Audiobook Giveaway – Win an Audible credit!

It’s time for a new audiobook giveaway here on Lovely Audiobooks!

It’s been a while since I did one of these but it’s always so much fun to share the listening love 💕

You can win an Audible credit and pick whether you want a gift card for Audible US or UK. Just do as many of the steps below as you like to have a chance at being the lucky winner! You can even get a free daily bonus entry.

The giveaway is open until March 15, 2020. Please share the giveaway far and wide! Every time someone enters the giveaway because you shared it with them, your chance to win improves because you get bonus entries!!

**The marked links and book covers on this page are affiliate links. If you use them to purchase something, I earn a fee at no additional cost for you. Disclosure**

Audiobook Giveaway

This giveaway is sponsored and organized by me, just because I like giving away audiobooks 😊

Good luck!

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