6 Super Romantic Friends-to-Lovers Audiobooks

It’s kind of funny, a lot of enemies-to-lovers books are also friends-to-lovers stories. I suppose it makes sense because these mixed stories like Punk 57 or Friends without Benefits show how strong the connection between the protagonists is.

They love each other, they hate each other, and then they love each other even more.

But a good “pure” friends-to-lovers Romance can give us a deep emotional connection without bullying, hate, and angst. The characters in these books are so likable and interesting together, that they don’t need a big prolonged conflict to keep me hooked. And since they know each other so well, you just might believe that they will really live happily ever after.

So today, I’d like to tell you about my 6 favorite friends-to-lovers Romance audiobooks. As usual, you can pick most of them up on a deal or for free with your audiobook subscription.

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Goodbye Paradise

written by Sarina Bowen, narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Dake Bliss

This story blew me away. It’s so warm and emotional. Josh and Caleb come so far and grow as people during the story. They both find their place in the world and with each other. It’s really heartwarming how these two young men find out that everything they had dreamed about could actually come true.

Goodbye Paradise is really the perfect friends-to-lovers romance because Josh and Caleb have been friends forever and it naturally turned into love.

Teddy Hamilton’s narration is absolutely fantastic! Dake Bliss is not quite as perfect but I found it easy enough to follow his narration as well. And I really appreciated that this audiobook has two narrators even though they’re the same sex.

Goodbye Paradise is in the Audible Romance Package.

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Hot as Puck

written by Lili Valente, narrated by Summer Roberts and Tyler Donne

Justin and Libby are childhood friends. He is an ice hockey superstar and type “sensitive jock” (he knows his way around a crochet hook). And Libby is the type frumpy virgin (at least she feels frumpy). So she asks him to help her become more of a sexual creature.

The two main characters in Hot as Puck were both so thoroughly likable and the sex scenes… hot damn!

Tyler Donne is a fantastic Justin, I loved the sound of his voice and his narration style. Summer Roberts portrays Libby so well and gives the character a lot of additional depth. Her narration is top-notch!

Hot as Puck is in the Audible Romance Package. You can also buy the audiobook in a cheap Whispersync deal.

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Marriage of Inconvenience

written by Penny Reid, narrated by Angela Dawe and Stephen Dexter

Kat and Dan aren’t exactly besties. But they’ve been sharing the same circle of friends for a long time. So, when Kat has a really big problem, namely, an urgent need for a husband, Dan steps up, saying, as her friend, he’d be happy to help out.

Honestly, that moment in the book made my heart hurt in all the good ways. As you’d expect from Penny Reid, Marriage of Inconvenience has a captivating storyline in addition to the beautiful love story between two friends.

Angela Dawe and Stephen Dexter are wonderful narrators and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this audiobook.

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Birthday Suit

written by Lauren Blakely, narrated by a full cast

Birthday Suit is without a doubt THE must-listen Romance audiobook of 2019. Lauren Blakely went, where no self-published Romance author went before her: a full cast audiobook production!

Take a look at my full (spoiler-free) review of this exciting friends-to-lovers audiobook.

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Painted Faces

written by L.H. Cosway, narrated by Ali Coffey

Painted Faces is one of my very favorite Romance novels of all time. I love how it shakes up the usual gender norms while still being insanely sexy. L.H. Cosway writes some of the best sex scenes and this book – which I have reread about 100 times – gets to me every single time.

Freda is fine being just friends with Nicholas who is insanely hot and has – quite literally – a sparkling personality. She can’t believe he could desire her, which makes it all the more delicious when he does…

The narrator has a very fitting voice and accent, but sadly, she sometimes rushes through parts of the text. Nevertheless, this is an absolute must-read / must-listen!

If you trust me a little, get this audiobook without reading the blurb. It’s so much more fun that way, promise!

Painted Faces is in the Audible Romance Package and has a Whispersync deal.

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Jock Row

written by Sara Ney, narrated by Ava Erickson and Josh Goodman

If you’re craving a cute and sexy college Romance without angst but with lots of awesome banter, Jock Row is perfect.

I had such a great time listening to Scarlett who’s so stubborn and allaround kickass, and Rowdy who’s much more than the popular jock type and is completely enthralled by this girl with whom he can talk for hours and hours every week.

Ava Erickson has a beautiful young voice and always delivers a perfect narration. Josh Goodman was new to me. I loved his voice, too, and he did a fantastic job!

Jock Row is in the Audible Romance Package and has a super cheap Whispersync deal.

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Have fun binge-listening to these wonderful friends-to-lovers Romance audiobooks!

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