RecomMondaytion: Sin & Magic – Demigods of San Francisco 2

My weekly Romance Audiobook Recommendation

Welcome back to the RecomMondaytion, the first of 2019!

Every Monday I tell you about a new release that I’m really excited about.  Since these aren’t usually deals, they aren’t yet introduced in the Friday posts.

This spotlight is my very personal favorite new release that I feel is totally credit-worthy: New audiobooks from my favorite authors or books I’ve read very intriguing reviews about.

Sin & Magic: Demigods of San Francisco Book 2, by K.F. Breene

It’s been a while since I read something by K.F. Breene. But I absolutely inhaled her Darkness series** as ebooks a few years ago. She got me hooked on Fantasy Romance with special creatures. I love how creative her twist on lore and myths is. Not to mention how incredibly sexy her males are.

Since demigods are definitely a favorite of mine, I’m extremely intrigued by this new series! The vampire-like creatures in the Darkness series were ridiculously alpha and everything you’d hope for in a paranormal romance. At the same time, her heroine was bad-ass and had more than enough ass-kicking power by herself to keep a healthy balance.


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written by K.F. Breene, narrated by Khristine Hvam

Publisher’s Summary

Book two in the Amazon best-selling Demigods of San Francisco series!  

I’ve agreed to work for a Demigod. My job? Find the spirit of his mother and release her before his vengeful father finds out and kills us all.   

Have I lost my mind?   

Thankfully, I don’t have to do it alone. Kieran has brought in help. 
Brian Stevens is everything I’m not – magically savvy, edgy, and highly experienced. She’s a Necromancer who loves to flirt with danger. With her help, I can suss out the clues surrounding the spirit of Kieran’s mom, all while learning my potent and extremely terrifying magic.   

But as we work deeper into magical San Francisco, we uncover a minefield waiting to explode. A small misstep will have Valens at our doors. I’m about to find out that there are far worse things than mere death.

If you love Fantasy Romance with gods, like me, check out my review of Trickery (Curse of the Gods 1) for more godly goodness.

Happy listening!

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