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My 6 Favorite Cozy Mystery Audiobooks

I love Cozy Mystery audiobooks! When I crave something different from my usual Romance, they’re the perfect mix of relaxed reading and captivating Mystery novel!

What is a Cozy Mystery?

A Cozy Mystery (or: Cosy Mystery if it’s a British one) is pretty much exactly what the name implies: While crime and murder mystery are at the core of the story, the atmosphere is less threatening and gloomy than in Thrillers or Suspense novels. The story is more light-hearted and not focused on violence. The detective is also most often an amateur who was initially the suspect.
You can easily spot a Cozy Mystery by its cover. They are much cuter and friendlier than other Mystery or Suspense books with a very distinct artwork. Just see for yourself!

The following six books are not only favorites of mine but among the most popular and best Mystery audiobooks on Audible!

But please be aware, literary genres are a bit… fluid. And Goodreads and Amazon actually use different genre names. Many of the books that are shelved as Cozy Mystery on Goodreads are “Amateur Sleuth” on Amazon. It’s all a bit confusing. This is most certainly not a science! I just went by my personal feeling here and these funny Mystery books are simply my favorites 🙂

My Favorite Cozy Mysteries


And Then There Were Crumbs

written by Eve Calder
narrated by Christa Lewis

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After losing her partner and her job, Kate flees to a small island town in Florida. She lands a job in a bakery but is off to a rough start with the old baker who doesn’t really want her there. When a body shows up shortly after, Kate is the first suspect, followed closely by the mean baker…

And Then There Were Crumbs is a wonderfully relaxing yet captivating book! The town is described beautifully and listening to the audio book will make you feel like taking a trip to this seaside town yourself. I loved the dog and the wonderful people Kate gets to know. The narrator is Christa Lewis who did an outstanding performance! This is without a doubt one of the best Mystery audiobooks when you’re looking for a light yet engaging listen!

Elliott Evans was here - Audible audiobook by Aaron Varble

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A First Date with Death

written by Diana Orgain
narrated by Eva Kaminsky

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As a favor to her TV producer friend, Georgia takes part in a Bachelorette-type TV show. She never even felt like doing this and then one participant after another is involved in “freak accidents”. And to top it all off, one candidate is replaced by her ex-fiance who had canceled their wedding on short notice!

A First Date with Death was a really fun listen. The story is wild and completely entertaining! Fans of reality shows will surely get a kick out of this setting and the concept of a dating TV show going wrong. And Eva Kaminsky is a fantastic narrator!

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Dead as a Door Knocker

written by Diane Kelly
narrated by Sophie Amoss

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Whitney gets the chance to become a house flipper when she snatches up an old house for a seemingly fantastic deal. But her financial future doesn’t look quite so rosy anymore when she finds a dead body in her flower bed and becomes a murder suspect…

I love all things house-flipping and Dead as a Door Knocker was such an entertaining audiobook with some quirky chapters narrated from the point of view of Whitney’s cat! Sophie Amoss has a very distinct voice that really rounded off Whitney’s character. This is probably one of the most adorable funny Mystery books I’ve heard, with a sweet romantic side plot, and quite some suspense as I took a long time to figure out who did it!


Wicked Days

written by Lily Harper Hart
narrated by Angel Clark

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Ivy Morgan is a free spirit, living in a small town that doesn’t quite understand her witchy ways, but mostly accepts her. When a new police detective comes to town, the two find themselves entangled in a murder investigation and their mutual attraction…

This is a very entertaining Cozy Mystery series! Ivy and Jack are extremely likable characters and Angel Clark is a fantastic narrator! The first book carefully toes the line bordering on paranormal and the reader can’t quite figure out yet whether this is actually a paranormal Mystery! (And I won’t tell you either, haha!)


Jed Had to Die

written by Tara Sivec
narrated by Amy McFadden

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Everyone in Payton’s little home town thinks she’s nothing but trouble. She was happy to have left that place behind. But when her friend calls her to come back, she doesn’t hesitate. When the very beloved mayor is found dead only shortly after Payton’s arrival, things once again look pretty bad for her…

This story had it all: Serious feels and lots of funny! From the quirky small-town folks to the serious issues surrounding the murder, this is one of the best funny Mystery books out there, with a good dose of Romance and Happily Ever After! Amy McFadden did the extremely captivating narration. This book is on our list of 50 of the best audiobooks of all time!


Sex, Lies, and Online Dating

written by Rachel Gibson
narrated by Kathleen Early

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Lucy Rothschild is a successful crime fiction writer. For her next book, she meets men anonymously through an online dating site. She uses them as inspiration for her fictional killer’s victims. Incidentally, a series of real-life murders begins. And the victims are men who used the online dating site and met with Lucy…

I was so intrigued by all the puzzle pieces in this novel! This is a bit more on the Romance side than the previous Cozy Mystery audiobooks, because the focus is on Lucy and Quinn and how they work through the rather complex issues of building a relationship with each other. Quinn is an undercover cop and suspects Lucy might be a serial killer. And Lucy notices that Quinn is lying to her a lot but doesn’t understand why, since he seems so nice and she can’t think of anything that he would really need to hide.

This Romantic Mystery audiobook is narrated by Kathleen Early who did an absolutely captivating narration!


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