New Audiobooks in Audible Plus in Winter 2023/24

Audible adds new audiobooks to the Plus catalog all the time and, as an Audible subscriber, you can listen to all of these audiobooks for free without having to spend an Audible credit!

Check out these new Romance, Science Fiction, Horror, Nonfiction, and Thriller Audible books as well as beautiful Christmas audiobooks!

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What is Audible Plus?

If you haven’t heard of Audible Plus**, as an Audible US, CA, AUS, or UK member, you have unlimited access to a catalog of far over 10,000 free Audible books that are included in your subscription.

You can borrow as many of them as you want!

If you have an Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus subscription, you won’t be billed for listening to these books, and you don’t have to spend an Audible credit on them. Simply add them to your library with a click!

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Romance: New Audiobooks in Audible Plus

The Takedown audiobook cover

The Takedown

By: Lily Chu
Narrated by: Phillipa Soo
Length: 10 hrs and 55 mins
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Dee Kwan’s secrets for a happy life:

  • Always remain positive, no matter the cost
  • Realize that every setback is a hidden opportunity
  • Accept compliments graciously, especially when given by mega-hot rivals
  • Never, ever question whether any of these mantras actually work

For Dee Kwan, every day is the perfect day. No, really. She has a house she loves, a job she adores, and a ridiculously attractive “nemesis” who never seems to mind when she wins their favorite online game. How can life possibly get better? (It can’t, obviously. It can only get much, much worse.)

Big Witch Energy audiobook cover

Big Witch Energy

By: Molly Harper
Narrated by: Teddy Hamilton, Amanda Ronconi
Length: 9 hrs and 49 mins
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The lost love that’s always haunted her is about to make an unexpected return.

Caroline Wilton has no time for romance. She’s too busy running her family’s bar to even think about dating. She’s also one of Starfall Point’s resident witches, responsible for keeping the local ghost population in check. But even the most magical of witches can use a shoulder to lean on, which is what happens when Ben Hoult, the handsome doctor she never quite got over, walks back into her life.

How to Lose a Guy Before Christmas

By: A.J. Pine
Narrated by: Andi Arndt, Jason Clarke
Length: 5 hrs and 24 mins
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A steamy, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy about mistakes we make and the chances we take on the road to love.

After a snowstorm grounds her flight, Lucy makes a last-ditch effort to get home for Christmas using a rideshare app. She thinks she’ll be taking a road trip with a stranger…but the guy who shows up is someone she knows all too well. He’s the hookup she ghosted a few months ago, and now she’ll be stuck in a car with him for the most awkward road trip of her life.

My thoughts: I found this a very enjoyable and fun audiobook. You can expect many laugh-out-loud moments and a bit of steaminess. A great choice if you’re looking for new audiobooks that are full of Christmas spirit!

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Christmas at the Gingerbread Inn

By: Michelle Stimpson
Narrated by: Cary Hite, Wesleigh Siobhan
Length: 8 hrs and 4 mins
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Two lonely hearts find healing and hope this Christmas at the Gingerbread Inn….

Ever since his mother passed away two years ago, Caleb Pine has been stuck while the rest of his family seem to have moved on. Alone at Christmas, he finds himself drawn back to Martha’s Vineyard and the Gingerbread Inn, where his family spent a wonderful Christmas holiday when he was a teen. To his surprise, the local girl he almost kissed under the mistletoe all those years ago is now grown up and running the Inn.

On a Night Like This

By: Liz Maverick
Narrated by: Dara Rosenberg, Andrew Eiden
Length: 3 hrs and 34 mins
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Best-selling author Liz Maverick is back with this cozy, captivating holiday rom-com about finding love where you least expect it.

After a broken engagement, Cher decides to leave heartbreak behind by signing up for a holiday house swap. For the next few weeks, she’ll ditch sunny California to spend her first Hanukkah in New York City, a time of snow-covered sidewalks, festive store windows, hot cocoa, and…cute neighbors?

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New Thriller Audiobook in Audible Plus

Trapdoor audiobook cover


By: J.P. Pomare
Narrated by: Harriet Gordon-Anderson, Blazey Best, Yannick Lawry, Lewis Fitzgerald, Brodie Masini
Length: 5 hrs and 54 mins
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Livestreaming now! Trapdoor – Five go in, none come out.

Eva Kavinsky wakes in a dark cellar, with no memory of how she got here. Imprisoned with her, seemingly at random, are four men. The only way out is the trapdoor in the ceiling – and it’s locked.

