New Audiobooks in Audible Plus in Winter 2022/23

Audible adds new audiobooks to the Plus catalog all the time and as an Audible subscriber, you can listen to all of these audiobooks for free without having to spend an Audible credit!

Check out these new Romance, Science Fiction, Horror, Nonfiction, and Thriller Audible books as well as beautiful Christmas audiobooks!

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What is Audible Plus?

If you haven’t heard of Audible Plus**, as an Audible US, CA, AUS, or UK member you have unlimited access to a catalog of around 10,000 free Audible books that are included in your subscription. You can borrow as many of them as you want! If you have an Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus subscription, you won’t be billed for listening to these books and you don’t have to spend an Audible credit on them. Simply add them to your library with a click!

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Romance: New Audiobooks in Audible Plus

Witches Get Stuff Done


By: Molly Harper
Narrated by: Amanda Ronconi, Teddy Hamilton
Series: Starfall Point, Book 1
Length: 8 hrs and 23 mins
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Reigning queen of paranormal romantic comedy Molly Harper is back with the first book in a spellbinding new series! 

Riley Denton-Everett always felt like something was missing in her life—and her numerous odd jobs and short-lived relationships haven’t brought her any closer to finding it. Everything changes when receives a mysterious message: You’re a Denton. You belong on Starfall Point. Once you’re here, I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

A Thief in the Night


By: KJ Charles
Narrated by: James Joseph, Ryan Laughton
Length: 2 hrs and 45 mins
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Toby never meant to be a highway robber, but needs must. He didn’t plan to impersonate a top London valet either, but when the chance comes to present himself as the earl of Arvon’s new gentleman’s gentleman, he grabs it. Unfortunately, the earl is the man he seduced and robbed on the road to get here. Oops.

Miles, Lord Arvon, is not impressed. But he’s faced with a tumbledown home and lost family fortune, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Toby—shameless, practical, and definitely desperate—may be just the man he needs.

Along Came Holly


By: Codi Hall
Narrated by: Veronica Worthington, Skyler Hutchinson
Length: 9 hrs and 24 mins
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How can Holly Winters, the Queen of Christmas Cheer, stand to be neighbors with her town’s resident Scrooge?

Holly owns the merriest holiday shop on Main Street. But right next door is the hardware store run by Declan Gallagher, the grinchiest man in all of Mistletoe, Idaho. With Christmas fast approaching, the small-town rivals engage in an all-out prank war, sending each other not-so-friendly season’s greetings.

Bright Winter Lights


By: Liz Maverick
Narrated by: Andrew Eiden, Emily Lawrence
Length: 3 hrs and 33 mins
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Light up your heart this holiday season as two old flames get a second chance at love….

Billionaire businessman Adam Bosch decides to bring a date to the family Hanukkah party this year in hopes of getting a break from his mother’s matchmaking. Trouble is, his busy schedule hasn’t left much room for romance. Since he’s always remained cordial with his high school sweetheart Sara Schwartz, he gets back in touch and asks her to be his plus one. And if he’s being honest, it’s a good excuse to see her again…since he’s never quite forgotten her.

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The Upside Down Christmas


By: Kate Forster
Narrated by: Rachael Tidd
Length: 3 hrs and 28 mins
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Marlo is living her best life in sunny Sydney and avoiding thinking about her past at all costs. Avoiding thinking about the quaint village life she left behind in Britain. Avoiding thinking about that fateful Christmas Day. When Marlo is unceremoniously ghosted by her part-time lover, she decides she’ll need to avoid the whole Christmas season. That is actually pretty easy in this country, because it’s so hot and so far away from anything that means Christmas to her. But Marlo’s flatmate Alex is determined to lift her out of her grinch slump and convince her that Christmas Down Under may be unfamiliar,

Let It Snow


By: Michelle Stimpson
Narrated by: Jurnee Smollett, Kendrick Sampson
Length: 6 hrs and 25 mins
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It’s Christmas Eve, and school teacher Nia West can’t wait to get to Jamaica for the sun and adventure she’s dreamed of all year long. So what if she’s traveling solo this year? A relaxing holiday alone on the beach sounds like a sweet escape from the usual family drama.

Family drama is something Andrew Beckman knows all too well. Ever since his ex-girlfriend started dating his brother, Andrew has buried himself in work at his veterinary practice. Now he’s on his way to an awkward family Christmas party with the happy couple, and all he wants is to put the season behind him as fast as possible.

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New Thriller Audiobook in Audible Plus

The Method


By: James Patterson, Michael B. Silver
Narrated by: Zachary Quinto, Stephanie Beatriz, Lil Rel Howery, Justine Lupe, Jack Davenport, full cast
Length: 3 hrs and 42 mins
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James Patterson leads you into the darkest recesses of the mind with this chilling, immersive audio thriller. We meet Brent Quill, a frustrated actor trying to take his game to the next level. When he learns about the intensive Method acting process, he dives in deep—and immediately lands the lead role in a TV series about a brutal serial killer.

