The Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited

Did you know that your Kindle Unlimited subscription includes some of the best Fantasy audiobooks out there? I doubt I’ll have to tell you how amazing Fantasy audiobooks are. But I can tell you how great this subscription is!

Yeah, Kindle Unlimited isn’t only for indie ebook readers. It’s actually awesome for fans of Fantasy Audible books as well! Simply click on “Read and Listen for free” for included books on Amazon and the audiobook will automatically be added to your Audible library. You can also check out my Kindle Unlimited audiobooks guide first.

While browsing through the included Fantasy audiobooks on Amazon, I’ve found many absolute gems. Including some of my now favorite Fantasy series! Whether you enjoy Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, or Fantasy Romance, these are honestly some of the best Fantasy audiobooks out there with huge fan groups. And you can binge-listen to an entire series without having to spend a single Audible credit!

These audiobooks alone are a good reason to get a free Kindle Unlimited test month**!

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The Best Fantasy Audiobooks free with Kindle Unlimited

The Hellequin Chronicles

crimes-against-magic-best-indie-fantasy-audiobooksThe Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited 1**

written by Steve McHugh
narrated by James Langton

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

What is it about?

Nate Garrett is a sorcerer and trying to get his memories back. Turns out… he’s much older than he thought. And much more powerful! And there are a lot of things he needs to take care of…

What’s special about it?

The Hellequin Chronicles by Steve McHugh are a great Urban Fantasy series with many fans! Nate and his friends, as well as his enemies (especially Mordred), are all very interesting, real, and complex characters. The Hellequin World is built around the Arthur, Merlin, and Avalon myth. The original book series is finished, but it’s followed by a spin-off series, and is currently continued with a new series with the same main characters. All of these audiobooks are included in Kindle Unlimited!

While you’re waiting for the next Dresden Files audiobooks, The Hellequin Chronicles are a great choice and will captivate you! With over 2000 ratings on Audible and more than 4.5 stars average rating for the first book, you really just can’t go wrong here. For me, one of the best Fantasy audiobooks!

Who narrates the audiobooks?

The first five books are narrated by James Langton, the last two by Simon Mattacks. When the audiobook narrator changes in the middle of a series, fans usually aren’t thrilled. James Langton did a fantastic narration and over the course of five books, his voice/voices become part of the story. So, I recommend taking a little break between book 5 and book 6. I believe that makes it easier to get into the story again with a different narrator. Simon Mattacks’ narration is also great and very fitting, but it’s simply a different person with a slightly different style. So for immersion, it’s actually better not to binge the entire series, but take a short break.

Scarlett Bernard

The Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited 2The Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited 3**

written by Melissa F. Olsen
narrated by Amy McFadden

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

What is it about?

Scarlett Bernard is a “null”, she is like a black hole for magic and deactivates anything magical in her vicinity. This makes her uniquely qualified for her job as a supernatural crime scene cleaner! Whenever a vampire, werewolf, or witch commits a crime or has an accident, Scarlett sees to it that the secret world of the supernaturals isn’t revealed to the humans.

What’s special about it?

The Scarlett Bernard concept of the null is very unique and intriguing. With almost 2000 Audible ratings, this is also a very popular Urban Fantasy series that deserves more attention. Melissa F. Olsen continues to write in this world in different series focusing on either Scarlett Bernard or “Lex” who is a boundary witch. The audiobooks are all included in Kindle Unlimited.

Who narrates the audiobooks?

The Scarlett Bernard series is narrated by Amy McFadden and the Boundary Magic audiobooks about Lex are narrated by Kate Rudd. Both narrators are great, with captivating intonations and a range of different character voices!


The Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited 4The Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited 5**

written by Seanan McGuire
narrated by Mary Robinette Kowal

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

What is it about?

Fairytales are infectious (yeah, I really don’t know how to use “memetic incursion” correctly in a sentence…). Some people are born with it, for example as an evil stepsister, others get drawn into a story that plays itself out due to proximity. Henrietta Marchen is a sleeping beauty and works for the ATI Management Bureau who protect society from the worst effects of fairytales. She doesn’t eat apples because that could trigger her story!

What’s special about it?

Everything is special about Indexing! If you’re a bit of a fairytale fan, you will absolutely love these two books by Seanan McGuire. They are quirky, fast-paced, funny, suspenseful, really creative, and have just enough bureau-work to make them even more outstanding. It’s an amazing Urban Fantasy that you don’t want to miss!

Who narrates the audiobooks?

The audiobooks are narrated by Mary Robinette Kowal. Her voice fits the story perfectly and she’s a great audiobook narrator with a wide range of different sounding characters that are easy to distinguish. She has an extremely captivating narration style! Definitely one of the best Fantasy audiobooks to get while you are waiting for the next October Daye novel!

