Love, Hate, Angst: My 6 favorite Love Triangle Books on Audible

Love Triangle books are something special in the Romance world! With their thick angst and (often) cheating protagonists, this trope isn’t for everyone. But every now and then, I need a story that is so intense and so full of longing that it gives me all the feels!

One woman being torn between Mr. Right and Mr. Oh So Wrong. Between the perfect partner and the one who makes her burn with desire even though he is “just a friend”. Between feeling wanted and feeling awful…

Let me share with you 6 great love triangle books on Audible that I think you’ll love just as much as I did!

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My Favorite Love Triangle Books on Audible


Arsen: A Broken Love Story

Written by Mia Asher
Narrated by Mackenzie Cartwright and Roger Wayne
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Arsen is one of those stories that you can’t forget. It’s the gold standard of angsty love triangle stories!

This is the imaginary sequel to all the other Happy Ever After romance novels where the sensitive heroine finds her Mr. Perfect. In fact, Katherine’s and Ben’s beginnings are told in the “past”-chapters. In the present, they are married, just not so happy anymore. Life happened and killed their passion…

Mia Asher is a fantastic author and created this complex world of Kathy’s (and Ben’s and Arsen’s) feelings. And I thought she did each of them justice (at least in their portrayal, not necessarily in the outcome). One of the most difficult – but important – things about this book is to see how a solid relationship between two good people who love each other can fail, when issues accumulate and aren’t talked about.

Mackenzie Cartwright puts all of Kathy’s pain into her narration, all the grieve, sadness, and emptiness. The book is mostly from Kathy’s point of view, but we also have a few chapters from Ben’s and Arsen’s PoV. They are both narrated by Roger Wayne who captures the atmosphere of the story very well and pulls you into the sorrow those two men have to go through. And if you aren’t at least sniffling after listening to the epilogue… well… you’ve got a thicker skin than me!

When you feel like a dark and truly painful, really well written, and heart-wrenchingly narrated love triangle Romance, Arsen is the absolutely perfect choice!

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Black Swan Affair

Written by K.L. Kreig
Narrated by Ava Erickson and Tad Branson
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“And he destroyed me the day he married my sister instead of me. So I did the only thing a girl like me in my position could do. I got my revenge. I married his brother, Kael. Now we’re one big happy f–king family.”

This story is most deliciously angsty and perfect if you’re wondering what to read after Arsen! Despite the impression you might get from the publisher’s summary, I found it extremely easy to like Mavs. She was faced with a really shitty situation and had to search for a solution to deal with all her feelings.

K.L. Kreig’s story is constructed extremely well. There are a lot of jumps between past and present, slowly resolving all the plotlines surrounding Mavs, the two brothers, their families, and their business. It was insanely captivating and hurt so good!

Ava Erickson and Tad Branson managed to transport the emotions in the Black Swan Affair audiobook in a way that made my heart break for these people. The woman who lost the love of her life to her sister and doesn’t even know why. And the man who knows that the love of his life wants someone else…

For me, this is without a doubt one of the best love triangle books out there!

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Heartbreak Warfare

Written by Heather M. Orgeron and Kate Stewart
Narrated by Tracy Marks and Aaron Shedlock
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Heartbreak Warfare will break your heart! Definitely!

This is a bit more suspenseful than the previous two books with love triangles as this is a Military Romance and the heroine Katy and “the other man” Briggs meet and bond while kidnapped in a warzone.

Now, just a word of warning, a lot of readers have criticized the ending of Heartbreak Warfare because their guy wasn’t chosen. Personally, I loved it and it was the perfect ending for me. I thought all three people got their HEA. But not everyone might agree. Nevertheless, this book will give you a book hangover after reading because it is absolutely intense!

Tracy Marks has a very special, melodic voice which I have come to love. It adds perfectly to the atmosphere of this story that is shaped by Katie’s struggle with PTSD. Aaron Shedlock did a heart-wrenching narration of both Briggs and Gavin, Katie’s husband.

Please get this audiobook! I loved it so much and it’s one of my favorite listens of 2019!


What He Doesn’t Know duet

Written by Kandi Steiner
Narrated by Erin Mallon, Jason Clarke, and Sebastian York
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Are you ready to get sucked into a love triangle book series? The What He Doesn’t Know duet (which also has a third part about the guy who was left behind) was INCREDIBLE!

On one side, we have the husband who fits perfectly into the quiet grumpy Romance hero stereotype. Turns out, being quiet and grumpy doesn’t necessarily make your HEA last!

On the other side, we have the childhood friend and first love who shows up again in town after years without contact.

And between these two, there’s a woman who has to get over a terrible loss…

The intensity of these two love triangle Romance books hit me pretty unexpectedly. There was so very much pain and heartbreak, I couldn’t stop listening! I needed to find out so badly how these three would get out of this completely messed up situation…

And then there’s the huge twist at the end of book 1 that made me reconsider everything!

Erin Mallon narrated What He Doesn’t Know so beautifully. She has this vulnerable voice and her male characters actually sound so perfect that, at one point, I had to skip back 30 seconds because I thought they had moved over to duet narration! I also loved that the two men had different narrators. Jason Clarke and Sebastian York were both amazing!



Written by Alessandra Torre
Narrated by Hollie Jackson
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In the slightly less angsty Undertow, one of my favorite audiobook narrators tells the story of a woman in two relationships…

This love triangle Romance follows a bit of a different pattern. The heroine, Madison, is simply insatiable and has two boyfriends. Both men know there is another but one wishes she’d choose. Undertow is the republished Sex Love Repeat which was a USA Today bestseller.

This audiobook is fantastically narrated by Hollie Jackson. Her voice is very pleasant to listen to and I like her calm style of voice acting. Meaning, she really acts things out, like laughing or sighing, but not in an “in your face”-way that would sound fake or hysterical.

When you crave slightly lighter love triangle novels, you can’t go wrong with Undertow!



Written by Vi Keeland
Narrated by Sebastian York and Molly Glenmore
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Lastly, one more slightly lighter love triangle story. Or rather, two!

Book 1 is Throb which features kind of a love triangle but it’s really not much of a conflict. The third man hardly matters. Book 2, Beat, on the other hand, has a full-fledged love triangle / forbidden love story. However, it’s still fun to listen to Throb before Beat so you get to know Flynn better and know where he’s coming from.

For my taste, Beat could have been more angsty, especially considering all the sneaking around in the tour bus. That could – and maybe should – have led to some seriously shitty feelings! But these are some very sexy reads by New York Times bestselling author Vi Keeland that entertained me extremely nicely. And I’m sure they’ll do the same for you!

I loved Molly Glenmore’s narration and Sebastian York always knows how to deliver!

If you don’t feel like committing to a longer story, Beat (and Throb) are relatively quick reads under 8 hours that will scratch that love triangles itch. They are New Adult Romance novels and are a good choice if you’re looking for love triangle books like Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens.

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