Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023

As an Audible subscriber, you can listen to as many free Audible books in the Plus catalog as you want. And Audible adds brand-new audiobooks to it all the time. Below, you can find the best new Audible Plus books in Fall 2023!

These books have all been released in the last 3 months and are included in your Audible subscription. I try to feature only stand-alone titles or books for which the entire series (or at least all earlier titles) are included in Plus so you can binge-listen to your heart’s content.

These audiobooks are all super popular with listeners, so you can be sure that it’s worth it to give them a try!

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What is Audible Plus?

If you haven’t heard of Audible Plus** yet, as an Audible subscriber in the US, UK, CA, or AUS you have unlimited access to a catalog of over 10,000 free Audible books that are included in your subscription. You can borrow as many of them as you want!

If you have an Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus subscription, you won’t be billed for listening to these free Audible books and you don’t have to spend an Audible credit on them. Simply add them to your library with a click!

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New and Free Audible Books: Romance

Still Hung Up on You

Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 1Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 2**

By: Liz Maverick
Narrated by: Andrew Eiden, Luci Christian Bell
Length: 2 hrs and 28 mins
Add it to your library**

A hilarious, heart-tugging rom com about two people finding each other again one phone call at a time.

Hannah Gold never thought she’d speak to Ethan Reisner ever again. Getting dumped in high school will do that to you. But when she needs to find a beloved sweater in time for her parents’ 50th anniversary, she begins her search where she last saw it: Ethan’s childhood home.

She thought calling Ethan out of the blue would be the hardest part, but breaking fifteen years of silence was just the beginning. Why is Ethan being so friendly? And helpful? And funny? And is it possible for someone to be handsome over the phone?

More Me with You

Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 3Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 4**

By: Alex Bertie
Narrated by: Harrison Knights
Length: 2 hrs and 55 mins
Add it to your library**

Will is in Bristol for a brand-new start. He’s got his outrageous flatmate, Emma, his job at the bookshop and he’s totally infatuated with Gus. A French Bulldog. An actual relationship with an actual man seems about as real as the science fiction novels Will stacks on shelves all day long. And then into his life walks Ben.

Ben is all the things Will isn’t: confident, charming (bordering on cocky), popular, a Jiu Jitsu champion, and generally deflecting life’s problems as easily as dodging a clumsy throw on the mat. Whereas Will comes out in a rash at the thought of public speaking, he’s been too way nervous to try dating apps and he’s let his social life go stale since he moved to this big beautiful city.

My thoughts: This book was one of my recent audiobook recommendations. I loved listening to the narrator and really liked the main character. A wonderful, romantic free Audible book!

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The Best New Thriller and Mystery Audiobooks in Plus

PREVIA: A Tech Heist

Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 5Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 6**

By: Gabriela Lugo, Bettina López Mendoza, Monisa Hinrichs, Rodrigo Bravo, Sonoro
Narrated by: Melissa Fumero, Alan Cumming, full cast
Length: 3 hrs and 9 mins
Add it to your library**

To stop a powerful invention from falling into the wrong hands, Claudia Rua will have to go above and beyond: She’ll have to steal it from a billionaire’s impregnable compound.

Claudia’s latest invention, PREVIA, represents a groundbreaking—and potentially dangerous—new method for helping Alzheimer’s patients retrieve their memories. When the platform is stolen from her lab, Claudia immediately suspects her boss, billionaire Horge Hooglestar. But when you want to make a move against one of the most powerful men in the world, you need to think outside the box…and the law.

Now, Claudia must recruit a heist team including her estranged best friend Andrea, Andrea’s genius hacker of a partner Syd, and a disgruntled underwater performer for a high-end circus. Can they make off with PREVIA before Hooglestar sells it to the highest bidder? The clock is ticking.