But when the Method’s controversial techniques start to take over Brent’s psyche, the lines between real life and acting begin to blur dangerously. How far will Brent go to “become” the character?

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Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy: New Audiobooks in Audible Plus

The Woman in Black


By: Susan Hill
Narrated by: Paapa Essiedu
Length: 5 hrs and 25 mins
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A chilling new version of Susan Hill’s classic ghost story, recorded in immersive 3D sound and narrated by Paapa Essiedu (I May Destroy You, The Lazarus Project).

Eel Marsh house stands alone, surveying the windswept salt marshes beyond Nine Lives Causeway. Mrs Alice Drablow lived here as a recluse. Now Arthur Kipps, a junior solicitor with a London firm, is summoned to attend her funeral, unaware of the tragic and terrible secrets which lie behind the house’s shuttered windows.

It is not until he glimpses a young woman at the funeral with a wasted face, dressed all in black, that a sense of profound unease begins to creep over him, a feeling deepened by the reluctance of the locals to talk about the woman in black or what happens whenever she is seen.

The Nox


By: Joe White, Catriona Ward
Narrated by: Lashana Lynch, Michiel Huisman, Ralph Ineson, full cast
Length: 3 hrs and 57 mins
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2045, the Arctic Circle. A crew of six aboard the research vessel, The Nox, embark upon a voyage through the melting ice and Arctic dark in search of the last of the polar bears. The mission represents a ray of hope in a world ravaged by climate change, but it quickly becomes clear that some on board are in search of more than bears….

Isolation and the disorientation of 24/7 darkness soon have the group losing their grip on reality – accidents, nightmares, or hauntings – no one can be sure, but the voyage seems cursed. For Professor Clara Fitzgerald, the mission quickly turns from conservation to survival as she realises that danger lurks not only out on the ice, but on The Nox itself.

The Nox is a nightmare fuelled SciFi thriller that asks how far is too far to save the world.

Morgan Is My Name


By: Sophie Keetch
Narrated by: Vanessa Kirby
Length: 11 hrs and 45 mins
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The first volume in a stunning trilogy set in the world of Arthurian legend and told from the perspective of its traditional antagonist, Morgan Le Fay.

Even as a girl Morgan has always been wild, like the seas which batter the cliffs beneath her home, Tintagel Castle. But she has always been safe, too.

Then one day her father is called away to a war from which he does not return. In his place comes the High King, Uther Pendragon, with the sorcerer Merlin lurking in his wake. Uther claims Morgan’s mother, the Lady Igraine as his queen.

The Written


Emaneska, Book 1
By: Ben Galley
Narrated by: Steven Cree
Length: 14 hrs and 51 mins
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Game of Thrones meets Die Hard in this explosive epic fantasy, packed with tattooed mages wielding unbridled spells, meddling gods, dragon-riders, and twisted Norse mythology.

Only half the recruits that undergo the Ritual survive to become Written mages. Only they can wield the fiercest of magics, to protect the Arka, until either death or the madness takes them.

Five scholars of Arfell have been assassinated. A spellbook has gone missing – a powerful summoning manual from the time of elves and fire-born daemons. The Arkmages are running out of time and options, and the world is once again on the brink of war with the Siren dragon-riders. It falls to Farden – one of the Arka’s most powerful yet troubled Written mages – to keep Emaneska from falling into chaos.



By: Ben Rock, Bob DeRosa
Narrated by: Billy Gardell, Herizen Guardiola, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Nicki Micheaux, David Patrick Kelly, full cast
Length: 2 hrs and 20 mins
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In Buck Lake, Colorado, the resident dog catcher, Collins, is on the verge of retirement. But something strange lurks in the woods, about to ruin his plans….

After 30 years, Collins is ready to be done with small-town animal control. His replacement, Blair, is a Gen Z vet student who hates mansplaining; they don’t get along. But on the eve of his retirement, Collins gets a call that changes everything.

There’s been a report of a vicious wild dog on the loose. Collins and Blair head to a remote family farm to check it out. But instead of finding one wayward mutt, they’re attacked by an entire pack of bloodthirsty creatures. Are they animals? Aliens? Or something more sinister?

Junkyard War


Shining Smith, Book 3
By: Faith Hunter
Narrated by: Khristine Hvam
Length: 6 hrs and 35 mins
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It’s find retribution or die trying in Shining Smith’s ultimate challenge, from the author of the Jane Yellowrock and Soulwood series.

Shining Smith and her crew have obtained the weapons they need to rescue one of their own from the grips of their mortal enemy, Clarisse Warhammer. But to mount an assault on her fortified bunker, they have to cobble together an army of fighters.

That could be the biggest battle of them all.