The single clue about what brings them all here is a cryptic message sprayed onto one wall. Connect the dots. Repent. A camera fixed high above reach is livestreaming this whole nightmare to the world. What confessions are they meant to make to their unseen audience?

Brokedown Prophets

By: S. A. Cosby, Kevin Hart, Charlamagne Tha God, SBH Productions
Narrated by: full cast
Length: 4 hrs and 9 mins
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From Kevin Hart and Charlamagne Tha God’s SBH Productions comes the first full-cast audio production of an original work by New York Times bestselling author S. A. Cosby. Spanning seedy locales on the East Coast to the familiar grounds of the South (S. A. Cosby’s stomping grounds), this hard-hitting and punchy crime spree story dips into the author’s well-traveled and tumultuous themes: religion, sex, power, and love.

Meet Preach, Digit, and Maria, three lost and damaged souls trying to make it on the streets of New York City, running petty scams to stay alive. A twist of events changes their lives forever when they accidently kill a man connected to the mob and find a small fortune.


By: Adam Cesare
Narrated by: Isabela Merced, Christopher Briney, Brittany Pressley
Length: 8 hrs and 58 mins
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From the producers of Smile and The Outsider comes a chilling psychological thriller starring Isabela Merced (Alien, Superman Legacy) and Christopher Briney (The Summer I Turned Pretty).

Aaron Fortin is new in town. He drives a brand-new Acura—a gift from his parents for uprooting him in the middle of senior year. Showing up on his first day at the local public school in that nice of a car? He knows he’ll never blend in, and he doesn’t care to try. The car, the new kid mystique, he can use all that….

Kill Your Husbands

By: Jack Heath
Narrated by: Jessica Bell, Zindzi Okenyo, Ryan Johnson, Catherine Văn-Davies, Megan Smart, Tai Hara, Johnny Carr, Kristy Best, Ed Oxenbould
Length: 9 hrs and 8 mins
Add it to your library**

It was supposed to be fun. A relaxing trip to a remote mountain retreat where there’s no phone reception. Three couples, friends since high school, are looking forward to a weekend of drinking, reminiscing and flirting.

When someone suggests swapping partners, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. The lights will be switched off, for privacy. It’s not really cheating if you don’t know who you were with, right? But when the lights come back on, one of the men is dead. No-one can agree who was in which bedroom with whom. Their phones don’t work, and the car keys are missing. They can’t get back down the mountain. And this killer is just getting started.

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Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy: New Audiobooks in Audible Plus

The Downloaded audiobook cover

The Downloaded

By: Robert J. Sawyer
Narrated by: Brendan Fraser, Luke Kirby, Vanessa Sears, Colm Feore, Andrew Phung, full cast
Length: 5 hrs and 39 mins
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In 2059, two vastly different groups of people portrayed by the compelling trio of Brendan Fraser (Academy Award winner), Luke Kirby (Emmy Award winner), and Vanessa Sears (Dora Award winner) undergo cryonic suspension. While their bodies are frozen, their minds, still active and awake, are uploaded into a massive quantum computer. The first group are all astronauts, about to leave Earth on a one-way interstellar colonization mission. The second group consists of convicted murderers and volunteers who elect to serve their sentences in a virtual-reality prison. But while both groups are suspended, a global cataclysm devastates most of the Earth, and their cryosleep is extended by more than 500 years.

My thoughts: The Downloaded is an utterly captivating Sci-Fi Thriller with such an excellent cast of voice actors! The setting and world-building is also very thought-provoking as it touches on questions of what our minds are “made of”, what will happen when robots become sentient, and where the mankind is headed.

Username: Resurgent audiobook cover

Username: Resurgent

By: Joe Sugg, Paul Neafcy
Narrated by: India Amarteifio, Sean Delaney, Joe Sugg, Ruth Wilson, Kit Young
Length: 4 hrs and 58 mins
Add it to your library**

Set in the world of Joe Sugg’s bestselling Username comic books, Audible Originals presents Username Resurgent. Sixteen year old Serena Hall’s big brother Silas walked into the woods on his twentieth birthday and never came back. When local police call off the search, Serena takes it on herself to investigate. Starting her own true-crime podcast, she delves into a world she never knew her brother inhabited, one of supernatural urban legends and global internet mythology that seems to centre on a malevolent digital entity known as The Angel of E.Scape…

Wasteland Warlords 1

By: James Hunter, eden Hudson
Narrated by: Travis Baldree
Length: 3 hrs and 28 mins
Add it to your library**

“You keep what you kill. That’s one law everybody out here respects.”