Servants of Fate

The Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited 6The Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited 7**

written by Sarah Fine
narrated by Emily Foster

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

What is it about?

Set in a dystopian future, we meet various humans, some of them normal, some have the secret job to ferry the dead into the Afterlife. These also work with the Kere: Undead tasked with the job to mark people for death. Both the Ferrys and the Kere have to follow the threads of fate, but something is disturbing the order of things…

What’s special about it?

If you’re looking for the best Fantasy audiobooks with a Romance plot in Kindle Unlimited, grab Servants of Fate by Sarah Fine! The world-building in this more dystopian Fantasy is very creative and Sarah Fine is an absolute go-to author when you’re looking for new and different Science Fiction and Fantasy Romance concepts. In typical Romance fashion, each of the three books follows a different couple, but there’s an on-going storyline. And after the build-up in the first two books, Fated is the amazing conclusion to the series with extremely intriguing main characters and many revelations!

Who narrates the audiobooks?

The audiobooks are all narrated by Emily Foster. I enjoyed her narration and the quality of it improves significantly throughout the three books!

Harmony Black

The Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited 8The Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited 9**

written by Craig Schaefer
narrated by Christina Traister

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

What is it about? 

Harmony Black is a witch and an FBI agent. She joins a black ops team for supernatural investigations where she teams up with a Lesbian werewolf and has to fight some rather ugly monsters.

What’s special about it?

If you enjoy creepier dark Fantasy audiobooks, give Harmony Black by Craig Schaefer a go! This series is all-around entertaining for fans of Urban Fantasy and crime stories. And there’s also a whole lot of conspiracy going on!

Important sidenote: This is a spin-off to the Daniel Faust** series and contains major spoilers. So, if you don’t like spoilers, take a look at Daniel Faust first and consider whether you want to read that one. Only the Harmony Black audiobooks are included in Kindle Unlimited though.

Who narrates the audiobooks?

Christina Traister is the absolutely fantastic narrator of these books. She has a bad-ass voice that really fits the characters, as well as a wide range of different voices. It’s an incredibly captivating narration and she makes this one of the best Fantasy audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited!

Magic 2.0

The Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited 10The Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited 11**

written by Scott Meyer
narrated by Luke Daniels

Listen for free with Kindle Unlimited**

What is it about?

Turns out, Magic is real! Or rather… what we perceive as reality is just a computer program, and if you’re a good enough hacker, you can manipulate it. And what does the true nerd do when finding themself with what’s basically unlimited magical abilities? Travel back to medieval times to be a wizard… Like all the other nerds who found out about this earlier!

What’s so special about it?

Aside from the very unique concept, Magic 2.0 by Scott Meyer is a funny and entertaining Fantasy series for any nerd, geek, and gamer. I had many laughing-out-loud moments with all the pop culture references. I also appreciated the way the female hackers were treated and portrayed.

Who narrates the audiobooks?

The narrator is Luke Daniels who is extremely entertaining to listen to. His voice and narration style fit these Fantasy books perfectly!

Rogues of the Republic

The Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited 12The Best Fantasy Audiobooks in Kindle Unlimited 13**

written by Patrick Weekes
narrated by Justine Eyre

Listen for free in Kindle Unlimited**

What is it about?

Rogues of the Republic has a very typical epic Fantasy set-up with a party on a quest. More specifically, you’ve got your rogue, mage, tinker, warrior, death priestess, and a talking warhammer! And they’re on a quest for revenge and plan a huge heist…

What’s so special about it?

There are a lot of twists and tweaks to this story that make this a very modern, relevant series. The way the political system works and the politicians act is pretty blatant criticism. But in its contrast to all the jokes and the lighter tones, the series gains so much depth and relevance. “Remember, everyone. It’s your republic. Stay informed!”

The beginning of the first book doesn’t actually give back the tone and atmosphere of the rest of the series. It’s good and necessary the way it is, but you shouldn’t feel discouraged from continuing with the series if you don’t enjoy the start. This is an outstanding and insanely entertaining series that does pretty much everything right while being absolutely funny and charming. This hidden gem is actually one of the best Fantasy audiobooks you could get!

Who narrates the audiobooks?

The narrator is Justine Eyre, a fantastic voice actress with a wide range of different voices and accents. Her narration fills the characters with so much life!

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    1. I didn’t write much about it since that would easily get spoiler-y, but I enjoyed it so much. I rarely read male authors and I was super critical how it would turn out with a female lead and her lesbian partner. But… it was awesome. Give it a try 🙂

    2. It’s a finished series. It’s those four parts with a case in each book plus one overarching storyline that’s getting wrapped up in the last part.

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