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12 Romance Book Series in Audible Plus you don’t want to miss!

Losing Audible Escape was just one more hard hit that 2020 dealt us. But… Audible Plus keeps growing! And while it doesn’t offer quite as much as Escape yet, you can already listen to a bunch of absolutely fantastic Romance audiobooks with this unlimited subscription. And – even better – with a Plus or Premium Plus membership you can listen to the entire series for each of the Romance audiobooks I list below without paying anything extra!

What is Audible Plus?

Audible Plus is an unlimited audiobook subscription, meaning you can listen to as many of the included Audible books as you like for a flat monthly fee. This is a digital library service, so the audiobooks will be returned once you cancel your subscription. But you can borrow as many as you want while you are subscribed!

How much does Audible Plus cost?

If you only sign up for Audible Plus, you pay $7.95 per month. However, if you sign up for Audible Premium Plus (the “standard” Audible subscription that gives you a monthly Audible credit), you get access to the entire Audible Plus catalog without paying anything extra! So, for $14.95, you get all that unlimited audiobook goodness and one free audiobook from the complete Audible catalog that’s yours to keep.

How big is the Audible Plus catalog?

Audible Plus includes almost 10,000 audiobooks, around 1000 of these are Romance titles. New releases are added every month.

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If you’re wondering whether Audible Plus is worth it for you as a Romance audiobook listener, let me put it like this: Audible Plus isn’t Audible Escape and it won’t offer you as much. But Audible is constantly adding more books and right now, the Plus catalog has a bunch of popular and up-and-coming authors that are definitely worth a free trial month** (or a second look if you’re already an Audible subscriber).

And until the end of the year, you can sign up for 6 months of Audible Plus for only $4.95 per month**!

The Best Romance Audiobooks in Audible Plus


Jane Austen adaptions

Whether you love Classics or wish you could finally get into them, Audible’s abridged Jane Austen productions of Emma, Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility are amazing! With a great cast of voice actors, these shortened versions of the original stories are super entertaining.

Add Emma to your library**


Knitting in the City series

Penny Reid is one of my favorite authors and I’m very pleased to tell you that her absolutely fantastic Knitting in the City series is free for Audible Plus subscribers. These are fun Romantic Comedy books with smart and witty banter!

Add Neanderthal Seeks Human to your library**


The Winston Brothers series

Even though this Romance book series is also written by Penny Reid, it deserves its own mention. The Winston Brothers series is set in a small town in Tennessee and follows a group of bearded brothers finding love in the most unexpected places.

Add Truth or Beard to your library**


The Ivy Years series

If you’re looking for hot New Adult / College Romance novels that venture outside of the usual Romance tropes, the Ivy Years series by Sarina Bowen is a must! This series is among my all-time favorites.

Add The Year We Fell Down to your library**


The Always Satisfied series

Lauren Blakely was one of the most active authors in Audible Escape and it looks like Audible Plus subscribers will get to enjoy her books as well! The Always Satisfied series are four stand-alone full-length novels and three novellas with absolutely fantastic audiobook productions.

Add Satisfaction Guaranteed to your library**


The Caught Up in Love series

This Lauren Blakely series are rewritten and re-recorded versions of four older Romantic Comedy novels and novellas that I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

Add The Pretending Plot to your library**


The Romey University series

Alexandria House’s fantastic Audible Original Teach Me was among the most popular Audible Escape books of 2019 and both this one as well as the second book in the series, Touch Me, are now available in Plus.

Add Teach Me to your library**


Sins of the Cities series

One of my favorite K.J. Charles series, Sins of the Cities, is included in Audible Plus! These M/M Historical Romance books follow three couples, but there’s also an extremely captivating overarching plotline, so I strongly recommend listening to them in order. This is definitely a must-listen for my fellow M/M fans!

Add An Unseen Attraction to your library**

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The Tyack & Frayne Mysteries

This M/M Mystery Romance series is now entirely available through Audible Plus. I listened to the first book in Audible Escape and am looking forward to continuing this story with its intriguing main characters and chilling mysteries!

Add Once Upon a Haunted Moor to your library**


The Hartigans series

All three audiobooks in Avery Flynn’s popular Romantic Comedy series are available in the Audible Plus catalog! Not every Romance novel heroine has to be beautiful and “traditionally perfect”…

Add Butterface to your library**


The Boudreaux series

Kristen Proby’s Contemporary Romance series is narrated by two of the most beloved narrators in the world of Romance audiobooks – Sebastian York and Zachary Webber!

Add Easy Love to your library**


The Second Time Around series

The first three books in Corinne Michael’s insanely popular Second Time Around series are available in Audible Plus!

Add We Own Tonight to your library**

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