Free Audiobook Codes: How to Get Audiobook Review Copies

In this post, I will show you different ways to get free audiobook codes and review copies as a book blogger or audiobook fan who is looking for free audiobooks.

If you’re a book blogger, adding some audiobooks to your TBR can be a great way to increase your reading time and get more content for your blog. But some of these websites don’t even require you to have a blog or be a social media influencer!

Many self-published authors are looking for audiobook reviewers and are happy to provide you with free Audible codes in exchange for an honest review.

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Can you get Audiobook ARCs?

Yes! Audiobook reviewers can get free audiobook review copies. However, advance copies are not as common compared to the ebook market.

The most popular way to provide review copies for free audiobooks are Audible promo codes that you can get through the websites listed below or Facebook groups.

Authors and narrators who use ACX receive a number of Audible promo codes for each of their audiobooks that they can give away to audiobook reviewers after the Audible book has been published.

What are Audible Promo Codes?

An Audible promo code is a unique combination of letters and numbers. Together with the Audible promo code, you’ll receive an Audible link.

Just copy and paste the code into that page and click the button to redeem it. The audiobook will be added to your Audible library, and it will be yours to keep, just like any Audible book you would buy yourself.

You don’t need an Audible membership or provide payment information to redeem free Audible promo codes! You can simply log into the Audible website and app with your usual Amazon login and password and go to the promo code page to redeem.

Audible ACX: Where to redeem Audible promo codes / free audiobook codes

International Audiobook Reviewers

The websites and groups I’ve listed below offer free audiobook codes for or But you can also use them if you’re not from the US or UK!

If you are an international audiobook reviewer or blogger, you can also log into (or with the same username and password that you use for your local Amazon.

Audible belongs to Amazon, and your login works on all Amazon and Audible websites!

But you’ll have to change the marketplace in the Audible app to get to your new audiobooks. Please take a look at my guide on how to use as an international listener.

It is often easier to get Audible UK codes than US codes!
For avid reviewers, it might be worth it to start an Audible UK profile to have more options for free audiobook codes.

How to Review Audiobooks

Audiobook reviews should be a bit different from book reviews since narrators have a big influence on how enjoyable an audiobook is. A mediocre story performed by a great voice actor can be absolutely captivating!

While the best story might not keep your attention if the narrator isn’t a good fit.

So make sure you mention if you liked the voices, how well they fit the protagonists, if it was easy to distinguish between characters during dialogue scenes, and if the narrators kept your attention throughout the audiobook.

If you haven’t written audiobook reviews before, take a look at my guide on how to write a quick and easy Audible review.

Websites for Free Audiobook Codes

Audio Freebies

For Reviewers and Book Bloggers

AudioFreebies is a very convenient, easy-to-use site with free audiobook codes for Audible, Spotify, and other platforms.

Just browse the catalog, click on an audiobook you’re interested in, and request a code. You can also listen to a sample directly on AudioFreebies.

Requirements: Requirements may vary. But generally, you should leave a review within one month. For some books, you need to apply with your reviewer profile, for others, the code gets displayed on your screen automatically.

Audiobooks Unleashed

For Reviewers and Book Bloggers

Audiobooks Unleashed is a great website for free audiobook codes! You receive your Audible promo codes directly after choosing an audiobook from their catalog.

And you can sign up for an account with which you can apply for advanced listening copies of popular authors and narrators!

Requirements: None. You don’t have to review books you get through free audiobook codes from Audiobooks Unleashed. If you make an account, connect it with your Audible listener page, and write reviews regularly, you might be eligible for very limited ARCs though.


For Reviewers and Book Bloggers

StoryOrigin offers author services and connects reviewers with indie authors. They have a great catalog of audiobooks that you can browse through by tags.

You can build up a profile here as a trustworthy reviewer.

Requirements: You create an account and provide info on the places where you will leave reviews. When you request an audiobook, the author will decide whether they send you an Audible promo code.

Free Audiobook Codes

For Reviewers and Book Bloggers

This site used to be called Audiobook Boom and offers a very convenient way to get free audiobook codes.

You can browse their catalog and look through different genres. And you can see in the overview already how many US and UK codes are left for any given book.

To get the code, you don’t even need an account. It’s displayed directly on the screen.

Requirements: None.

LibroFM ALC Program

For Book Bloggers and Influencers

My favorite audiobook store, LibroFM, offers a fantastic program for audiobook influencers.

LibroFM is an indie audiobook store with its own review copy program that gives reviewers access to a monthly selection of early listening copies from big publishing houses.

Requirements: You need to have build up an audience with a blog or Social Media account when you apply to the LibroFM ALC Program. The audiobooks are complementary. You are not required to review every book you download.

Facebook Groups for Free Audiobook Codes

There are countless Facebook groups for anything and everything, but also a big number of Facebook groups about audiobooks!

They’re a great place for audiobook reviewers and book bloggers to get in touch with authors and narrators directly to get free audiobooks in any genre.

There are many more groups than the ones listed here. But the following are the ones I have the most experience with and that offer a decent choice of books.

Free Audible Audiobook Giveaways

This is a very active Facebook group with new codes being offered daily. You’ll find lots of indie audiobooks in the group and you can request a review copy by writing a comment.

Aural Fixation Giveaways

Aural Fixation is a big and influential Romance audiobook group on Facebook. They opened an additional group specifically for Audible promo codes giveaways. The group includes both new and more well-known authors and narrators.

Audiobook Addicts

Audiobook Addicts has over 20,000 members and a monthly audiobook exchange thread in which authors and narrators of any genre offer free audiobook codes to audiobook reviewers. Check the pinned post to find the review copies!

Romance Audiobook Binge

This is my own Facebook group and you can often find narrators and authors offering Audible promo codes in the group. We’re mainly focused on Romance. The group also keeps you up-to-date on new free audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited and Audible Plus.

Audiobook Publishers

If you are interested in advance listening copies, the tried and trusted method of book bloggers and influencers is getting in touch with publishers directly!

You can send an email to Audible, Tantor, Brilliance, or any other audiobook production company or publishing house that you regularly encounter while listening. Introduce your blog and include a few statistics on your visitors and Social Media audience.

You can also get audiobook review copies on Netgalley!

Pin this list of websites with Free Audiobook Codes for later:

How to get free audiobook review copies

I hope you will find many new favorites on these websites with free audiobook codes and that I can help you become part of the wonderful win/win system of free review copies that benefits both listeners and authors!

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