Rook takes Queen: Pretty smart!

Review: Rook takes Queen

by Em Stevens
narrated by Ainslie Caswell

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Review of: Rook takes Queen, by Em Stevens, narrated by Ainslie CaswellIf you’re pretty, you’re often underestimated. If you’re smart, you’re often alone. And if you’re pretty and smart, you’re kind of screwed.

I’m hardly talking from experience here, but the way Em Stevens portrayed it was very logical and realistic.

So, we start out with Rook, genius Grandmaster chess player, failing at live. She has no direction and is fairly immature, despite being in her 30’s. I liked her right away though. She’s a funny little punk πŸ˜€ Twists and turns make her run into Carmen, her polar opposite in many regards: An extremely driven beauty queen.

It’s a quite fascinating set-up and both protagonists are adorable, interesting and “real”.

First and foremost, this is a very romantic book though! I really like how Em Stevens follows what I would call a “standard Romance recipe”. That sounds kind of bad but it really isn’t. It’s what I want to read and what I’m often missing in lesfic. The story ventures into the forbidden love trope but it does so in a Romance way, not in a “coming out” way. It was actually an unexpected twist and done really well.

I love Ainslie Caswell’s voice. It fits the two women perfectly and her narration is very captivating. She wasn’t always exactly on point in regard to using the correct intonations and sometimes the voices weren’t so easily distinguishable because of it. Nevertheless, it was an engaging, fun narration style and I was invested in the story.

If you’re looking for a sexy, romantic audiobook with two women, I wholeheartedly recommend this one!


Publisher’s summary

Rook Black is determined to leave her chess career in the past. Unfortunately, beyond being able to kick ass on the board, she doesn’t have many skills to offer up, which leads her to a hustle – and a lot of trouble. Trying to make it right, she’s stuck back in the game and miserable about it…until she meets Carmen.

Carmen Barnes is a beauty queen who’s out to prove she’s more than just a pretty face. Determined to use her crown to change the world, she wants to leave a mark that makes people think. Hosting a chess tournament for a local teen’s homeless shelter is just the thing. One caveat: She doesn’t know a thing about chess. There’s also the stifling rules that come with her title. Romance – or a lack thereof – is written into her contract.

When a stubborn chess player is pitted against an ambitious pageant winner, heads butt and sparks fly. Will Rook’s gambit pay off? Fate aims for a checkmate in this lesbian romance!

Audiobook Review: Rook takes Queen by Em Stevens



4 out of 5 stars
There’s some really hot tender lovin’!



Audiobook = Book
It’s a great narration but, to be fair, I would have enjoyed reading the book just as much as listening.


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17 thoughts on “Rook takes Queen: Pretty smart!

    1. Yeah, I will definitely pick up more by this author! It had absolutely everything I love in a romance: the smart, awesome heroines and all the wonderful feels! Not to mention a good storyline and it also touched on the serious societal issue of LGBTQ teens in foster care.

  1. Great review, the plot sounds interesting. Chess and LGBTQ romance could be a winning combination!

  2. This sounds like a great story but I am so picky with audiobook narration.I don’t enjoy audiobooks if it is not consistently clear who is talking. I would like to read it though so may go the book route.

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