Zero Tolerance

Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 7Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 8**

By: James Patterson, Duane Swierczynski
Narrated by: Hilary Swank, Christine Ko, Melonie Diaz, full cast
Length: 2 hrs and 54 mins
Add it to your library**

Sergeant Jo Barnes (Hilary Swank) and her elite, all-female US Army investigative team are renowned for cracking complex sex-crime cases within the military. Their latest mission takes them to the Mojave Desert at Fort Irwin Army Base in California, to unravel the mysterious disappearance of Private Nichelle Simmons—a soldier who accused a comrade of assault. But when the accused is inexplicably set free, their case takes a sinister turn.

As Jo, Maddie (Christine Ko), and Luna (Melonie Diaz) delve deeper, they encounter resistance at every turn. Facing a race against time, the trio is determined to uncover the truth at all costs, confronting dangerous adversaries who are capable of anything—even murder.

Coauthored by James Patterson and Duane Swierczynski, Zero Tolerance is a heart-stopping thriller.

My thoughts: This is a very captivating, excellently produced Suspense audiobook with a gripping story and an outstanding narration!

Don’t Hang Up

Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 9Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 10**

By:  Benjamin Stevenson
Narrated by: Luke Arnold, Sibylla Budd
Length: 3 hrs and 8 mins
Add it to your library**

‘You and I are going to have a chat. If you hang up, this girl dies.’

Adam Turner works the mid-dawn shift at his local radio station. From 12am to 6am, it’s his job to fill the airtime with old songs, inane chatter, and the occasional talkback caller. It’s a long way from his prime-time slot from over a decade ago, when he was a star in the making. Now there’s no producers, no billboards, no stakes, and, crucially, not many listeners. His frequent callers are drunk college students headed home from a night out, or long-range truck drivers. He is completely alone in the studio from midnight until dawn every night.

And then one night at 12:45am, he gets a different kind of call, with higher stakes than he could ever have wanted. The caller’s rules are simple – stay on the line, live on air, until dawn, or the woman they are holding captive will die.


Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 11Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 12**

By:  Ben H. Winters
Narrated by: Vikas Adam
Length: 2 hrs and 33 mins
Add it to your library**

From Ben H. Winters, author of the Last Policeman trilogy, The Quiet Boy, and the Audible Originals Q&A and Self Help, comes a new crime story—a darkly comedic thriller, a wicked satire of our contemporary digital lives, and a loving homage to Patricia Highsmith’s iconic Strangers on a Train.

Meet Harry, aspiring tech entrepreneur. He’s a would-be Steve Jobs trapped in a cubicle gig at an angel investor firm, so close and yet so far from his dreams. His marriage is foundering, his career is stalled out, and all he wants is to create an app like Uber, or Tinder, something to make real change in the world, and change his own life forever.

Now meet Peter, a deeply troubled computer genius who lives in a basement apartment, chugging red wine, nursing old grudges and writing code.

When Harry meets Peter, it’s both of their lives that will change, when they invent an app for murder: you post your desired target, I post mine, and if we make a match we both carry out the other’s killing. Stranger is an instant success, and Harry’s dreams have come true…but at what cost?

The Nice Guy

Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 13Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 14**

By:  Sarah A. Denzil
Narrated by: Rosie Cavaliero
Length: 9 hrs and 11 mins
Add it to your library**

Laura thought she’d found the one nice guy in New York City.

When Ethan saves her from a crushing crowd on Brooklyn Bridge, their connection is dazzling. Worthy of a heat-filled passionate night.

Laura falls pregnant from their one-night stand—a miracle considering her past fertility issues. Ethan is attentive and wonderful at first. She hopes he will be the kind of father she’d always wanted for herself.

Until his attentiveness turns to obsession. His questions become demands. Why didn’t she answer her phone or respond to his messages? Why won’t she move in with him and his rich mother?

New and Free Audible Books: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror

The Youngbloods: Family Demons

Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 15Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 16**

By:  Sarah A. Denzil
Narrated by: Rosie Cavaliero
Length: 9 hrs and 11 mins
Add it to your library**

Don’t miss the first book in an addictive new serial novella trilogy brimming with suspense, dark humor, and romance! Meet the Youngbloods, an unforgettable family of antiheroes.

