imagine seeing THAT in the sky..

  2. I love these answers! How did i not think of Falkor from the Neverending Story?! Childhood favourite!

    Well played Renee Guill, well played. Great answer!

    Brandy, excellent outside the box thinking 😉

    I’m not familiar with Aiden Merrick from the Dragon’s Gift: The Huntress Series but sounds cool.

    I have to confess I did think of Aslan, from The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe too. Narnia was one of the first place that came to mind when thinking about an answer for this question.

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