12 Adorable Pregnancy Romance Books on Audible

There’s something ridiculously romantic about babies in Romance novels. Sometimes, I really feel like some good Pregnancy Romance books with lots of family love and babies who are really wanted!

However, I have found that surprise pregnancy is not at all the trope for me. But planned pregnancy is an entirely different thing, and I love love LOVE those! That’s why I wanted to share with you my most favorite planned pregnancy Romance books.

Of course, the baby bargain books below all have fantastic Audible versions as well!

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The Baby Maker

The Baby Maker: The Best Pregnancy Romance books

Lili Valente (Author), Sebastian York (Narrator), Andi Arndt (Narrator)

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The Baby Maker made me swoon quite a bit! Dylan melted my heart. And Emma? I totally felt for her.

If you feel like taking a little imaginary trip to a vineyard, this book has the perfect setting for you! It’s like you’re taking a wine vacation… with a super hunky neighbor who has magical man juice.

The baby plan itself was exactly what I craved, and Emma is a heroine you simply have to root for.

This is a super hot, very emotional story in a beautiful place with interesting and lovable people!

And Andi Arndt and Sebastian York are a narrator duo you can always rely on to deliver you an excellent audio experience.

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The Knocked-Up Plan

12 Adorable Pregnancy Romance Books on Audible 1

Lauren Blakely (Author), Andi Arndt (Narrator), Sebastian York (Narrator)

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The Knocked-Up Plan is one of the funniest and cutest pregnancy Romance books!

Ryker was burned from a previous breakup but is totally down for some no-strings help for his kind-of-friend / kind-of-co-worker Nicole. Alas, are there ever no strings in a Romance novel?

Ryker and Nicole are both therapists and very open and clear about their feelings and wishes. It was pretty heartwrenching how they both dared to be vulnerable with each other.

This is one of my favorite Lauren Blakely books! It’s a steamy, entertaining Romantic Comedy that can give you tons of happy feels!

Josh and Gemma Make a Baby

Josh and Gemma Make a Baby audiobook cover

Sarah Ready (Author), Erin Mallon (Narrator)

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Oh, Josh and Gemma… this book is everything you want in a planned pregnancy Romance novel!

Gemma is divorced and struggles with infertility due to endometriosis. She decides she doesn’t want a life partner, but she does want to try having a child on her own.

Instead of an anonymous donor, she asks her brother’s best friend, the guy she had her first time with, if he would be open to donating.

I found Gemma so relatable, and this is such a fun listen! Erin Mallon is a fantastic narrator with such sexy guy voices.

Very early-term miscarriage – I was glad I knew about this going in instead of being blindsided by it. But I absolutely appreciated how it was handled here and that it was included since miscarriage is such a sad but common part of so many people’s pregnancy journey.

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Good As Gold

Good as Gold audiobook cover shows a photo of a shirtless tan white man with long dark hair

Sarina Bowen (Author), Jason Clarke (Narrator), Lessa Lamb (Narrator)

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Sarina Bowen is an author I always enjoy, and this baby bargain Romance book is absolutely perfect!

Leila has just divorced her husband, who kept telling her that they weren’t ready for kids yet, to just wait a bit longer.

Now she’s 35 and decides to make this dream come true for herself. However, she is very shocked when she finds out about the cost involved in making a baby on her own.

Matteo has been in love with Leila since they were kids. When she chose their other best friend as her husband, he couldn’t come back home for many, many years.

He didn’t know about her divorce, but incidentally, this is the exact moment when he finally comes back to town to support his family.

Jason Clarke and Lessa Lamb turned this story into a wonderful, swoon-worthy audiobook that I couldn’t turn off!

The Best Friend Problem

The Best Friend Problem: Planned Pregnancy Romance books

Mariah Ankenman (Author), Charlotte North (Narrator)

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The Best Friend Problem is an adorable, low-angst, friends-to-lovers pregnancy Romance book.

Pru gets pregnant by accident (instead of getting pregnant the way she had planned) when she and her best friend Finn have what was supposed to be a drunken one night stand.

The two of them have pushed any thoughts of actually dating each other far, far away. They are not willing to risk their friendship, and Finn believes his job is too dangerous to have a family of his own.

This is such a cute book with everyone rooting for Finn and Pru to get their happily ever after with baby!

Charlotte North filled the audiobook with so much emotion.

Baby Daddy

12 Adorable Pregnancy Romance Books on Audible 2

Kendall Ryan (Author), Sebastian York (Narrator), Virginia Rose (Narrator)

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I had checked out a few reviews before buying Baby Daddy. And a lot of people complained about the “unrealistic” meet-cute. Well… yeah… they meet in an elevator, and he decides on the spot that he’ll help her with her pregnancy plan. It’s right there in the blurb!

But the thing is… this planned pregnancy Romance book is about the path they take after they meet and make the baby agreement.