The Youngbloods are a mafia-like demon family, sent as a sinister advance team to prepare Earth for an infernal invasion. But when something goes wrong, the demon invasion never comes and the Youngbloods are stuck on crappy Earth with the worst creatures in the world—each other.

Petra Youngblood is the family’s hunter. Her job: to track and kill the annual human sacrifice that keeps the Youngbloods immortal. Otherwise, they will crumble to dust. But as Petra is hunting down this year’s sacrifice, a man named Killian Irons, she breaks the first demonic rule. The one rule so forbidding, nobody else in her family has ever dared to break it…she falls in love.


Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 17Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 18**

By:  Katrina Day, Philomena Polefrone
Narrated by: Julia Rehwald, Chace Crawford, Beau Bridges, Helen Hunt, Justin H. Min, Rachel Dratch, Jessica Barden, Becca Blackwell, Bree Sharp, full cast
Length: 4 hrs and 56 mins
Add it to your library**

In 2048, Sam Bixler is a brilliant scientist working for Telos, the world’s most powerful corporation. Little does she know that a shocking secret about a deadly virus lurks within Telos, setting her on a thrilling and dangerous journey.

Telos’s famed Project Alethea initiative treated countless Cato virus patients, including Sam’s mother, Joan. Sam must question everything after evidence emerges that Telos may have lied about her mother’s death, leaving room for the possibility that Joan might still be alive. Determined to unravel the truth, Sam returns to her hometown in the Hudson Valley, only to discover that her father, Clint, is missing. In her quest for answers, she crosses paths with the Resistance movement, her father’s allies in the fight against Telos, as they risk everything to expose the dark side of Project Alethea.

Impact Winter Season 2

Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 19Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 20**

By:  Travis Beacham
Narrated by: full cast
Length: 5 hrs and 38 mins
Add it to your library**

The hit Audible Original series from executive producers of The Walking Dead and the writer of Pacific Rim returns for its highly anticipated second season.

Six months have passed since the Vampire Queen fell silent, and the world balances on a knife’s edge. Rejoin the courageous Dunraven sisters, Darcy and Hope, as they navigate the vampire apocalypse in a sunless, endless winter that grows deadlier with each passing day. Brace yourself for a frigid realm of sacred daggers, mighty swords, secret seaside caves, unthinkable human blood farms, and a superpowered vampire villain on the hunt. Will Darcy emerge from hiding to save her sister? Will Hope venture from the castle refuge and find Darcy first? When all paths converge, everyone in Hope and Darcy’s orbit is in mortal danger, including the sisters themselves.

Dare to listen in the dark again as this thrilling saga expands to new lands, new loves, new weapons, and new warriors. Presented in Dolby Atmos spatial audio, the second season of Impact Winter is designed to haunt you like never before. Hear your heart stop.

Silver Spines

Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 21Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 22**

By: Jaime Castle, Andy Peloquin
Narrated by: Michael Kramer, Kate Reading
Length: 20 hrs and 12 mins
Add it to your library**

War has come to Dimvein.

The Empire’s ancient foes have come to destroy, bringing with them threats new and old. The Blood Clan pirates and the savage Hudar Horde cavalry are joined by the magic of the Vandil, long believed lost to the ages.

Kullen and Natisse must fight to preserve the threads that hold Dimvein together. Only together can they and their allies both high and low keep the enemy from burning everything they’ve built to the ground. It’s a race to the end, blades slashing and fire raging.

Silver Spines is the third installment in Dragonblood Assassin from number one Audible and Washington Post best seller Jaime Castle and epic fantasy legend Andy Peloquin, perfect for fans of the Forgotten Realms, Joe Abercrombie, David Dalglish, and Kel Kade.

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The Best New Fiction Audiobooks in Plus

Six Sermons

Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 23Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 24**

By: Asa Merritt
Narrated by: Stephanie Hsu, Full Cast
Length: 3 hrs and 32 mins
Add it to your library**

As the tight-knit Trinity Grace Church mourns the loss of their beloved pastor, his chosen successor, Alexis, bears the weight of a hidden truth: Pastor Will took his own life.