New Children’s Audiobooks

The Weirdies Get Weirder


The Weirdies, Book 2
By: Michael Buckley
Narrated by: Kate Winslet
Length: 1 hr and 52 mins
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The Weirdie Triplets and Miss Emily are settling into Deadeye Manor when, against all logic, their parents return from the dead! Even worse, they want Barnacle, Melancholy and Garlic back, sparking a truly unusual effort to prove that Miss Emily is the best parent for them. Will the family get justice? Will the triplets succeed in their ridiculous fundraisers to pay for the lawyer? Why are there so many raccoons in the courtroom? The only way to find out is to listen to the tragic, troubling, absurd tale of how the Weirdies get weirder.

The Flying Flamingo Sisters 2


A Tale of Derring-Deux
By: Carrie Seim
Narrated by: Khristine Hvam, Jessica Almasy, Carrie Seim, Dina Pearlman, Gabriel Vaughan, Bill Quinn, Kevin Pariseau, Kendra Fountain, Barrett Leddy, Tom Lenk
Length: 3 hrs and 31 mins
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The Flying Flamingo Sisters—Flo, Faye, and Franny—are back for another hilarious, heartfelt, and soaring adventure in their barnstorming biplane! This highly anticipated sequel from best-selling author Carrie Seim will delight fans of Indiana Jones, Encanto, and Lemony Snicket. Performed as a 1930s radio drama, it’s bursting with humor for all ages, orchestral scoring, and famous voices from stage and screen.

Nonfiction: New Audiobooks in Audible Plus

The 6 Habits of Growth


By: Brendon Burchard
Narrated by: Brendon Burchard
Length: 5 hrs and 4 mins
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The world’s leading high-performance coach and multiple New York Times best-selling author Brendon Burchard delivers the six habits of personal growth that will help you create the life of your dreams. Those six habits are: Motivation, Focus, Confidence, Energy, Purpose, Leadership.

Pivot and Pursue It


An inspirational intensive to jumpstart your reinvention.
By: Coach Pamela Mitchell
Narrated by: Coach Pamela Mitchell
Length: 1 hr and 26 mins
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Do you have a dream sitting on a shelf that you’re ready to bring to life? Or maybe you’ve begun your journey of change but feel stuck, stalled, and uncertain about what to do next. The time has come for you to create your own path—not follow the one presented to you—and you could use a powerful dose of guidance to get you there.

This is exactly where you need to be. In Pivot and Pursue It, reinvention expert and author of the Audible Original Mastering the Skill of Reinvention, Coach Pamela Mitchell delivers 90 minutes of concrete advice on how to envision your next destination and then get there.

Beyond Happiness


The 6 Secrets of Lifetime Satisfaction
By: Dr. Jennifer Guttman
Narrated by: Bernadette Dunne
Length: 6 hrs and 27 mins
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Are you happy? Nearly half of adults worldwide—40 percent—would say “no”. Even when we possess it, happiness can be a fleeting emotion. It’s natural that we should desire something longer lasting. In Beyond Happiness: The 6 Secrets of Lifetime Satisfaction, psychologist Dr. Jennifer Guttman guides listeners in living a deeply fulfilling life by aiming for a kind of contentment that is more sustainable than happiness.

Different, Not Less


A Neurodivergent’s Guide to Embracing Your True Self and Finding Your Happily Ever After
By: Chloé Hayden
Narrated by: Chloé Hayden
Length: 7 hrs and 2 mins
Add it to your library**

A neurodivergent’s guide to embracing your true self and finding your happily ever after.

Growing up, Chloé Hayden felt like she’d crash-landed on an alien planet where nothing made sense. Eye contact? Small talk? And why are you people so touch-oriented? She moved between 10 schools in 8 years, struggling to become a person she believed society would accept, and was eventually diagnosed with autism and ADHD. When a life-changing group of allies showed her that different did not mean less, she learned to celebrate her true voice and find her happily ever after.

The Lost


By: Matteo Fagotto, Matilde Gattoni
Narrated by: Matteo Fagotto, Matilde Gattoni
Length: 4 hrs
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They’re known as the bebés robados, or “stolen babies”–children stolen at birth from their mothers and sold to wealthy families around Spain. For decades, European reporters and activists have tried to penetrate the secretive networks responsible for the crimes, typically with little success. Until now.

In The Lost, veteran journalists Matteo Fagotto and Matilde Gattoni investigate the story of a woman named Ana Belén Pintado, a middle-aged woman from a small village in Central Spain. At the age of 40, Ana Belén discovered her birth parents were not who she thought they were, and soon, she had embarked on a quest to discover who she really was.

The Secret History of Christmas


By: Bill Bryson
Narrated by: Bill Bryson
Length: 3 hrs and 3 mins
Add it to your library**

A cornucopia of Christmas delights from the bestselling author of A Short History of Nearly Everything and Notes from a Small Island.

Christmas is the single biggest annual event on the planet, a time for merry-making, over-indulgence, peace, goodwill, and the occasional family row. It’s as comfortable and familiar as a pair of old shoes and yet still glittery and exciting. But what do you really know about it? It’s stuffed full of traditions and rituals that most of us have been observing all our lives without having the slightest idea of where they come from.

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