7 Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks

Audiobooks have so many benefits! Do you know them all?

I bought my first audiobook in August 2014 when Neil Gaiman posted that the BBC full cast production of Neverwhere was available on Audible.com.

Listening to it totally blew my mind!

I used to listen to a lot of cassette tapes as a child, to fairytales and stories for kids. So I was kind of curious about audiobooks but had not looked into it before. For me it was just about the coolest thing, listening as an adult to this book that is one of my absolute favorites, brought to life by these amazing actors, all the while packing my dishwasher (yes, I’m 100% sure that was one of the things I did while listening to my first audiobook).

Audiobooks and I were meant to be. I instantly embraced the audio lifestyle. I bought a ton of audiobooks in Whispersync deals for ebooks I already owned. And since money was tight I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited only a little while later and started to work my way through “Read and Listen for Free”.

7 Reasons why I love Audiobooks

The Benefits of Audiobooks: 7 Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks so much!

#1 Narrators are awesome!

A good narrator makes the story come to life in my mind. I find this to spur my imagination even more than when I’m reading and looking at words. When I listen I can close my eyes or look out of the window, or just do things while my mind is somewhere entirely different.

And it feels so nice to have a pleasant voice in my ear, telling me an interesting and entertaining story.

7 Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks: Audiobook Narrators

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#2 Re-Discovering Favorites in Audio format!

As I mentioned in the beginning, my first audiobook was Neverwhere**. It was so exciting, experiencing this story in such a different way. This being a full cast production made it even more epic. It was like listening to a movie.

I still love picking up my favorite stories from pre-audio days to listen to instead of re-reading the books.


#3 Reading time even when I’m too busy to sit down!

Between work and my beautiful little girl, I have little time to sit down with a book. But I’m a total bookworm / bookdragon (bookwrym?) and I would miss reading terribly if it wasn’t for audiobooks.

There’s always a minute here and there to get some listening time in. That’s why I keep my headphones within reach.

Audiobooks: Guilt-free Reading time for parents

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#4 The perfect sleep aid!

I used to have trouble falling asleep. Not really bad, no insomnia. But lying awake just that little bit longer than is comfortable. And you probably know how that can backfire sometimes. At first, I’d just lie awake not thinking anything specific and then, boom, “Oh damn, I’ll so tired tomorrow“.

That used be the point when I’d get out my ebook reader because there’s no recovering from the worry-spiral without a distraction.

Until that fateful day when I discovered audiobooks. There might still be the odd night here and there when I struggle. But most nights I fall asleep about 2 minutes after lying down. I know because the next morning, when I go to my audiobook bookmark, I find that’s also pretty much the last bit I remember :-D

My dad used to read to me when I was a child. Maybe that kind of wired me for being able to fall asleep so comfortably while hearing someone talk.

Audiobooks might seem like such a frivolous thing. But this is a fix to a very serious problem a lot of people have. And it’s superior to having the TV running because an audiobook and earplugs work in bed while lying next to your partner. And there are no disturbing flashy lights.

7 Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks: Falling Asleep Easily

#5 Listening in the car!

We have an RV and it is so thoroughly enjoyable to listen to a great story while driving somewhere!

Fortunately, I don’t have to commute. But my husband has to drive an hour to and from work and he has developed almost as much of an audiobook addiction as me by now. The books keep him nicely entertained on an otherwise extremely boring daily trip.

Audiobooks are also a true blessing for those bookworms among us who get sick when reading while sitting in a moving car or train.

7 Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks: Keeping you entertained in the car

#6 Chores become fun!

Have you ever looked forward to cleaning the kitchen? Well, I have! No, I don’t have an obsession with cleaning, quite the opposite actually. But I love having undisturbed listening time while crossing something off my to-do-list.

Just like with commuting, audiobooks can turn hours of your day into fun that you normally have to spend on rather unenjoyable activities.

#7 Audiobooks are inclusive!

There is a lot of prejudice against audiobooks. That they are for lazy people, that it’s not “real reading”, that you don’t learn from listening.

Audiobooks have been invented for the blind and continue to be an amazing invention for not only visually impaired readers, but millions of people who can’t read books because they aren’t physically able to hold it or have trouble reading due to dyslexia or brain injuries.

Everyone deserves to enjoy books, the escapism they offer, the information they can transport, and the ability to go to places that aren’t real or that you can’t reach for whatever reason.

Please take a look at my article about the history of audiobooks.

7 Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks: They are inclusive

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Happy listening!

Audiobooks can do so many amazing things for people! Read my 7 reasons why I love them and listen to audiobooks all the time. #audiobooks

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21 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks

  1. I am in agreement! There are a lot of reasons to listen to audiobooks – I used to listen to them a lot but then got out of the habit. Just recently, I started again and have “read” a few books that way. Right now I’m listening to a nonfiction – I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. It’s a great one!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂 True Crime is definitely something I’m interested in too. But so far I’ve only watched it, not listened to any nonfiction.

  2. I love all these reasons! I’ve been listening to audio books for about a year now – they saved me from a dull, lonely commute. Now, the perk of commuting is that I get a chance to find time to read again.
    And yes, I totally agree about enjoying old books anew. I listened to the whole Harry Potter series (which I’d already read completely twice) and it was a fun new experience for a set of books I already loved.

  3. Great post. I became an audiobook junkie after a brain injury. Even if I could read as well and fast as before, I’ve fallen in love with great narration and the ability to listen to a book while doing mindless but necessary things.

    Are you part of the audiobook challenge from Caffeinated Reviews?

  4. You’re right; the narrators they use for audiobooks bring it to life! I also agree with most of your other reasons to love audiobooks EXCEPT listening while I drive. Oddly, I can listen to podcasts and music, but I can’t seem to focus on the story as I drive. I end up replaying the same passages multiple times and I find that frustrating (even when it’s a book I already know and love!). Thanks for sharing great reasons to have audiobooks on hand.

    1. I totally understand that! It might depend on where I’m driving… For a pretty boring commute or driving in the RV it works. But driving in a city is a different thing. I’d probably have to focus on traffic too much to be able to follow my audiobook. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  5. I’m glad you’ve found a format you love so much! Audios are definitely great for multitasking and inclusivity. I like to listen to them when I have to do chores and just things like brushing my teeth and rinsing my contacts and all that cuz it makes the menial tasks more bearable.

    1. Haha, yes. I do a lot of book quotes on Pinterest and always have to go to Goodreads to find them. I rarely remember to even write them down while listening 😀 As for the zoning out… I have that when reading with my eyes too though, getting to the end of a page, noticing I have no idea what happened.

  6. I agree with so many of your reasons! I’ve done such a turnaround over the years when it comes to audiobooks. To never using them at all, to almost always being in the midst of an audiobook. I mostly only listen when I’m in car and I love my commute to and from the office while being immersed in a story. 🙂
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted…The Sunday Post #137My Profile

  7. Wonderful post, Eline. I love your seven reasons. Narrators are awesome, one of my favourite narrators is Frank Muller, I’m always looking books he narrated, especially since he’s no longer with us, he’s done some of my favourite Stephen King books. Thanks for sharing😊

    1. Yeah, I have some favorites as well! I also had the opposite, a favorite book that was a total let-down as audio because the narrator just wasn’t that great (sounded like they didn’t like the story very much).

    1. Most often it’s a thing of finding the right narration style and book for you. And it’s also a thing of simply getting used to this form of reading 🙂

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