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Ball Peen Hammer by Lauren Rowe

Ball Peen Hammer by Lauren Rowe is one of my all time favorite Romance audiobooks! Here’s why…


written by Lauren Rowe
narrated by Lauren Rowe and John Lane

Chances are you’ve read this book. If so, wasn’t it – literally – the funniest? If you haven’t, well… let me tell you about it!

Everything started with the wonderful ladies in my Facebook group saying: “Listen to Ball Peen Hammer, it is so funny!” I trust them, so I downloaded it and started the audiobook. After 10 minutes I stopped. All my “this is too hysterically funny for my taste”-alarm bells went off. Lauren Rowe was trying too hard. Too many jokes just for joke density’s sake squeezed into one dialogue that was very strong on the exposition.

I rolled my eyes haughtily, as one does, and started a different book. A couple of days later I was on a road trip and had just finished my previous audio. I scrolled through my Audible list and saw BPH and decided to give it another try. Since it came with such strong recommendations…


I’m giggling while I’m writing this. Actually laughing out loud remembering how incredibly funny this book was, and how much I annoyed my husband on our drive with the constant giggling, only interrupted by laughing out loud. Don’t think I’m a giggler! I really am not. I like to say that I’m easily amused. But that’s not actually true, I have a very specific taste and most comedies bore me.

But BPH…. aw man… It didn’t take long and I adopted “adorbsicles” into my active vocabulary. And ended every sentence with “damn, son!”

The magic of Ball Peen Hammer lies in Keane. All the charm and charisma he must have to do as well as he does – with the ladies and as a dancer – actually translates completely into the audiobook. He isn’t just described as charismatic. He IS charismatic. And he drew me in. I’m not a swooner, but he sure got me fangirling because he was so different. So charming, honest to a fault, yet absolutely and truly a good person with pretty much no malicious intent. Very different from the usual romance hero.

It’s easy to imagine how this person would have this kind of success, online and offline, if he were real. And how I wish he was… I’d watch every single one of his YouTube videos!

… and that’s why I love them the most!

John Lane embodied Keane so amazingly well. Perfect timing, perfect intonations, absolutely lovable. I can’t describe it any better. I was so truly and thoroughly entertained by this audiobook. I’m amazed at how Lauren Rowe managed to create this character. I haven’t encountered a male protagonist in a Romance that got to me as Keane did. And while he’s absolutely the center of this book, Maddy – despite getting off on the wrong foot with me – is a wonderful counterpart to Keane. She takes no bullshit and is an interesting and relatable protagonist. Lauren Rowe is a great and experienced narrator.

Fun fact: John Lane and Lauren Rowe also narrated the Blood Bond Saga** together.

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Damn, Son…

You need to listen or re-listen to this, like, right now!

If you’ve ever considered trying out an audiobook, get this one. If you’ve ever considered trying a Rom-Com, get this one. Or if you just don’t know what to listen to next, get this one!! It was… a PLEASURE to listen to the Ball Peen Hammer audiobook!

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