And it was so adorable and emotional (and super hot)! I loved Jenna and Emmett. They are both real, three-dimensional characters with relatable thoughts.

If you enjoy love stories with instant attraction between two strangers, give this one a try!

The Baby Proposition: A pregnancy bargain romance

The Baby Proposition

Kim Loraine (Author), J.F. Harding (Narrator), Stella Hunter (Narrator)

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Are you ready for a hot cowboy? Because Maverick has a whole lot going for him! And not just that.

The Baby Proposition is recorded in duet narration, making this an extra fun and steamy audiobook with J.F. Harding reading Maverick in all chapters, and Stella Hunter reading Clara.

The Baby Proposition is extremely captivating, and it really scratched my itch for planned pregnancy Romance books! I fell so hard for these two. And I loved Kim Loraine’s little meta-comments on Romance books.

Hot Cop

Hot Cop: Planned Pregnancy Romance books on Audible

Laurelin Paige (Author), Sierra Simone (Author), Elena Wolfe (Narrator), Jacob Morgan (Narrator)

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Hot Cop is such a fun and perfect choice when you are looking for planned pregnancy Romance books!

Livia wants a baby, and the eternal bachelor and extremely hot cop Chase was only supposed to get the very first part of the job done. He likes the idea of having a kid without ever committing to a family. Until he actually faces the reality of his child running around in the world not knowing him.

I loved Chase and the journey he takes in this book. And Livia is so lovable. The two have fantastic chemistry and, as you can expect from Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone, this is a smoking hot baby bargain Romance!

Elena Wolfe and Jacob Morgan truly brought Chase and Livia to life!

Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams by Sarina Bowen

Sarina Bowen (Author), Nicol Zanzarella (Narrator), Rock Engle (Narrator)

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Lauren is a very self-reliant woman, and since the relationship with the love of her life came to an ugly end, she decides to make her baby dream come true in a clinic.

Unlike most other titles on my list of planned pregnancy Romance books, Pipe Dreams revolves mainly around Lauren and Mike getting their second chance. The baby plan is a bit of a catalyst for them, even though Lauren doesn’t plan in any way for Mike to be involved.

This is an extremely heart-wrenching novel, given the history of loss that Mike and his daughter experienced.

If you enjoy second chance love stories, Pipe Dreams is the pregnancy Romance book for you!

A Lady Awakened

A Lady Awakened: Historical Romance books with pregnancy

Cecilia Grant (Author), Susan Ericksen (Narrator)

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In this Historical Romance, a lady desperately needs a child. Not so much out of her wish to have one but because of the difficult societal structures she lives in.

A Lady Awakened is an insanely good book! And if you get a bit of a kick out of awkward bedroom scenes this one is a must-read.

The love story is so sweet and tender. The surrounding storyline is intriguing and kept me pretty much on the edge of my seat. And I absolutely adored this version of planned pregnancy Romance books!

Susan Ericksen is an excellent narrator who filled this story with so much life and emotion.

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Nobody’s Baby But Mine

Nobody's Baby But Mine

Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Author), Anna Fields (Narrator)

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Nobody’s Baby But Mine is a classic by Romancelandia standards, where things evolve very quickly – which means this book from 1997 has a lot of iffy moments that might well make today’s reader cringe. Nevertheless, it made me laugh out loud many times!

It’s entertaining and a wonderful take on the planned pregnancy Romance trope.

Jane makes an awful, awful mistake. But she is still somehow extremely charming and lovable. And really, the same goes for Cal who most definitely is a problematic hero.

Yet, if you go in reading this book as set in the time it was written in (and when they rock out to Rod Stewart while watching VH1 it’s really not hard to remember that these are the 90s, haha), it’s very enjoyable indeed and a great addition for everyone looking for planned pregnancy Romance books!

When She’s Pregnant

When She's Pregnant audiobook cover shows a pregnant woman with an oversized black shirt, blue planets in the background

Ruby Dixon (Author), Mason Lloyd (Narrator), Jillian Macie (Narrator)

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When She’s Pregnant is too adorable! If you’re ready to take your love for planned pregnancy Romance books to a different planet, you will love this one.

Naomi and Ainar are so sweet together, and I instantly fell in love. You can tell how taxing it is for Naomi to accept that she won’t be able to return to Earth and her family. And Ainar is from an entirely different culture.

But the two make the perfect match, and it’s so romantic how this baby-making turns into real feelings.

Mason Lloyd and Jillian Maxie filled this audiobook with so much feeling, it’s absolutely wonderful and very much worth a listen!

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Planned Pregnancy Romance Books

I hope you will enjoy these pregnancy Romance books. I loved them all! The audiobook productions for all of these books are outstanding, and if you are looking for cute, steamy, and emotional Romance novels that end with “and baby makes 3” these books will be perfect for you!

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