Twenty years ago, the Merge brought armies of monsters flooding into the West Coast.

Dungeons popped up in shopping malls, airports, and Starbucks. Walls were built to contain the spread, but the promise of priceless loot dropped by the creatures inspired a new type of gold rush. Magical weapons, powerful gear, potions to cure every ill…If you survive long enough to kill the mob, whatever they drop belongs to you.

New Fiction Audiobooks in Audible Plus

David Copperfield audiobook cover

David Copperfield

By: Charles Dickens, Sam Mendes, Marty Ross – adaptation
Narrated by: Ncuti Gatwa, Helena Bonham Carter, Theo James, Richard Armitage, Jessie Buckley, Toby Jones, Jack Lowden
Length: 8 hrs and 13 mins
Add it to your library**

In an Audible Original dramatization, executive produced by Academy Award-winning film director Sam Mendes (American Beauty, 1917), come on a journey with David Copperfield as he finds his way in a challenging world. Starring Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education, Barbie) in the title role, and featuring an all-star cast including Helena Bonham Carter (Sweeney Todd), Theo James (The White Lotus), Jessie Buckley (Chernobyl), Richard Armitage (The Hobbit), Jack Lowden (Slow Horses) and Toby Jones (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy).

Anne of Green Gables audiobook cover

Anne of Green Gables

By: Lucy Maud Montgomery, Abi Hynes – adaptation
Narrated by: Sandra Oh, Catherine O’Hara, Victor Garber, Michela Luci, full cast
Length: 5 hrs and 29 mins
Add it to your library**

Directed by the skillful hand of Megan Follows (Directors Guild Award winner) and featuring the voices of Golden Globe® winner Sandra Oh, Emmy Award® Winner Catherine O’Hara, and Emmy Award® Winner Victor Garber, Anne Shirley’s (Emmy Award® winner Michela Luci) adventures come to life in a fresh adaptation of a timeless tale. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Canada’s Prince Edward Island with the magic of an original score and immersive sound design.

The Christmas Star

By: Kate Forster
Narrated by: Rachael Tidd
Length: 3 hrs and 49 mins
Add it to your library**

It’s nearly Christmas, Julia Devine’s favourite time of the year. She’s just programmed a wonderful lead into the holidays at Sunny Street Cinema, which leaves her plenty of time to worry about going home to Cumbria for Christmas. Her mum and stepdad are fine, but the thought of spending another holiday with her awful stepsister Becca is enough to make a Scrooge out of anyone.

When Becca calls to let her know about the dreamy pilot she’s bringing to Christmas lunch, Julia finally snaps and does something very silly. She tells Becca she’s dating heartthrob movie star Hugo Turner.

Mistletoe Murders 2

By: Ken Cuperus
Narrated by: Cobie Smulders, Raymond Ablack, Anna Cathcart, Jean Yoon, Enrico Colantoni, Kevin Hanchard, full cast
Length: 3 hrs and 48 mins
Add it to your library**

Back by popular demand, Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother) reprises her role as the captivating Emily Lane in the much-anticipated new season of Mistletoe Murders, from Canadian Screen Award winner Ken Cuperus. With Ginny & Georgia’s Raymond Ablack, plus a stellar ensemble cast featuring Anna Cathcart (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before), Enrico Colantoni (Veronica Mars), and Jean Yoon (Kim’s Convenience), this Audible Original will help you prepare for a cozy (and criminal) holiday season.

The Fireground

By: Dervla McTiernan
Narrated by: Ben Chapple, Harriet Gordon-Anderson
Length: 7 hrs and 55 mins
Add it to your library**

Flynn was only a teenager when her parents were killed in a terrible accident. Too young to lose her parents, too young to take on responsibility for her younger sister Kaiya, too young to protect Kaiya from the harshness of their new lives in the following years. Desperate to help her sister, Flynn reaches out to Willa Tomlinson, a grief counsellor renowned for helping her patients cope with profound loss. Under Willa’s influence and care, Kaiya finally seems to turn a corner, joining the climate action collective that Willa leads. Kaiya’s passion is ignited and she immerses herself in the group, leaving on frequent camping trips in the West Australian bush. But when a raging bushfire sweeps through the bushland near Margaret River, Kaiya fails to return with the rest of the group.

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