How this Toddler-Mom took back her Me-Time

How This Toddler-Mom Took Back Her Me-Time! You can do it, too.

Find out how this introverted toddler-mom took back her me-time and how easily you can do it, too.


No Rest for the Wicked

I’m walking up and down our hall.

We have a fairly small apartment: living room, bedroom, daughter’s room, kitchen, bathroom, all pretty small.

So, I’m slowly walking through the dark hall, around the corner into the dark bedroom, turn around, walk back along the hall, into the living room, turn around, back to the bedroom.

Daughter dearest is 17 months old and she’s getting her molars. Since last week she [... read more]

Match me with Tiffany Williams

Review: Match Me If You Can, No Match For Love 7 by Lindzee Armstrong, narrated by Tiffany Williams.This is a sweet Sports Romance. With Narrator Interview!

Review: Match Me If You Can (No Match For Love 7)

by Lindzee Armstrong
narrated by Tiffany Williams

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Number 7? Yes, but don’t worry, it’s a stand-alone! The story initially made me think of the Calloway Sisters series, since the heroine Tamera struggled with unfortunate internet fame and countered it by taking part in a reality show.

This story is really adorable with lots of previous heartache and bad experiences. The two protagonists were absolutely likable. And I appreciated how Lindzee Armstrong created parallels between their experiences. What really stood out were the inner monologues in which [... read more]

The Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award


This is probably a bit of a weird thing to say (which is entirely normal for me), but I usually feel quite invisible, both in real life and online. So, guess how surprised I was when I received my first award from the wonderful and adorable Kaili who is Entertainingly Nerdy. When then, in a matter of days, I received two more nominations from my beloved Ruth from the Rolling 20’s and from the very sweet Miss Doll with her exciting 18+ reviews I was simply stunned.

However, there are some things I’m just not good [... read more]

The Dirty Lawyer or the Manipulative Woman

Friction by Sawyer Bennett

Review: Friction

by Sawyer Bennett
narrated by Kendall Taylor and Sebastian York

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Phew, dear readers! Is it hot in here or is it just me? Oh, no, it’s THIS BOOK!

I really and truly enjoyed this one a lot. And I was quite surprised about that because I had picked it up through Kindle Unlimited and didn’t expect much. I have to admit, KU often brings more quantity than quality. And I hadn’t heard of Sawyer Bennett before. Shame on me!

For me, this book simply had it all.  A truly compelling storyline, heartache and seriously naughty sex. The very definition of what contemporary [... read more]

Duet narrations and old ladies

Jester No Prisoners MC by Lilly Atlas

Review: Jester (No Prisoners MC 2)

by Lilly Atlas
narrated by Erin deWard and Noah Michael Levine

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First things first, I picked this audiobook up because I always get excited when I see “duet narration”. As you might or might not know, most romance novels with two points of view have narrators alternating per chapter. That’s dual narration. When I first started listening to audiobooks it was very weird to me to listen to a man doing female voices. Although in the next chapter we’d have this beautiful female voice narrating. [... read more]