In the stormy weeks that follow, Alexis is tasked with nothing short of restoring her congregation’s faith—even as her own is secretly crumbling.

Stephanie Hsu (Everything Everywhere All at Once) brings fire and vulnerability to the role of Alexis, a young pastor forced to confront her biggest fears while trying to solve the mystery that keeps her up at night: Why’d you do it, Will?

As hopeful as it is heartbreaking, Six Sermons will transport you to summer in Ohio, where the cicadas are loud, tensions are high, and gossip is fierce. Whether you’ve ever been in a church or not, you’ll be rooting for Alexis to win over the doubters and conquer her own demons. Listen closely.

Unleash for Love

Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 25Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 26**

By: Alesha Reneé, Serita Wesley, Kevin Hart, Charlamagne Tha God, SBH Productions
Narrated by: Alesha Reneé, Pretty Vee, Logan Browning, Lamorne Morris, Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, Charlamagne Tha God, Nina Parker, Jess Hilarious, Na’im Lynn, Porsha Williams, Gizelle Bryant, Rome Green, Greg Reid, full cast
Length: 4 hrs and 11 mins
Add it to your library**

With sheer determination, purpose, and a little bit of luck, Alesha takes charge of her own destiny, refusing to leave her life to chance. She creates Unleash for Love, a reality TV show, aiming to discover genuine love and propel her career to new heights. Alesha is not alone in this adventure—her besties, Melissa (Pretty Vee), and Candi (Logan Browning), are by her side; her most successful friend, Teddy (Lamorne Morris), lends his money and talent to get the show made; and a hilarious cast of bachelors and characters are along for the ride….


Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 27Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 28**

By: Maria Dahvana Headley
Narrated by: ill Young, Claudia Kariuki, Derek Jacobi, Le Gateau Chocolat, Alice Fearn, John Partridge, Divina de Campo
Length: 9 hrs and 3 mins
Add it to your library**

You may think you know Vergil’s epic poem, The Aeneid — the story of Aeneas, a Trojan hero, prophesized to found Rome. Or maybe you’ve heard of the fearsome Cyclopes, the tragic queen Dido, the Trojan horse, the River Styx and the three headed dog who guards the underworld. But what of the man who wrote it and why? This is that story.

This time, full of warrior queens, rebels, queer poets and pirate women which begins in Greece, in 19BC. Vergil has been commissioned by the Emperor Augustus to write an epic poem to glorify himself and Rome, but he isn’t remotely done writing – he’s eleven years into a bout of writers block. In the harbour, returning from her own Sapphic heartbreak, is his former student, Sulpicia, who boards the ship and demands to hear the Aeneid, with her own agenda – or that of Augustus.

New and Free Audible Book for Children


Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 29Free Audible Books: New in the Plus catalog in Fall 2023 30**

By:  Scott McCormick
Narrated by: Ray Porter, Gabriel Vaughan, Josh Hurley, Khristine Hvam, Cary Hite, Ramon De Ocampo, Kevin T. Collins, Elizabeth Evans, Therese Plummer, Marc Vietor
Length: 3 hrs and 3 mins
Add it to your library**

Grab your battle axe, hop into a longship, and set sail on an adventure 300 years in the making! Vikings! Scandinavians Who Shaped the World tells the hilarious-but-true adventures of history’s most amazing raiders, leaders, and explorers.

Ride along with Rollo, the raider who spent decades laying waste to France and whose descendants eventually would rule over much of Europe. Rule with Olga of Kyiv, the most lethal saint in history. Learn the incredible stories behind Erik the Red’s and Leif Erikson’s adventures in the New World. And hold on tight for the unbelievable adventures of Harald Hardrada, whose exploits are like a Viking’s Greatest Hits.

Vikings! has it all: death trees, murder birds, defensive chickens, prophesy horses, drunken Drevlians, blinded emperors, raiding, fighting, exploring, elaborate revenge plots, and battles galore. So gather your friends and head out into the wild blue yonder. Vikings! Scandinavians Who Shaped the World will have you going berserk with laughter.

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